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 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Fri Dec 25 08:14:42 2015 +0530

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.001
Version: GnuPG v1


Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.001

Kjetil Kjernsmo (110):
      Committing stub
      Remove backup files
      A basic port of the get_sparql method
      rewrite with Attean parser
      whitespace clean
      do a triple store for now
      First stab at tests for the triple store
      temporary fix of problem of undef values to Attean::TriplePattern
      improve temporary hack for undefs
      hack to add statements
      The default 01basic test will not work
      quad -> triple
      fix some test bugs
      more test bugs
      refactor pattern creating method
      Implement separate count_triples
      Create a real makefile
      Use a Turtle file for people info
      remove use on saxhandler
      Create DOAP desc
      update documentation
      Add travis config
      Symlink README.pod
      version dep on Attean 0.005_1
      a different selection of perls
      Travis doesn't like dev releases
      make get_sparql public
      Version dep on Moo to support coerce
      Forgot internal use of _get_sparql
      New BGP plan for SPARQL
      Fix POD
      Skip 5.22 for now
      Simple plan_as_string and impl
      Require 5.14, following Attean
      Apparently, 5.18.2 isn't available on Travis either
      The store is a role
      rather use type::tiny::role, not sure about the difference
      Moo it is
      A triple plan that not quite works
      bump attean version dep
      Use Test::Modern for the tests
      Add a simple plans test
      forgot done_testing
      Temporary TestModel hack (still curious about the Right Way)
      Improve test title
      Use Attean::TripleModel
      Make sure we have the active graph
      just some example code
      more tests
      remove debugging
      Remove TODOs, they belong in different subtests
      Use acceptable_parsers for SPARQL results
      Needed brackets around in_scope_variables
      use the BGP plan only when there are more than 1 triple pattern
      remove unneeded unpacking of args
      Test just for the BGP here
      Just use the algebra's methods for strings
      TODO comment
      Use a SPARQL query to implement Triple plan
      Refactor the store creation code into a role of its own
      Hack the impl to look in the test store...
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Remove _create_pattern
      Add a simple model to the SPARQL store
      Major refactoring; Create a Model for SPARQL; Better tests; remote the 
Triple plan
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Refactor store BGP plan to use triples anyway
      make triple attr ro until I need rw
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add tests for in_scope_variables
      Use Attean::Plan::Quads for the BGP
      Merge pull request #1 from kjetilk/test-remove-create-pattern
      Alias children method to quads
      Remove in_scope_variables
      just say "SPARQLBGP" for serializing to string
      simplify by
      Reflect the children attribute change
      children attribute
      First stab at cost without cartesians
      Penalize cartesian joins
      Create a has_cost method
      failing test
      Fix bug in cartesian checking code
      more tests
      Improve comments in spaghetti code
      create an exponentially decling cost function for number of triples,
      update cost tests with new function
      set the factor for cartesian as a variable
      To compare cost of joins of two BGPs
      remove the final test
      remove Types::Standard
      Add add_children method
      Close corner case where the last is the cartesian
      Add Log::Any logging
      log different variable
      add logging to cost tests
      Bump attean version dep
      update changes for initial release
      Add @kasei to the people involved
      Add some logging
      some documentation tweaks
      mention other modules in the dist
      Remove add_children method, it was a bad idea
      improve documentation
      improve docs
      remove scalar::util
      Remove Scalar::Util as dep
      Some Perl::Critic problems
      Remove hard tabs


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