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   tagging  445c4c30c39b0a9e09ef3da04a64e49881a7e5ff (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2.0012
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Thu Jan 7 19:34:28 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.0013

AGOSTINI Yves (1):
      [ #76378] POD issues

Ansgar Burchardt (1):
      Fix build with perl 5.12

Breno G. de Oliveira (4):
      removing everything git-related from the build
      ignoring MYMETA.json
      moving the README to markdown
      updating contributors' list

David Steinbrunner (12):
      typo fix
      typo fixes
      typo fix
      typo fix
      typo fix
      typo fix
      typo fixes
      typo fix
      typo fixes
      repository added to cpan metadata
      CONTRIBUTORS addition
      RT#85252: change to fix pod test failure

H.Merijn Brand (2):
      pod fixes
      There should never ever be an else after return/die/exit

James Stanley (3):
      Use "defined" in DBM::Deep::Array::PUSH
      Iterate over each argument to PUSH, even undef ones
      Add test for pushing non-true values; add James Stanley to contributors 

Rob Kinyon (70):
      Added .gitignore file
      Fixed calling convention
      Standardized test incantations
      new_dbm() added to allow for running the same tests against multiple 
backends without having to worry about what's installed and what's not within 
the test itself.
      Added files and deps for SQL backend. THIS STILL NEEDS LOTS OF WORK AND 
      Converted all relevant tests to use new_dbm instead of new_fh and all 
tests (except for one) uses done_testing
      Created concept of Storage:: in order to start adding more storage 
      POD linebreak cleanup
      Started work on DBM::Deep::Engine breakdown
      Added missing file
      Migrating POD over
      Migrated setup_fh -> setup and moved lots of POD into the base class
      Refactored Sector:: out from under Engine:: and into its own area
      Converted ->load calls into Engine::->load_sector() calls in order to 
allow better encapsulation and pluggability
      Moved a few things and started on the MySQL schema
      Got some basic functionality working. Still isn't fully functional (only 
the specified tests in t/02_hash.t work).
      Started refactoring of Iterator hierarchy
      Fixed a bug with DBI iterators and made the tets self-bootstrapping and 
added the NO_TEST_FILE option to the test runs and fixed a mistake in testplans.
      Got arrays working, requiring that make_reference and clone be added and 
      Fixed problem with second-level values being overwritten when accessed.
      Fixed problem with large keys over 65535 bytes.
      Fixed how classname is stored
      All tests pass except for the transaction tests under MySQL. InnoDB sucks
      Added supports() and rewrote the tests so that Engine::DBI doesn't run 
the transaction tests.
      Fixed typo
      Getting everything ready for release of 1.0019_001
      First pass at SQLite support. Have everything through t/18 passing with 
all three engines.
      Fixed up so that SQLite is supported
      Added infrastructure to support transactions in ::DBI, but turned it off 
(for now)
      Don't need the commit with AutoCommit
      Fixed immediate dependence on DBI
      Applied POD Patch by FWIE (RT #51888)
      (RT #44981) Added VERSION to ::Array, ::Engine, and ::Hash
      Removed extraneous slashes from POD
      RT# 50541: Fix for clear bug. Introduces a speed regression
      Added a TODO list
      (RT #40782) '0' as a hashkey wasn't iterated over correctly.
      (RT #48031) Better var localizations (Thanks, SPROUT!)
      Ready to release
      Fixed bug in Build.PL and pre-seeded expected activity for this release
      Added recursion test, hoisted staleness() to, and refactored to 
write_bucket_list() in prep for clear()
      Refactored to _descend to fix the recursion bug
      (RT #48031) Better var localizations (Thanks, SPROUT!)
      (RT #40782) '0' as a hashkey wasn't iterated over correctly.
      Intermezzo commit
      Merge cd5303b: RT# 50541: Fix for clear bug. Introduces a speed regression
      Apply some changes
      Apply some changes
      Had to turn off caching, but I've merged everything from SPROUT's fixes
      Final fixes before releasing last developer release
      Prepare for 1.0020
      Merged with master and am ready to merge back
      Merge pull request #1 from jes/master
      Released 2.0009
      Merge pull request #2 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #5 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #4 from dsteinbrunner/patch-2
      Merge pull request #9 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Added items from rurban
      Updated version to do a new release
      Fixed POD
      Merge pull request #10 from Tux/master
      Releasing fixes by H. Merijn Brandt
      Provide better warnings and errors for txns.
      Merge pull request #13 from shlomif/shlomif-CPANTS-fixes-1
      Merge pull request #15 from garu/garu/manifest
      Merge pull request #16 from garu/patch-1
      Merge pull request #14 from garu/garu/markdown
      Release 2.0013

