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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Dec 15 21:13:41 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.57

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Rob Hoelz (1):
      Fix "remove oldest items" example

Shlomi Fish (26):
      Add .gitignore.
      Remove trailing space.
      Update to the new repository location.
      Document in Changes.
      Bump version number to 1.50.
      Merge pull request #1 from hoelzro/master
      Remove trailing space.
      Remove trailing space.
      Fix tests on perl-5.18.0-RC1.
      Bump version number.
      Got rid of trailing space.
      Convert to t/cpan-changes.t .
      Bump version
      More user-friendly err on missing fields.
      Bump version to 1.53.
      Correct a typo.
      Bump the ver to 1.54.
      Fix the tests for DateTime-Format-Mail-0.400.
      Bump version to 1.55.
      Fix RT #100660 - XXE.
      Bump version number.
      Update a link and reindent.
      Update old email.
      Bump version

ask (60):
      r4582@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:13:13 -0800
      r4732@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:22:04 -0800
      r4735@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:24:49 -0800
      r4738@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:26:40 -0800
      r4741@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:27:36 -0800
      r4744@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 14:28:27 -0800
      r5140@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 15:06:41 -0800
      r5143@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 15:17:58 -0800
      r5145@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 15:45:35 -0800
      r5149@g5:  ask | 2006-03-11 15:52:32 -0800
      r8765@g5:  ask | 2006-05-14 11:49:41 -0700
      Fix encoding of the > char, added tests (RT#19420, Shlomi Fish)
      use HTML::Entities instead of the "homegrown" entity encoding code
      update TODO
      - XML::RSS ignores output encoding (RT#11124, RT#7343, test
      encoding of source element (RT#2285)
      prepare 1.11
      distruntest make target (Shlomi)
      Incorrect entity encoding in XML output (RT#22467, reported by Stephen 
      we use numeric html entities now
      Fix enclosure parsing (RT#7920, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
      add more tests
      add tests; enclosures plus two failing test cases
      prepare 1.12
      generate the test file in the t/ directory so make clean cleans it up
      Remove the executable bit from Makefile.PL
      Add test to test regression of CPAN RT#5438 (Shlomi)
      RSS 2.0 spec allows omission of title from entry (RT#18817,
      commit Shlomi's patch for RT#18755 (Value for $XML::RSS::modules gets 
      prepare 1.20
      - Can't create "0" values in optional items (RT#11415, based on
      encode generates warnings for undefined text (RT#13523, Mark Stosberg)
      make items-are-0 tests work (Shlomi)
      renamed the internal encode method to _encode
      minor test improvements
      prepare for 1.20 release
      - Remove empty lines in the test_manifest - some versions of
      add/fix pod-coverage tests
      - More Date Conversion (Shlomi)
      - Support inserting a XSL stylesheet URL into the XML output
      prepare v1.21
      - Don't fail the tests if Test::Pod::Coverage is missing
      add examples (from some weeks ago)
      - Channel->{link | textInput} (sic) property mapping in RSS 2.0
      add another test file that should have been in r8401
      - make add_module work for both RSS 1.0 and 2.0 (RT#16191,
      Fix the tests to work on Win32 (RT#23752, Shlomi, Kenichi Ishigaki)
      - Fixed the problem with a version => "2.0" RSS not parsing correctly
      +       - Fix XML::Feed compatability. Make sure $item->{content} is 
always setup
      isPermaLink / guid fixes (RT#23983, Shlomi)
      datafile for 1.0-parse-2.t test
      add temporary build stuff to svn:ignore
      start work on cleaning up examples/ directory and move generated files 
out of t/
      perltidy configuration file; run perltidy on XML::RSS (and intentionally 
not on the tests)
      prepare 1.29_01
      update various text files, 1.29_02
      remove unreleased 1.29_01
      prepare 1.31
      fix really old typo

