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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Jan 18 22:48:37 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.10026

Breno G. de Oliveira (2):
      add support for "--cflags-only-other"
      add support for "--libs-only-other" flag

Graham Ollis (170):
      use $^X to make sure that test against the same perl that you are 
installing with
      add .gitignore
      remove non-core (and future non-core) dependencies
      remove tabs
      github repository meta information
      use ppkg-config for portability, provide as an alias where 
it does not cause problems
      avoid infinite loops on windows.
      version 0.06020
      add see also for other perl pkg-config impl rt#75392
      use a dedicated lock instead of locking pc_files.tar.gz
      version 0.06120
      need more recent version of Archive::Tar on MSWin32 only
      version 0.06220
      require Perl 5.6, include license meta data
      make tests less verbose in the absence of -v
      version 0.06320
      use ; instead of : for PKG_CONFIG_PATH on MSWin32
      replace . with DOT AFTER setting to lowercase
      support for --atleast-version, --exact-version and --max-version options
      update Changes
      use ; instead of : on MSWin32 in tests too
      version 0.06420
      fix POD syntax
      favor /usr/local over /usr by default
      prefer PKG_CONFIG_PATH over default.
      match search path on debian 7
      use the same search path as the native pkg-config for several platforms
      update Changes
      actually this was added in 0.06420
      file_path option for Perl API
      remove -T option on load test
      version 0.07020
      doco cleanup
      version 0.07120
      fix possible 6.2 incompatability
      remove unintentional new line from default paths on Debian
      versio 0.07220
      remove out dated doco
      support for strawberry perl
      version 0.07320
      minor corrections for --script option
      --script=none to install no scripts
      document new Makefile.PL --script option
      adding credit
      fill in some mad-libs
      document --modversion
      new option --list-all
      better alignment a la the original
      update Changes
      version 0.07420
      work around for Strawberry Perl
      version 0.07520
      some win32 development assistance
      let me fix that for you
      slightly different workaround for Strawberry Perl
      support for pcfiledir #2
      more exact test strawberry
      base strawberry root detection on $^O instead of
      use string eval to throw perl_version.t off the scent
      version 0.07520_01
      fix typo
      example .pc files
      Work with Strawberry 5.20.x issues
      update manifest
      version 0.07520_02
      fix split on Makefile.PL --script option
      version 0.07520_03
      windows test fix
      version 0.07520_04
      typo in Changes
      helpful suggestions for Strawberry
      documentation fixes
      version 0.07620
      add see also for pkgconf
      add get_var public acessor method (#13)
      more on the MSWin32 symlink saga
      support for version constraints
      forgot to checkin test
      versioin 0.07620_01
      hide these packages from the indexer
      version 0.07720
      win32 note on testing
      more see alsos
      correct copyright owner
      subtest apparently dissappeared with Test::More 0.92
      version 0.07820
      require Test::More 0.94
      version 0.07920
      fix version in changes
      add support for --cflags-only-I option (#15)
      version 0.07920_01
      documentation for (#15)
      require ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.56 for BUILD_REQUIRES
      version 0.08120
      better debian detection and support
      version 0.08120_01
      version 0.08220
      migrate to github for bugs
      include provides key in metadata
      inherit cflags and ldflags, but not variables #16
      save options for dependency search
      descriptive name for test
      include veriosn requirement in dependancy
      update manifest
      version 0.08220_01
      update contributers
      update readme to be more modern
      error in dependant component is propagated to main component
      version 0.08220_02
      version 0.08320
      handle quoted space (#12)
      more quote corner cases (#12)
      update MANIFEST
      version 0.08320_01
      scalar context for get_cflags and get_ldflags returns a correctly quoted 
      documentation for get_cflags / get_ldflags context
      version 0.08320_02
      oops that was part of a mistake
      require recent ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      remove unnecessary return
      rework so we do not need return
      version 0.08320_03
      version 0.08420
      add support for PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
      more envs
      update manifest
      translate symlinks to real files in tarball
      add support for windows registry keys
      stuff that will save headaches later
      remember that not everyone uses : as a path sep
      version 0.08526
      new api version
      add changelog and credit
      Remove system multi arch library directory flags Debian 7+
      version 0.08626
      test in parallel
      update manifest
      skip long running tests under ActiveState PPM build
      version 0.08726
      use 64 bit lib directory on 64 bit solaris
      version 0.08826
      add --atleast-pkgconfig-version option
      update changes
      handle x.y.z style versions for pkg-config compat
      version 0.08926
      detect cpu count on os x
      version 0.09026
      rename to
      add --short-errors option
      rm use of flock
      version 0.09026_01
      rm dep on Archive::Tar which we are not using anymore
      add appveyor
      appveyor: use -l instead of -b
      symlinks may not extract properly
      rewrite in Perl
      update meta for new PerlPkgConfig org
      add .travis.yml
      add the #native irc
      version 0.09026_02
      move irc meta into resources (where it belongs)
      version 0.10026

M. Nunberg (6):
      Merge pull request #3 from plicease/test_with_correct_perl
      Merge pull request #6 from plicease/github_meta
      Merge pull request #5 from plicease/variable_option2
      Merge pull request #4 from plicease/core
      Merge pull request #7 from plicease/script
      Merge pull request #8 from plicease/windows

Mark Nunberg (4):
      initial commit
      Added unit tests and --env-only option
      Allow for concurrent testing, updated test deps

Patrice Clement (2): add new option --errors-to-stdout add support for Gentoo Linux (32 and 64 bit systems)

Sanel Zukan (7):
      Added support for --variable=V option.
      Behave just like pkg-config.
      Added options --libs-only-L and --libs-only-l. Documenting --variable.
      Assure Getopt::Long does not ignore case; this affects --libs-only-l and
      Watch how --libs-only-L and --libs-only-l behaves in combination.
      Removed unused import.
      Allow -R to be recognized for --libs-only-L

Vladimir Timofeev (2):
      Add test that shows bug: variables from required pc-files overwrite main 
      Correct test, so it really set PKG_CONFIG_PATH before PkgConfig will 
process it.

Wolfgang Fuetterer (1):
      Import original source of PkgConfig 0.09026

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.10026

kmx (1):
      Makefile.PL parameter -script allowing to choose script name


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