Shlomi Fish (2):
      Add a missing "use strict".
      Add a missing "use warnings". (1):
      Test::More's BAIL_OUT command imposes a 0.61 dependency (1):
      test and fix added for defect #34819

gregor herrmann (2):
      spelling mistakes
      Imported Upstream version 2.0013 (5):
      repeatedly deleting a key will produce blist errors
      here's a test that shows the memory leak
      credit for Alex
      alternate between using transactions and not causes reference problems
      1) forgot to add some t/5* tests to the MANIFEST 2) The one line patch to seems to fix the memory leak... 3) the leak detection in t/52 was too 
aggressive, allowing 2% fails

jhuckaby (9):
      bugfix: now calling die() if file type does not match constructor type
      converted TODO test into real one (corrupted master index)
      Fixed optimize() bug with locking and added tests.
      performance tweak, added ref() check before eval {} block.
      Fixed autobless bug with re-blessing into class with longer name
      Added test for special case where hash is stored blessed into class with 
short name, then is replaced with hash blessed into class with longer name.
      locking now implicitly enables autoflush
      - Removed volatile option as it is pretty useless (use locking instead)
      fixed typo in POD

rkinyon (281):
      Initial migration from
      Added cover_db to list of cleanup items
      Added test for autobless files working with non-autobless
      Added autobless_2.t
      A few more fixes, bringing stmt to 94.9% and overall to 88.5%
      init() -> _init()
      open() is now _open()
      close() -> _close()
      Reorged and added some more tests for filetype failure
      Removed TODO markings for tests that are now fixed
      Finished most of the renamings and updated Changes to reflect the new API
      Final renamings
      Updated MANIFEST
      Fixed bug that I created in last checkin
      Added a few more edge case tests re: when the fh is open and what 
functions are expecting
      Fixed my autobless stupidity and added a test demonstrating how 
_copy_node() borks autobless
      Added a test for export() + autobless => 1
      Taint doesn't work ... we need to fix that. The problem is the insecure 
open() provided by FileHandle ...
      Converting from FileHandle methods to keywords in preparation for 
removing FileHandle
      Converted eof() from FileHandle method to builtin
      Intermediate checkin while changing usages of ->fh ->
      Removed call to FileHandle->flush()
      Fixed per ikegami's reply at
      Improved $| handling
      Converted all ->print(...) to print( ...)
      Added test to demonstrate issue with object created by TIEARRAY
      Fixed the large tests so that they run 4x faster
      Removed debugging statements and reverted to FileHandle so that the HEAD 
passes all tests
      Removed assignment to make the test more stringent
      Created DBM::Deep::_::Root, removed FileHandle, and we now pass tests run 
with -T
      Added return values to lock()/unlock() and reinstated _close()
      Break out the Array and Hash ties into separate files
      Converted open() to sysopen()
      Fixed test to reflect reality
      Added tagline
      Removed unnecessary commented-out dependency on Carp
      Fixed the pseudohash bug and tested against 5.9.3
      Cleaned up a little bit more
      Failing test for scalar refs
      Renamed to remove from auto-running
      Renamed to remove from auto-running
      Fixed the fact that delete should return the value deleted
      UNSHIFT and PUSH now return the length of the new array
      Fixed naive use of {@_} in TIE*
      Cleared up some more TODO tests
      Marked two tests as passing that were TODO
      Started to make negative array indices work
      Assignment to a negative value within the bounds of the array works
      exists now works on negative arrays
      exists now works on negative arrays
      Added verification that autobless still allows access through the tie 
      Updated changes to reflect latest fixes
      Converted to use _get_args() to make all new/tie argument handling the 
      Converted DELETE to not call FETCH, but to reimplement it. (There's a 