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.57

robert (1):
      Subject: [perl #38222] XML-RSS repository

shlomif (228):
      Added the t/generated directory to the repository and the MANIFEST.
      Moved examples/merlyn1.rss to t/data/merlyn1.rss.
      Moved sf-hs-with-pubDate.rss and sf-hs-with-lastBuildDate.rss to under
      Moved examples/1.0/rss1.0.exotic.rdf to under t/data/.
      Move freshmeat.rdf from examples to t/data.
      Moved examples/1.0/with_content.rdf to t/data/1.0/.
      Changed the "make clean" target to only delete the '*.xml' files and not
      Made all the executable files non-executable because there's no good 
      Code coverage - removed an unused method.
      Test Coverage: added tests to test for an undefined/unspecified 
      Code Coverage (and bug fixes) - checked for the croaks in the add_module
      Updated the Changes.
      Added cover_db to the svn:ignore.
      Test coverage: added tests to test the "strict" mode.
      Test coverage: tested the "insert" mode of add_item.
      Test coverage and Do-what-you-wrongly-think-I-mean's removal. Removed the
      Removed more if (defined($item->{title})), in accordance with the previous
      Test coverage - added a test for:
      Refactoring: made the generation of the <channel opening tag in as_rss_1_0
      Test coverage: now testing the channel/taxo topics generation. Also
      Test coverage - testing some of the %rdf_resource_fields conditionals.
      Test coverage: added the test:
      Bug fix (and Test Coverage) - eliminated a markup injection vulnerability
      Refactoring - extracted the _output_taxo_topics method to output the
      Test coverage: added tests for the RSS 1.0 items' rendering module 
      Added a TODO comment to investigate something.
      Test coverage: added coverage for the RSS 1.0 module support in the 
      Test coverage - testing the channel module-related elements' generation
      Test coverage: testing the RSS-2.0 modules support in the <image> tag.
      Test coverage - Test the RSS 2.0 items' ad-hoc modules support.
      Test coverage: added a test that tests the RSS 2.0 item skipping 
      Test coverage: Test the RSS 2.0 <source url= condition.
      Moved the append function, which is unused and cannot be effectively used
      Added the gen-pod-for-as_rss script.
      Rearranged the order of the versions to make it more logical.
      Added the POD to the as_rss_ methods in order to settle Devel::Cover. This
      Added POD documentation to the XML::Parser handle_* methods to make
      Refactored the method dispatch when outputting according to the version.
      More as_string() refactoring - extracted the _get_output_version method to
      Test coverage and some refactoring:
      1. Refactoring: refactored the generate-RSS-and-parse it methods in the
      Test Coverage: covering the items' namespace edge-cases. Also corrected
      Added the cover_db.old* pattern to the svn:ignore. cover_db.old* are old
      Test coverage: increased the test coverage for the <textinput> element
      Test coverage: tested for namespace-related edge cases for the elements
      Test coverage: testing for the <rdf:li> entries in the <Bag> inside the
      Test coverage: now testing the <taxo> items for the <channel> element.
      Test coverage: added coverage for the elements inside item that are in/out
      Test coverage: taxo bag in <item> with junk elements and 
      Test coverage: testing items in different namespaces than the normal one.
      1. Test coverage: covered the item with a null namespace in an NSed 
      Removed a useless error detection conditional warning, that cannot happen.
      Test coverage: added tests for:
      Test coverage: added testing for known modules inside <image> and 
      Test coverage: testing for exception thrown on a missing version attribute
      Test coverage - nested items and exception on missing RSS namespace on
      Test coverage:
      Test coverage: "Parsing 1.0 - known module rdf_resource_field".
      Test coverage: saving to an invalid file, and calling AUTOLOAD on an
      Test coverage: Testing the AUTOLOAD accessors.
      Test coverage:
      Refactoring: extracted the _get_elem_namespace() and 
      Refactoring: converted a within_element/within_element(NS) combo to
      Extracted the:
      Replaced the RSS 0.9 channel sub-tags output with
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_managing_editor method to generate the
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_webmaster() method to output the 
      Extracted the _out_start_image() method and changed all <image> element
