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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libxml-feed-perl.

      from  82431cb   revert repackging change. mk-origtargz fails too often.
      adds  cb6b911   Set up repo structure
      adds  ba87bd3   Load XML-Feed-0.01 into trunk.
      adds  535e50d   Create
      adds  5ec68b3   Load XML-Feed-0.01 into trunk.
      adds  0583180   Make
      adds  0d5e38d   Load XML-Feed-0.01 into trunk.
      adds  a749d9b   Load XML-Feed-0.02 into trunk.
      adds  62d9277   Load XML-Feed-0.03 into trunk.
      adds  fe71566   Load XML-Feed-0.04 into trunk.
      adds  b3b6d2f   Load XML-Feed-0.05 into trunk.
      adds  973e1f9   Load XML-Feed-0.06 into trunk.
      adds  2310317   Load XML-Feed-0.07 into trunk.
      adds  ecac864   Load XML-Feed-0.08 into trunk.
      adds  fe3b320   Load XML-Feed-0.09 into trunk.
      adds  4f6ca99   Load XML-Feed-0.10 into trunk.
      adds  4679cf3   Load XML-Feed-0.11 into trunk.
      adds  c4d4c98   Load XML-Feed-0.12 into trunk.
      adds  bfd6c84   No rpm, no cpan, no svn so we include it here
      adds  633cb45   Wrong place for this
      adds  41e8c13   Allow specification of the parsing format.
      adds  4e9c462   Allow passing through of initialisation options.
      adds  4b70ec2   Force working version XML::Atom
      adds  e8fcbc5   Allow accessors to make sure things validate
      adds  566afdf   Prevent empty content (Dave Rolsky DROLSKY)
      adds  1ee56ab   Cope with "updated" and "published" elements (Gregor Herrmann and 
Joey Hess)
      adds  0c81cb2   Need to actually pick up the format. Doh
      adds  bf34c07   use wantarray for backwards compatability
      adds  f422a85   Update version
      adds  bfcc8cf   Switch to Module::Build
      adds  f9e32c8   Note the switch to module::build
      adds  a3b2ba1   Generated files shouldn't be in SVN
      adds  f7c452e   Checking for conversion bug
      adds  43a7504   Shush
      adds  ccc9fe4   Fix encoding problems
      adds  4f41343   Feed fixes
      adds  ac9492d   Fix broken summary behaviour
      adds  efef760   Add keywords
      adds  a91dfb9   Force stringification
      adds  70f935c   Add a note as to where to find this in subversion
      adds  aeec183   Shush
      adds  457482d   Force a non-segfaulting version of XML::LibXML
      adds  632e163   Get rid of the inc directory
      adds  af62770    Correct namespace for terms in RSS  (Kent Cowgill KCOWGILL)
      adds  1570cde   Up the minimum requirement for XML::RSS to 1.31 (Andreas König ANDK)
      adds  5b3d39d   Created test for (Ryan Tate)
      adds  813f78d   Make feed validate
      adds  9a36f82   Add support for self linking and GeoRSS
      adds  d39809a   Fix fetching through proxies
      adds  f33453c   Up version
      adds  33d4cb3   Fix mixing and matching of RSS and Atom
      adds  d653dd2   Misnamed
      adds  5383a56   Initiali support for xml:base
      adds  7c89fff   Make base work
      adds  e3b96b9   Update xml:base parsing in RSS
      adds  0f71bfb   Fix typo
      adds  a0793d5   Add xml:base work
      adds  5cc6e23   Up the version number
      adds  bb5f785   Update MANIFEST file with new tests
      adds  0d3e3b6   Add date
      adds  b8bc97f   Add note about makign a validating URL
      adds  8c30ad3   Add pod and coverage tests
      adds  729cd7a   Switch to different layout
      adds  948f935   Update tests
      adds  1d3481d   Rollback r92
      adds  72406e4   Add pod*.t
      adds  4e7b539   Update tests
      adds  9b6bc91   Move to the Formats identifying what content to look at
      adds  60c04bc   Add note about
      adds  1ae2598   Update for new status
      adds  bd19b44   Cleanup
      adds  e73bcbb   Add date into Changes
      adds  4c06eb3   Add Build.PL
      adds  4ad1301   Fix 'base' stuff
      adds  3bdbab6   Add version to Entry
      adds  c56795e   Add bug fix
      adds  f62087b   Fix base support with latest version of XML::RSS
      adds  c022ef2   Fix Andreas' name
      adds  4c07283   UTF8 problem
      adds  f376357   Update property
      adds  3353d70   Set Id keyword on everything
      adds  a0cca2a   First cut at multiple category/tag support
      adds  4eb9395   Fix bug with adding first category
      adds  a759e13   Gte ready for release
      adds  ea0ac06   Whoops
      adds  1c6eb9b   Whoops again
      adds  f658a3b   GAH
      adds  e5a65e5   Fixed RSS multiple category with XML::RSS::LibXML
      adds  75c12aa   docs
      adds  af6b00a   Add enclosure code.
      adds  aa2dcd5   First cut at enclosure support
      adds  12a4079   First cut at enclosures
      adds  21fe7b9   Add Enclosure support from branch
      adds  0c20159   Add a note about XML::RSS::LibXML
      adds  3e19dc0   Merge changes
      adds  b1aa7a6   Multiple enclosure support
      adds  d83c0d6   Add Makefile.PL
      adds  daba724   Fix buglet to do with odd date terms (Joey Hess)
      adds  7f58a36   Add Build.PL
      adds  723eaa1   Fixing RT #47981
      adds  ff32fd5   Fix a problem converting multiple categories thanks to 
Алексей Капранов (KAPPA) in bug 50125
      adds  e23387f   Add updated()
      adds  b7c406f   Fix double encoding bug?