refactoring here that needs to be done, I think
      Negative indices all work and all the array methods are correctly locked
      New test coverage stats and better coding standards for global variables
      Added tests on the return value of splice plus a comment on the need for 
      Converted a for-loop to a map in SPLICE
      Improved the speed of Array PUT a little ... still needs work
      Added changes made by Joe last night to Changes file
      Fixed test counter mismatch w/fork
      Fixed missing inode problem
      Fixed some Cygwin test failures
      Reduce require version of Scalar::Util from 1.18 to 1.14
      POD changes
      Added failing test
      Cleaned up a little
      Tagged 0.97
      Updated Changes to note when we actually released 0.97
      Fixed array test slowness by preventing Test::Builder's SIG{__DIE__} from 
being called
      Upped version to 0.98 and updated Changes
      Added sigdie protection in all eval-blocks
      Fixed the hypothetical TIESCALAR
      Removed one call to reftype
      Updated Coverage report
      Fixed grammar error in POD
      Added additional cases
      export() now works with autobless
      Added test for exporting a blessed arrayref
      Hand-applied patch from David Cantrell to add file_offset to allow use of 
DATA filehandle
      Updated Changes with the new patch
      Updated changes with bugfixes
      Consolidated two read()s into one
      Further changes
      Added huge internal copy test
      Updated POD to mark items as deprecated ... almost ready to release 0.98
      Added more tests on SPLICE
      Added test to verify no writing to a readonly file
      Final items before release
      Updated version number to 0.99_01 to reflect dev path to 1.00
      Removed error/clear_error functions
      Removed file-is-open gatekeeper checks ... no tests for them
      Initial breakout into engine code
      Moved _close() into the engine
      Moved _create_tag, _load_tag, and _index_lookup into the engine
      Moved add_bucket to the engine
      Moved _get_bucket_value to Engine
      Moved _delete_bucket to Engine
      Moved _bucket_exists to Engine
      Moved find_bucket_list, traverse_index, and get_next_key to Engine
      Moved all constants into DBM::Deep::Engine
      Removed debug flag from code and POD
      Added better tests of existence around failure to write to readonly handle
      Added setup_fh that handles inodes separate from open()
      Removed  global variable
      has been removed
      All globals are now converted to variables within the engine object
      Moved comments around so that they still made some sense
      close() is now close_fh()
      Converted tabs to spaces
      Converted STORE to use find_bucket_list by adding an optional create 
      Some minor cleanup of the code layout
      Removed extraneous comment
      added test for freespace management
      Converted all tests to use File::Temp instead of t/test.db
      Removed last holdouts of t/test?.db
      Aliases became calls to methods for subclassability
      Cleaned up open() a bit
      Failing test of using keys when referring to the head
      Checkin with some debugging code so that I can reboot and continue working
      Removed warning, but left test directory
      Broke out reindexer into its own function
      added key to _get_subloc after figuring out the correct unpack magic
      Fixed SIG_INTERNAL so that it works + more tests
      Removed [base] as no longer needed
      Broke add_bucket up into _find_in_buckets() ... will propagate that 
method tomorrow
      Converted as many max-buckets foreach loops to _find_in_buckets as 
possible ... 3 more to go, but they have a different setup
      Broke out write_value in order to create scalarrefs
      Rename of Scalar -> Ref
      Added guard to make sure values that cannot be read correctly aren't 
stored, plus documentation on the issue
      Removed all code that was for the attempt to support REF
      Branched for fixes off of 0.98
      Added fix for RT#17947 and fixed a bug from last checkin
      Added dep on 5.6.0 and started breakout of request_space()/release_space()
      Moved a lot of open()'s code into setup_fh()
      Moved the flock to around the entire loop