      Extracted the _out_copyright() method for outputting the copyright tag.
      Extracted the _calc_channel_dc_field to abstract the
      Refactored the out_(managing_editor|webmaster|copyright) functions 
      Refactoring: replaced $channel->{'dc'}->{key} / $channel->{key} with calls
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_out_dc_elements() method to output
      Merged two duplicate credits into one.
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_modules_elements() method and replaced all
      Refactoring: converted the item output of as_rss_0_9 to
      Refactoring: created methods for abstracting out the output of the
      Code cleaup: moved all the as_rss_* methods together.
      Converted all the channel start logic to _output_start_channel().
      Code cleanup: renamed $self->_out(put)?_start_whatever to _start_whatever
      Refactoring: converted the RSS 1.0 textinput element to
      Renamed the _out_rss_version() property to _rss_out_version() so people
      Refactoring: extracted the out_skip_hours() method to output the skip 
      Refactored the skip_hours and skip_days functions.
      Style fix: separated two adjacent functions with an empty line.
      Refactoring: refactored some of the _initialize method.
      Refactored the %vX_Y_Zok_fields logic.
      Style: Removed the remaining tab characters from lib/XML/ .
      Removed a useless (and out of date) comment.
      Extracted the _get_init_default_key_assignments() method for enumerating
      Extracted a method to calculate the item's :about attribute.
      Refactoring: refactored the date handling functions: $self->channel($key)
      Refactoring: extracted the _channel_dc method to retrieve values out of 
      Refactoring: small refactoring of the _get_channel_rdf_about method.
      Refactoring: extracted the _output_complete_image() method from the
      Refactoring: extracted _output_complete_image() from RSS 0.9.1.
      Refactoring: extracted the ->_output_complete_image tag from the RSS 1.0
      Refactoring: extracted a small method for the determining if an image is
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_output_complete_image() from RSS 2.0. 
      Changed $output .= to ->_out in one place.
      Refactoring: extracted a method.
      Refactoring: converted two $output .= to $self->_out().
      Refactoring: more $output .= $string to $self->_out($string) conversions.
      Refactoring: modularised the logic of the <rdf:RDF declaration generation
      Made _get_1_0_rdf_decl more modular.
      Refactoring : More "$output .=" ==> $self->_out() conversion.
      Refactoring: adapted the _get_rdf_decl function to RSS 2.0 to eliminate
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_out_rdf_decl() method.
      Refactoring: more $output .= $string to $self->_out() conversion.
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_item_enclosure() method and in the process
      Refactoring: eliminated the last remaining $output .= call which I've 
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_output_items() method from all RSS 
      Removed some anachronistic commented out code.
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_item_2_0_tags method.
      Refactoring: per the mutual agreement with Ask, eliminated the AUTOLOAD
      Made all the top-level tags consistently use a single trailing newline
      Refactoring: created the method $self->_out_ns_tag() to output a tag
      Refactoring: extracted common functionality out of RSS 0.9.1 and RSS 2.0.
      Refactoring: extracted the _output_main_elements method to output the
      Refactoring: extracted the _output_single_item method.
      Refactoring: moved the RSS 1.0-specific channel attribute into the
      Refactoring: extracted the rest of the opening tags declarations into
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_output_xml_start() from all the as_rss_
      Refactoring: abstracted the XML end tag functionality into the 
      Refactoring: extracted the $self->_render_complete_Rss_output($ver) method
      Refactoring: extracted a method to output all the modules - dc, syn, etc.
      Refactoringg: extracted the $self->out_editors() method to output the 
      Refactoring: extracted the _start_top_elem method for starting a top-level
      Added tags to the svn:ignore for the ctags file.
      Updated the Changes file.
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_def_chan_tags() method.
      Refacotring: extracted the output_0_9_1_rss method.
      Extracted an output_0_9_rss_middle method.
      Refactoring: converted the if..elsif..elsif in _output_rss_middle to a
      Refactoring: extracted the _out_dates method.