      adds  934ef9a   Fix bug in conversion process between RSS and Atom where 
HTML got double encoded
      adds  6f2c899   Force requiring HTML::Entities;
      adds  1809011   Force stringification so test passes.
      adds  b0d119a   Added new tests to prove what the problem is.
      adds  cb30c63   Tests to ensure that the double-encoding bug fix works.
      adds  89495df   Added new (currently failing) test for the 
double-encoding bug.
      adds  f4278e1   Another round of changes to fix (and test)
      adds  7b5fccb   Closed a few tickets from the RT queue as an excuse for a 
new release. Bumped to version 0.46.
      adds  039dfec   Updated changed for 0.45 (oops) and 0.46.
      adds  710ed82   Added tests for bug 73160. And code to make them pass.
      adds  3b96974   eliminate warning generated in 
      adds  f9cc521   add missing return call fixing the failures introduced 
when trying to fix 73160
      adds  4a25588   Merge pull request #1 from szabgab/master
      adds  5522012   gitignore some generated files
      adds  b596637   ignore *.swp files
      adds  8c43fc5   split up files to individual packages
      adds  e3322e1   add explicit tests for loading internal packages and 
failing when it does not exist
      adds  200ce86   add links to the POD
      adds  4fd4f90   add example
      adds  1a4ab1c   update MANIFEST file
      adds  266eef5   fix MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  3c6e943   Merge pull request #2 from szabgab/master
      adds  bee3178   Applying the missing bit of the patch from
      adds  e933a73   Changed contact details from non-working 6A email address.
      adds  fb5c190   Fixed broken date test.
      adds  4e9cef3   Increase XML::Atom dependency to 0.37  - see
      adds  f8b9d33   Bump version number for release.
      adds  a7dddf7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  aa0b6ff   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0ab0bfc   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6c0ab45   Bump version for release.
      adds  6ab3d29   Updated README file with current and tested installation 
      adds  c91eb47   Merge pull request #4 from sockmonk/master
      adds  f122708   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ad4da28   Remove svn tag.
      adds  e46a668   Bump version for release.
      adds  02de179   Add support for RFC 5005 Feed Paging and Archiving in 
Atom feeds
      adds  8b9d0d7   Merge pull request #5 from nichtich/master
      adds  fe6cfa8   Fixed tests
      adds  f251264   Added an image() method to Feed objects. Does something 
useful for RSS feeds; not for Atom feeds currently.
      adds  dfeacbf   Bump version for release.
      adds  8a1d6c9   Commit changes to Changes
      adds  b7913ac   Add a meta_merge link to the respository.
      adds  d884ef1   Merge pull request #7 from shlomif/master
      adds  eeff6c3   change the User Agent string
      adds  b6028b1   Merge pull request #8 from szabgab/master
      adds  0fe6200   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  43f0427   Bump version for release
      adds  c569ee9   add version number to all the modules
      adds  b6ca9a5   remove Id tags from the times of Subversion
      adds  fb2ed13   add use warnings to the modules
      adds  13b3bc3   Merge pull request #11 from szabgab/master
      adds  4ab99d5   ignore some generated files
      adds  69c2ffa   add dist_author and x_contributors to META files
      adds  09698b3   Add test for XML::Feed->identify_format()
      adds  b86b614   Fix pod example usage for identify_format : it takes a 
scalar ref
      adds  c45da65   calculate plan from examples
      adds  3998e48   add Minty to list of contributors
      adds  f3f9a3f   Added .travis.yml
      adds  80b293c   Fixed minor typo in docs ("obhect" -> "object")
      adds  54f057c   Merge pull request #13 from anirvan/patch-1
      adds  a51d4e2   utf8 encoding in helper script
      adds  cf84451   avoid deprecated form of isa()
      adds  a577fb4   Merge pull request #14 from karenetheridge/topic/universal
      adds  fe4e5e6   Updated .travis.yml
      adds  b6f39ae   Fix lib/XML/Feed/Entry/Format/ crash
      adds  e4423db   Merge pull request #17 from ribugent/master
      adds  c65330d   add URI to build_requires in Build.PL
      adds  4f8ec7d   Merge pull request #18 from zhouzhen1/prchallenge
      adds  c4d9cd4   Bump versions for release.
      adds  cd3d93a   Updated Changes
      adds  4dffab6   Imported Upstream version 0.53+dfsg
       new  74dbab4   Merge tag 'upstream/0.53+dfsg'
       new  c50451d   Import upstream version 0.53+dfsg.
       new  8aaddf5   Update {Upstream,}-Contact in 
       new  3c98a6d   Bump versioned build dependecy on libmodule-build-perl.
       new  f7e13af   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  0140842   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  6d7b5c0   releasing package libxml-feed-perl version 0.53+dfsg-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                          |    7 +
 Changes                           | 1181 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 META.json                         |   36 +-
 META.yml                          |   62 +-
 Makefile.PL                       |    4 +-
 debian/changelog                  |   10 +-
 debian/compat                     |    2 +-
 debian/control                    |    7 +-
 debian/copyright                  |    2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata          |    2 +-
 eg/                  |    2 +
 lib/XML/                   |   12 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/           |    2 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/         |    2 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/             |    2 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/Entry/Format/ |    2 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/Entry/Format/  |    6 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/Format/       |    2 +-
 lib/XML/Feed/Format/        |    2 +-
 19 files changed, 882 insertions(+), 463 deletions(-)

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