      Converted more to use _request_space() ... still more to go
      Added _length_needed() function
      Created tag_size() and am converting create_tag() calls to use 
      All create_tag() calls now use _request_space()
      More cleanup ... almost ready for _release_space()
      Incompatible file format change
      Fixed autobless confusion with _length_needed()
      Added MSWin32 checks for is_writable call
      Cleaning up split_index()
      test of svn on new machine
      Removed some dependencies on ->_type, instead moving them into the 
appropriate child classes
      Removed _get_self() call in _copy_node
      Added unflocks to all tests so that the tests run on OSX
      Removed debugging info
      Added tests for storing tied stuff
      Converted some calls to new() into tie()
      More tests
      Children are now tied directly instead of copied. This makes code behave 
more as expected. tied variables are no longer allowed, except for purely 
internal references. This includes banning DBM::Deep references that aren't 
purely internal.
      Fixed TODO test to check the right die message
      Started migration to Test::Class
      More tests added
      Completed transcription of 02_hash.t
      Added more tests
      Fixed typo in a build_requires
      Create a write_signature() method
      Added read_file_signature
      Added basic array test structure
      Added version to the file header
      Fixed failing test due to changed header
      Renamed a few variables and added comments
      Added autovivification tests
      Added missing files to the MANIFEST
      New testing feature that allows specification of the workdir for the tests
      Recommenced testing of DATA filehandle
      Removed set_pack(), set_digest(), and precalc_sizes() by folding them 
into the parameters
      Updated documentation to reflect removal of set_pack and set_digest
      Updated documentation and Changes
      Have a header now
      Set header version to 1
      Added a test to make sure that the header really works
      Intermediate commit prior to radical file format change
      Broke _root out into its own object, moved a few methods up to it, and 
renamed _root to _fileobj
      Converted Engine to use File correctly, removing all tramping of
      Very rudimentary rollback added - needs LOTS AND LOTS of work
      Tagged 0.983 and removed the branch
      Adding transactions further - settled on MVCC
      Added ability for ::File to read and write transaction ID
      Rollback works now, in a limited fashion
      Fixed export/import tests
      Added Test::Deep and removed Test::Class dependency
      Audit trail on the way
      Auditing has been ported save for blessed objects and clear
      Got auditing all the way brought over. Need to add array tests, but those 
can wait
      Fixed a bad dependency version
      Cleaned up auditing some more
      All auditing now goes through a method on ::File
      Initial refactoring to use ::File for all physical file access instead of 
allowing it in ::Engine
      Initial refactoring to use ::File for all physical file access instead of 
allowing it in ::Engine
      Removed only physical access to the  in ::Deep
      Moved almost all direct accesses to  into ::File
      rollback and commit both work. Need to add MORE and MORE tests
      More transaction tests and reorg of tests
      Fixed useclass/requireclass bug in Test::Deep
      Phantom reads because transactional writes aren't deleted yet have been 
      delete is now transactional
      Added faililng tests for autovivification and clear() within transactions
      More failing tests, particularly for keys() and transactions.
      Added tests for clear() and keys()/length() in the big hash/array tests
      Fixed bug where overwrites weren't transaction-aware
      Minor fixes, including removing the  ==2/1 from add_bucket()
      Commit right before adding the keylist
      Converted to use the intermediate keyloc so that keys work under 
      Added test for commit with arrays
      Added push and unshift tests
      Added tests for 3 transactions at the same time
      Renamed a few things to make more sense