      merge -r 8809:8810:
      Merged in the changes from:
      Added a regression test to :
      In the Makefile.PL's Test::Run integration -  changed the perl call to
      Placed the runtest command in its own module in accordance to the further
      Fixed the Makefile.PL's test_via_harness namespace according to the 
      Updated the Changes.
      - Fixed the save() function to handle perl-5.6.x (and possibly below)
      - Fixed
      - Fixed :
      Minor fix to the changes for the last commit.
      - Fixed :
      - Fixed :
      Bumped the version number in the module and the Changes.
      - Allowed the end-user to customise the _encode() routine in
      Bumped the version number to 1.33 and updated the Changes.
      - fixed a typo in the documentation of lib/XML/ -
      - fixed a code fragment - pop() instead of shift() for older
      Bumped the version number to 1.34.
      - Added a Module::Build-based Build.PL so we'll have an easier time
      Tweaked the svn:ignore to ignore generated files
      Kwalitee - added use warnings to all files
      Kwalitee - fixed the 'use' of Test::Run:CmdLine::Iface
      Bumped the version number.
      ->parse() now explicitly returns $self
      Updated the MANIFEST from the last commit
      ->parsefile now returns $self
      - Applied a patch to change the RSS-0.91 DTD URL from
      Reformatted the Changes file to standardize on 4-spece-indents.
      Small documentation patch.
      Bumped the version number to 1.36 and prepared for release.
      Extracted the common functionality of ->parse() and ->parsefile().
      Incoporated the patch to add xml:base attribute support.
      Renamed items-are-0.t into test-generate-items.t to highlight its 
      Added an item to the TODO.
      Enabled backwards-compatibility mode for the "description" item.
      Fixed two possible bugs:
      Bumped the version number to 1.37 - about to release.
      Extracted the _out_module_prefix_elements method.
      Added support for duplicate items of RSS modules.
      - Added support for multiple Dublin Core elements. One can point
      - Now parsing several <skipDays>/<day>s and <skipHours>/<hour>s into
      Refactoring - extracted the _start_array_element method from two places.
      Refactoring - added an accessing method for _last_item() and extracted it.
      Bumped the version number to 1.38.
      Now outputting an arrayref of <skipDays>/<day>'s and <skipHours>/<hours> .
      Added support for generating the tags file.
      Now parsing multiple <category> tags into an array ref.
      Arrayref of <item>/<category>'s.
      Parsing multiple <channel>/<category>'s into an array.
      Rendering multiple <channel>/<category> elements from array refs.
      Fixed a typo in the TODO.
      Parsing multiple dc:items into an array inside an item.
      Tweaked the TODO .
      Added modules_as_arrays.
      Bumped the version number to 1.40.
      Made the default channel/{title,description,link} undef instead of ''.
      rdf:resource support for images.
      channel/{link,description,title} as "".
      Bumped the version number.
      Namspeace sanity for converting elements to hash-refs.
      Added a new file to the MANIFEST - otherwise tests would be broken.
      Bumped the XML-RSS version number to 1.42.
      Corrected the date in the Changes file.
      Bumped the version number to 1.43 - documented the changes in Changes.
      Add support for multiple enclosures.
      Added the t/xml-base.t test file from Simon Wistow to test for xml:base.
      Added Test::Count annotations and some formatting to t/xml-base.t.
      Reformatted t/xml-base.t.
      Updated Changes
      Bumped the version number to 1.44.
      Removed some use statements that were not needed.
      Added a note about date parsing/generation
      Applied a patch to have uppercase letters in namespace/module identifiers.
      Added resources and keywords
      Bumped the version number to 1.45
      Updated an E-mail address.
      Made 5.8.x a requirement and got rid of the 5.6.x workarounds.
      Convert all occurences of "new XML::RSS" to "XML::RSS->new".
      Bumped the version number of XML-RSS to 1.46.
      Fixed XML::RSS::save() in -T.
      Bumped the version number to 1.47.
      Add the multiple 'category' note.
      Fix a POD formatting bug.
      Bump the version number to 1.48.
      Correctness changes to rss2html.
      Fix - support rssCloud.
      Bump to version 1.49.
      Correct a code typo in the POD example courtesy of Jake Litrell.
      Add META.json to the MANIFEST.
      Add some files to the svn:ignore


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