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  replaces  v0.009
 tagged by  Gregory Todd Williams
        on  Tue Dec 22 23:27:30 2015 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Attean 0.010.
Version: GnuPG v1
Comment: GPGTools -


Gregory Todd Williams (65):
      Refactored Turtle lexer code to allow sharing with SPARQL lexer.
      Attean::Algebra::Join should be n-ary, not binary.
      Allow non-Moo helper classes in the AtteanX::Parser namespace.
      Added Attean::Algebra::Sequence class.
      Add INVOKE function expression to allow representing IRI-defined 
      Ported RDF::Query SPARQL parser to Attean.
      Use more explicit object constructor syntax in query planner.
      Use native SPARQL query parser in test harness.
      Remove unused code in SPARQL parser.
      Begin moving SPARQL parser to Moo.
      Ported fix to SPARQL parser bug from RDF::Query (kasei/perlrdf@0bd8e79).
      Remove old and incorrect comment from idp_planner.t.
      Simplify and clean code.
      Convert SPARQL parser to using SPARQLLex lexer for query parsing (update 
parsing still in-progress).
      Simplify parsing code.
      Added Attean::API::Algebra methods blank_nodes and subpatterns_of_type.
      Removed old non-lexer update parsing code from AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL.
      Removed unused imports.
      Update Changes metadata handling to use Module::Instal::DOAPChangeSets 
(Github issue #25).
      Added SPARQL parser supporting classes.
      Fixed attean_query to support custom output serializers.
      Added simple SPARQL HTML serializer (ported from RDF::Endpoint; Github 
issue #27).
      Fixed bug in Attean::Algebra::Project->in_scope_variables.
      Improved coverage of SPARQL parser.
      Added support for running syntax tests.
      Renamed SPARQL test suite harness.
      Improve handling of syntax tests.
      Added initial algebra and plan support for group ranking (Github issue 
      Allow Attean::AggregateExpressions->scalar_vars to store arbitrary values.
      Allow ranking Attean::Plan::Aggregate operators to specify sorting 
direction per variable.
      Added SPARQL parsing support for RANK operator (Github issue #35).
      Updated attean_query to use the native SPARQL parser.
      Added simple SPARQL serializer implementation (Github issue #36).
      Add missing literal values to some SPARQL tokens.
      Tighten whitespace in serialization of datatyped literals.
      Moved AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL::Constants to AtteanX::SPARQL::Constants.
      Added SPARQL-specific class for parsing/serializing tokens.
      Begin adding ability to turn query algebras into SPARQL token interators.
      Added SPARQLSerializable coverage to algebra classes.
      Pass the indentation level to Plan plan_as_string methods during 
      Improve serialization of Attean::Plan::Table objects.
      Fix cost estimation for quads and tables.
      Added SPARQLSerializable coverage to algebra classes.
      Added Attean::API::UnionScopeVariablesPlan role to handle common 
computation of in-scope variables (Github issue #38).
      Compute in-scope variables in Attean::Plan::Quad instead of relying on 
calling code (Github issue #39).
      Add stub code to Attean::API::SPARQLSerializable->query_tokens to handle 
OrderBy algebras.
      Updated MANIFEST.
      Removed copied POD from SPARQL parser and lexing code.
      Added SPARQLSerializable coverage to algebra classes.
      Fixed bug in t/http-negotiation.t that caused false failures when 
negotiation led to the Canonical NTriples serializer.
      Added SPARQLSerializable coverage to algebra classes.
      Fixed mis-named method call in AtteanX::Store::Memory.
      Added AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner role.
      Refactored query planner to separate IDP code from the core planning code.
      Ensure rotated plans appear at head of alternatives list in 
      Added Attean::API::SimpleCostPlanner.
      Added tests for Attean::API::SimpleCostPlanner.
      Renamed Attean::API::Planner to Attean::API::QueryPlanner and 
re-organized planning code.
      Added tests for join rotation in query planning.
      Updated MANIFEST.
      Add Test::Modern to list of test prereqs.
      Improve error messages in query planning code (manual patch from #41).
      Ensure query plan costs are integers, fixing a bug when running on perl 
with long doubles (#42).
      Improve serializer negotiation to support multiple classes that handle 
the same media type.
      Updated VERSION and docs for 0.010 release.


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