      CLEAR now works ... all that's left before 0.99_01 is documentation
      0.99_01 ready for releas\e
      Fixed missing file in MANIFEST
      Broke out a large portion of POD into the Cookbook and Internals POD files
      r11683@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-28 20:54:09 -0400
      r11685@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 10:50:27 -0400
      r11686@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:23:17 -0400
      r11687@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:33:57 -0400
      r11691@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:53:52 -0400
      r11692@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-30 00:04:30 -0400
      r11693@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-30 22:15:38 -0400
      r11705@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-01 13:19:45 -0400
      r11725@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-01 15:53:46 -0400
      r11683@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-28 20:54:09 -0400
      r11685@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 10:50:27 -0400
      r11686@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:23:17 -0400
      r11687@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:33:57 -0400
      r11691@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-29 23:53:52 -0400
      r11692@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-30 00:04:30 -0400
      r11693@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-04-30 22:15:38 -0400
      r11705@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-01 13:19:45 -0400
      r11725@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-01 15:53:46 -0400
      r13057@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-10 15:38:57 -0400
      r13078@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-11 10:33:40 -0400
      r13131@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-14 20:22:12 -0400
      r13132@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-14 20:27:47 -0400
      r13304@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-18 15:10:48 -0400
      r13305@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-18 15:18:06 -0400
      r13306@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-18 16:15:49 -0400
      r13599@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-25 14:21:08 -0400
      r13607@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-05-25 15:12:31 -0400
      r14010@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-06-07 14:35:06 -0400
      r14186@rob-kinyons-powerbook58:  rob | 2006-06-14 11:44:48 -0400
      r14235@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-14 22:24:47 -0400
      r14236@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-14 23:07:31 -0400
      r14264@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-15 16:05:57 -0400
      r13057@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-10 15:38:57 -0400
      r13058@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-10 15:39:37 -0400
      r13132@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-14 20:27:47 -0400
      r13304@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-18 15:10:48 -0400
      r13305@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-18 15:18:06 -0400
      r13306@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-18 16:15:49 -0400
      r13599@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-25 14:21:08 -0400
      r13607@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-05-25 15:12:31 -0400
      r14010@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-07 14:35:06 -0400
      r14186@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-14 11:44:48 -0400
      r14235@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-14 22:24:47 -0400
      r14236@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-14 23:07:31 -0400
      r14264@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-15 16:05:57 -0400
      commit 8facb528f069a0f756e02965635688980f9bf04e
      commit 9445f2c57c9331ef970794d5d923be6a6b5a1c11
      r14427@Rob-Kinyons-PowerBook:  rob | 2006-06-19 09:14:51 -0400
      First pass at cleanup
      Created a CURRENT per mst's recommendation
      Fixing things around
