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        at  fbc9b23   (tag)
   tagging  7c1cff077539a9699746c89ac398659564b7038d (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2015121601
 tagged by  Salvatore Bonaccorso
        on  Thu Jan 7 21:31:56 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2016010701

Abigail (132):
      Release 0.02
      Release 0.03
      Release 0.05
      Release 0.07
      Release 0.08
      Release 0.09
      Release 1.20
      Release 1.29
      Release 1.30
      Release 2.103
      Release 2.104
      Release 2.105
      Release 2.106
      Release 2.107
      Release 2.108
      Release 2.109
      Release 2.110
      Release 2.111
      Release 2.112
      Release 2.113
      Release 2.115
      Release 2.116
      Release 2.117
      Release 2.118
      Release 2.119
      Release 2.120
      Release 2.122
      Extracted change history from README into Changes
      Removed CVS traces
      Modernized Makefile.PL
      Set VERSION manually
      Removed individual file VERSIONs
      Document changes
      Removed checks for VERSION
      Run all tests
      Fix plan and sequence numbers
      Fix plan
      Remove extra =pod
      Fix POD syntax error
      Fix POD syntax error
      POD & Kwalitee tests
      Exclude some patterns for Darwin 9.0 on 5.8.8
      Fixes of POD issues.
      Document Changes
      Fix POD fixes
      Upped VERSION, Copyright year; Added github URL
      Let some sub expressions fail faster (at the expensive of matching 
      Document change
      Typo fix
      Fix POD issues.
      Document changes
      Added more people to the acknowledgements
      Another ack
      Document change
      More Acks
      More Acks
      More Acks
      Mention LICENSE in the last =head1 to satisfy CPANTS
      Mention release time
      Start documenting changes for next release
      Make POD test "work" on 5.005
      Use "use warnings" instead of using $^W
      Remove usage of ^W
      Document POD issues with pre-5.6.0 perl
      Upped VERSION
      Add $VERSION to all submodules. (RT #53250)
      Document change; add acknowledgement
      Upped VERSION
      Script to update all the VERSION numbers
      Do not test Kwalitee
      Make $RE {num} {decimal} and $RE {num} {real} no longer match a lone dot.
      Fix typo in repository name
      Fix RT 2833. (Doc patch)
      Allow "skipping" test results.
      Added support for JavaDoc comments. (RT 13174)
      Upped version
      Pod fix
      Tests for Pascal comments
      Upped version
      Allow https schemes in $RE {URI}
      Add a paragraph about (non)anchoring
      Update copyright year
      Document changes
      POD typos
      Upped version
      Add an explicite 1 to end the main module; otherwise it may fail under 
      Update META.yml
      Deleted META.yml from top level directory
      Change $[ into $]
      Use (?-1) instead of (??{ }) for the recursive balanced pattern.
      Specify a pattern for the sign of numbers.
      Allow host/domain names to start with a digit, using 
      Update README file.
      Fix version name.
      Fix name.
      Pattern for IPv6 addresses.
      Roll out the pattern.
      Add tests for {-keep} and {-sep}
      Added some caching.
      Document {net}{IPv6}
      Fix markup
      Merge branch 'ipv6'
      Version numbers and Changes entry.
      Add new test file to MANIFEST
      Ignore *.tar.gz files
      Typo fixes (Jonathan Yu, and Gregor Herrmann <>).
      Ignore *.tar.gz files.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Force Darwin 10.0 on Perl 5.10.0 to run square tests in 32 bit mode
      New test file.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Tests for the integer pattern, using -base
      Mention new test files in MANIFEST
      Tests for integers using -places.
      Mention new test file
      Upper case the letters, as that's what's being used in bases > 10.
      Tests for integer patterns with -places.
      Mention new test file in MANIFEST
      Tests combining -places and -base
      Use a common preamble
      Use make_test.
      Added a file with boilerplate code for writing tests.
      Tests for -sep on integer patterns.
      Test failures for -sep
      More testing for no matches
      Test the -group option for integer patterns
      Make sure there is only one reason a match fails
      Remove old test file.
      New version about to be released.
      Fix "deprecated" warning in test file

Damian Conway (1):
      Release 0.01

David Hand (1):
      Documentation clearification

P Ramakers (1):
      Typo fix in POD

Salvatore Bonaccorso (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2016010701


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