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  replaces  v0.010
 tagged by  Gregory Todd Williams
        on  Sat Jan 16 14:56:44 2016 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Attean 0.011.
Version: GnuPG v1
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Gregory Todd Williams (59):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kjetilk/feature-log-any' into kjetilk-log
      Improve SPARQL serialization of variable and expression projection.
      Made all algebra classes consume Attean::API::SPARQLSerializable.
      Improved SPARQL serialization for expressions.
      Add serialization of filter expressions belonging to a left join.
      Fix bug in AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQL->serialize_iter_to_bytes method.
      Replaced as_sparql methods with token-based serialization implementation.
      Add SPARQL serialization support for CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE forms.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kjetilk/feature-canonical-triple' into 
      Updated Attean::API::CanonicalizingBindingSet to produce the same type of 
object as are input.
      Moved TriplePattern->canonicalize to TripleOrQuadPattern role.
      Improve Attean::ExistsExpression->as_string.
      Add use of MooX::Log::Any.
      Added tests for get_sequence model accessor method (#3).
      Silence XML::Parser warnings on empty input documents.
      Fix bug in handling unbound join variables in hash join evaluation.
      Improved recognition of invalid aggregation queries.
      Fixed SPARQL serialization of blank nodes.
      Added AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL->parse convenience method.
      Allow AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL->parse to be called as a class method.
      Fix over-indentation of groups in SPARQL serialization (#51).
      Add support to serialize SELECT * queries (#51).
      Improve SPARQL serialization of nesting braces (#51).
      Fixed bug in AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLHTML->serialize_iter_to_bytes.
      Add Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets dependency to .travis.yml.
      Updated .travis.yml.
      Updated .travis.yml.
      Updated .travis.yml.
      Moved subpatterns_of_type from Attean::API::Algebra to 
      Added missing POD.
      Updated .travis.yml.
      Fixed POD errors.
      Added error messages to die calls.
      Change API for Attean::API::CostPlanner->cost_for_plan to pass in the 
query planner.
      Renamed parse_term_from_string methods to parse_term_from_bytes (adding 
delegating methods that should be decprecated in the future).
      Update AtteanX::Parser::RDFXML to populate a namespace map during parsing.
      Added Attean::API::Plan->subplans_of_type_are_variable_connected method.
      Improved error handling in Attean::ListIterator->BUILD.
      Fix bugs and POD in Attean::TripleModel.
      Added Attean::API::Plan->children_are_variable_connected.
      Improve cost estimation for cartesian joins in Attean::API::QueryPlanner.
      Merged shared constants for Turtle and SPARQL tokens.
      Fix token type used in Attean::API::Blank->sparql_tokens.
      Added serialization of language tags and datatypes in 
      Fixed serialization of BNODE tokens in AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQL.
      Added Turtle serializer.
      Improved serialization of SPARQL and Turtle.
      Added convenience constructors for SPARQL and Turtle token classes.
      Make regexes used for prefixname parsing publicly accessibly.
      Added POD.
      Add IRI-to-PREFIXNAME shortening in Turtle serializer.
      Merge pull request #56 from kjetilk/feature-more-logging
      Updated copyright years.
      Merge pull request #57 from kjetilk/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Added RDF/XML parser tests.
      Updated MANIFEST.
      Fix regex use in t/serializer-sparql.t.
      Updated VERSION and docs for 0.011 release.

Kjetil Kjernsmo (13):
      Add a trace log
      Add MooX::Log::Any to prereqs
      Improve error message
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Simple test for canonicalized pattern Issue #43
      Implementation of canonicalize for triple patterns #43
      as_sparql test that dies with a blank
      Add more logging to the cost planner
      use debug level for estimated costs
      add debugging at info level for model based plans
      Call blank and variable without shortcuts


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