      Removed final vestiges of misunderstandings
      r14213@rob-kinyons-computer (orig r8080):  rkinyon | 2006-11-17 20:47:50 
      r15625@rob-kinyons-computer (orig r9171):  rkinyon | 2007-02-26 11:56:32 
      r15937@rob-kinyons-computer (orig r9234):  rkinyon | 2007-03-12 16:07:23 
      r6127@000-443-371 (orig r9960):  rkinyon | 2007-09-20 21:13:08 -0400
      r6200@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r9980):  rkinyon | 2007-09-22 21:02:54 
      r8199@h460878c2 (orig r10013):  rkinyon | 2007-09-28 12:05:34 -0400
      r8208@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r10033):  rkinyon | 2007-10-01 
11:17:40 -0400
      r8223@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r10043):  rkinyon | 2007-10-01 
23:11:14 -0400
      r12194@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r10513):  rkinyon | 2008-01-10 
23:43:55 -0500
      r592@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r10555):  rkinyon | 2008-01-15 14:19:42 
      r5021@rob-kinyons-computer-2 (orig r10948):  rkinyon | 2008-03-19 
11:45:11 -0400 (43):
      Pod::Usage is now required for the build
      Committed fix for RT#35140
      Fixed indentation and removed the importation of symbols from 
Scalar::Util and Data::Dumper
      Fixed up EJS's fix so that it uses data we already know about
      Exporting seems to work just fine
      Fix for 30085
      Added requirement for FileHandle::Fmode to t/44 in response to a failling 
      Checkin fixing RT#30144
      Applied patch by Wulfram Humann for improving reindex_entry()
      Updated Changes
      Optimization: First broke out all the classes that were in so 
that I can better see what's going on. Later, I'll create a dist action that 
merges all the files into one.
      Converted DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Scalar to using a string in _init()
      Convert ::Reference to use a string in creation. This sparks an 
interesting debate about the staleness counter. There doesn't seem to be a test 
for it. That needs to be remedied.
      All sectors now use a string to create themselves
      Removed the need for the :flock constants from Fcntl in DBM/
      DBM/ no longer has a link to _storage. Instead, it goes through 
_engine now. This is so that all locks and unlocks go through _engine so that 
it can flush all dirty sectors to disk.
      Conversion is partially complete. Lots of tests are failing, though
      Removed superfluous VERSION declaration
      The header now has its own sector. A lot needs to be moved over to it, 
but it's there.
      Fixed a couple of overlooks in reading an existing file's header.
      Hash tests pass again with header being read and cached
      Array tests now pass
      read_txn_slots has been moved into the FileHeader sector.
      Txn counter handlers have been migrated to FileHeader and a DESTROY has 
been added to flush when leaving scope
      Flushing problems fixed
      Removed flush method
      Fixed storage->size to only return what the size of the DB is, not the 
file as a whole
      Added further assertions
      Added a comment as to where an allocation error is occurring that crashes 
      begin_work, rollback, and commit now properly lock the database
      Fixed why t/33 was failing (errors were skipping the unlock, thus 
blocking further commands
      Fixed problem with block vs. string evals
      First checkin of the reversion back from the failed optimization effort. 
I will be keeping a lot of the code that worked, but not the optimization code.
      Fixed a bug in in failing on unrecognized versions
      Added description to a test
      Most tests now pass properly
      All tests pass and/or have been marked as not being run
      Fixed t/13 on Leopard and a couple issues with no_plan on newer 
Test::More installations plus removed a no_plan that wasn't supposed to be 
      Added a whole bunch of documentation
      Checking in breakout of the various packages in DBM::Deep::Engine and 
documentation (however light) of the Iterators. THIS CHECKIN IS BROKEN - the 
tests will NOT pass.
      All the tests now pass with the broken out classes
      Added documentation to ::File
      Fixed a bug in how deletions of entries in an auto-vivified hashref works.

robert (1):
      [perl #38431] Subversion access

sprout (135):
      Fix fatal recursion warnings (plus tests)
      Fix for [RT #32462]: avoid leading temp files around
      Start preparing the Changes file for 1.0015
      Changes: Compatibility note
      Change cd5303b4d4ed6 (to fix RT#50541) is too time-consuming to merge
      Bump version to 1.0015
      Test::More 0.88 is required for done_testing
      Set release date for 1.0015
      Add caveat explaining stale references. This came up in ticket 42129.
      Solve the version problem once and for all by applying the version number
      Remove one stray version number
      Begin the Changes for 1.0016
      Add missing compatibility notice
      Remove temporary workaround for clear() and "0" key bug
      Speed up clear()
      Set release date for 1.0016
      Set version to 1.0016
      Correct MANIFEST to include test libs
      Stop perl 5.6.2 from crashing (fatal warnings are a little unstable in
      Begin the change log for 1.0021 and remove some duplicate entries
      Somehow a bit of text got scrambled during a merge.
      Rewrap some text (the merge that previously scrambled it probably did
      Correct release date for 1.0020
      Release date for 1.0021
      Bump version to 1.0021
      Re-enable singletons in the File back end
      On some systems, a process apparently cannot open even 200 files at a
      More spelling fixes
      Begin Changes entry for 1.0022
      delete TODO entry about caching and reblessing
      ++substr $VERSION, -1
      another spelling mistake
      capitalisation error
      correct C<< >> syntax, which some POD processors
      remove a duplicate entry in the CAVEATS section
      We’ve been forgetting to update the README file. Now Module::Build
      Release date for 1.0022
      Prepare for 1.0023
      Release date for 1.0023
      Fix new version problem caused by the fix for the previous one
      typo fix
      another typo and some pod link fixes
      another typo
      Make DBM::Deep::Null compare equal with undef; make tests pass in
      Add tests for the DBM::Deep::Null change
      Make DBM::Deep::Null provide more helpful warnings and errors, instead
      Follow-up to the previous commit:
      Add Changes entries for the stale ref fixes
      Forgot one Changes entry (about equality tests)
      Oops, I used a tab!
      Respect FATAL warnings
      make stale ref warning tests pass under 5.6.2
      add no_index to stop from finding libraries in utils
      Release 1.0024
      Fix a test to work on Windows
      Release 1.0025
      Make numeric comparison work
      Fix deletion bug in the DBI back end
      Add external_refs mode
      Add entries for the last few changes
      Add Unicode support to the File back end
      More Changes changes
      Drop support for perl 5.6.2
      Add test for opening old DBs
      Add new tests scripts to MANIFEST
      Correct Changes: version 1 format -> version 1.0003 format
      Remove a comment that is now obsolete; it was only relevant to an
      Correct another comment
      Add version to POD
      Make the code that sets the version in the POD more resilient
      Add db_version
      Add db_version to Changes
      Update POD with Unicode changes, plus various other fixes
      Another POD clarification
      Make _read_file_header’s error messages use the module version number
      Set version to 1.9999_01
      Update the upgrade script
      correct pod syntax
      Release 1.9999_01
      Another POD error: C<> -> L<>
      Fix broken test
      Fix compilation in perl 5.8
      Re-instate the overloading removed by 8d15edf49
      a9852e36335 still didn’t fix overloading properly.
      Changes entries for 1.9999_02
      Set version to 1.9999_02
      Release 1.9999_02
      Fix fieldhash usage to avoid a memory leak.
      Set version to 2.0000
      Update Changes file for 2.0000
      require perl 5.8.4
      mention the 5.8.4 requirement in Changes
      We don’t actually use IO::Scalar
      Release 2.0000
      Stop autovivifying on simple element access (RT #60391)
      Increase version to 2.0001
      Release 2.0001
      Make error messages use the right file name
      Begin updating Internals.pod to make debugging easier
      Put in a proper check for too many transactions.
      Fix pod syntax
      Changes entry for the transaction check
      Add the RT ticket number to the last Changes entry (transaction check)
      Mention the Internals.pod changes
      Set version to 2.0002
      Set release date (but not time yet)
      Release 2.0002
      Fix t/43_transaction_maximum.t for when the OS won’t open more files
      Begin Changes for 2.0003
      Set version to 2.0003
      Release 2.0003
      Make tests pass with Test::More 2
      Set version to 2.0004
      Release 2.0004
      Add more explanatory text (from RT #60903) to num_txns’ docs
      Remove a space inadvertently added by the prev commit
      Use current_test in 27_filehandle.t
      Changes log for 2.0005
      Increase $VERSION to 2.0005
      Update version no. and README
      Release 2.0005
      t/27_filehandle.t: Suppress extra ‘TAP version 13’ line
      Set $VERSION to 2.0006
      Set release date for 2.0006
      Release 2.0006
      Skip 98_pod.t tests for Pod::Simple 3.21
      Set version to 2.0007
      Changes for 2.0007
      Release 2.0007
      Remove prereq on Test::Builder
      [ #77746] Circular refs due to caching
      Don’t load Test::Exception in 56_unicode.t
      2.0008 version bump
      Release 2.0008


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