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      from  4b8a635   Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright hints.
       new  775d06e   Repackage upstream tarball, excluding sourceless jar file.
      adds  9e3dcac   Initial revision
      adds  fdd903d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9f53d7a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2bf7063   *** empty log message ***
      adds  db12b96   *** empty log message ***
      adds  02ec540   Initial revision
      adds  7f2249b   Initial revision
      adds  dd70381   Initial revision
      adds  54eb82b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  062dd4a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  66a365f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a06fe1b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6de31b4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f56e931   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5cd41e2   *** empty log message ***
      adds  33ee6a0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8d38fda   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a64f5aa   *** empty log message ***
      adds  d873494   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0762766   *** empty log message ***
      adds  142fc19   *** empty log message ***
      adds  74ccc41   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9d0e567   Initial revision
      adds  273565c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5e0c9c0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  116982e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  038eb4c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ad1ad3f   Initial revision
      adds  d2ad238   *** empty log message ***
      adds  56c198c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e766ee0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e34dfd9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ca44f74   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0c072e3   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a39e610   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e8dd059   *** empty log message ***
      adds  305413a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8d342fd   *** empty log message ***
      adds  94009f9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  074fa6f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7c3eb26   *** empty log message ***
      adds  dde30ef   *** empty log message ***
      adds  cba574d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  bb88472   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e5a92d0   chaged stuff around a bit in order to make the methods 
callable later with JNI
      adds  832389a   added some stuff for JNI support. The config option 
USE_JNI is reserved for future use.
      adds  20a0d0c   added the stuff for arrays, members /
      adds  32b7bcd   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5b6910a   Initial revision
      adds  f377499   *** empty log message ***
      adds  d663876   *** empty log message ***
      adds  20205d6   Initial revision
      adds  1f50ee8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  61a54d9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  bfee25b   Initial revision
      adds  e802f2b   .
      adds  f2f6fcb   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7452b03   stable state for arrays left to do is pass arrays as 
      adds  43af2c1   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5d756a5   *** empty log message ***
      adds  25c47f0   Initial revision
      adds  093858e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8730709   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7916696   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3e0de37   *** empty log message ***
      adds  eef7d6e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  96601c3   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4969bd4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  57b7722   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9d93346   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0c5b8f6   Initial revision
      adds  48992a8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8195572   *** empty log message ***
      adds  fb87f77   *** empty log message ***
      adds  66b54d8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  bf33548   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1b667b7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  472d25e   Initial revision
      adds  bbd9eb8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0a2cf5a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6ba86f3   Initial revision
      adds  0e1f060   *** empty log message ***
      adds  530056c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ee71c81   *** empty log message ***
      adds  37f7dbb   *** empty log message ***
      adds  74576bb   *** empty log message ***
      adds  99574e8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5dc77c0   Added CLASSPATH => '.'
      adds  994a982   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4501d3d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e1c9e75   Initial revision
      adds  ac04f00   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6bec734   Adapted 0.40 Fixed AUTOSTUDY of arrays
      adds  60e9c38   Adapted 0.40
      adds  8500a6a   Adapted 0.40 Fixed AUTOSTUDY for arrays
      adds  8aa9849   Adapted 0.40 Added set_classpath at compile time because 
extending classes requires it Removed error_copy
      adds  e6016f4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6ad27fa   added Number tests
      adds  1374794   added array of studied types test
      adds  a8b52f0   added support for NUmber
      adds  73f26e3   Fix making $s variable submitted by Geoffrey
      adds  a3fcf58   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b6886cd   ,
      adds  1f7a338   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1eea082   Added fix for Cygwin paths
      adds  abbdf65   *** empty log message ***
      adds  76497d5   *** empty log message ***
      adds  654b252   *** empty log message ***
      adds  71f216b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0f6aac8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  00eb36d   indentation
      adds  b116834   localize file handles
      adds  483b095   Initial revision
      adds  7dd1199   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4daad86   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5ff99e9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  501ecf9   Initial revision
      adds  9004f4b   Initial revision
      adds  b41f948   *** empty log message ***
      adds  87eb691   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1fed783   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c141eaf   Initial revision
      adds  99d0358   Initial revision
      adds  5d28caa   ,.
      adds  94f1f54   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9051643   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b214691   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c633957   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5accbd8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2679cf0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5fb7587   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8876513   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1cc565b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e35a29d   Initial revision
      adds  fc1cc68   *** empty log message ***
      adds  05cf3de   *** empty log message ***
      adds  24a752c   Initial revision
      adds  4ef5d8b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3aa0748   Initial revision
      adds  07b1377   Initial revision
      adds  60566df   *** empty log message ***
      adds  725e55d   revamped behavior in JNI mode
      adds  3dd1db2   Fixed callbacks for JNI.
      adds  435c132   Updated documentation.
      adds  a1ff1e5   made use of blib for these test scripts.
      adds  4a46548   Added overrides for Inline::mkpath and Inline::rmpath 
that sort of make them portable.
      adds  c066725   Updates from local CVS repository
      adds  764c6eb   Put back changes lost earlier
      adds  d61f8f8   Removed stuff that's done
      adds  abd4ac6   Removed old comment
      adds  aac0107   Fixed bug.
      adds  afef40b   Added more localized signal handling.
      adds  59de3a5   Added localized signal handling Added test fork_launch 
      adds  43713a5   Lots of fixes for lots of things
      adds  f4b1475   Renamed test files
      adds  6b3d684   fix
      adds  6e6777a   Signal fix
      adds  03c9b42   Added new file to simulate shared tests.
      adds  026536d   Fix cygwin CLASSPATH
      adds  4382920   Fixes
      adds  d750d10   ok
      adds  9d0f381   ok
      adds  25835d9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  01f0a0c   Removed debug line
      adds  82926b8   Add test to JNI
      adds  2a99c8d   Added closing of stdin/out in Java
      adds  9b28b4b   canonpath one path
      adds  304a857   ok
      adds  4227257   Fixed close STDIN/out error with JNI
      adds  1ebf4e5   Doc changes
      adds  5ca32f9   Filtered out motif
      adds  7061ea2   Doc
      adds  a0d072c   doc
      adds  1944bc2   Fixed small display bug.
      adds  ba3f537   Added doc
      adds  628320b   Added stuff
      adds  72f0d8a   Added testing stuff to do.
      adds  1bdd8fb   Formatting
      adds  4a7a31d   Fixed info. Not sure if it works though...
      adds  8683aa3   Added options for the Java part.
      adds  d11eea9   Made the shared function safer when not in shared mode.
      adds  c1f2869   Added todo.
      adds  3c06d8b   new prerequisite: Inline 0.43
      adds  91083cc   Added 0.32 stuff
      adds  d976886   Took care of some warnings with 5.005_03
      adds  6573508   Fixed bug with members that have the same name.
      adds  3177aff   Fixed dome bugs for 5.005_03.
      adds  1362b60   fixed stuff for 5.005_03
      adds  73be51a   Fixed stuff for 5.005_03
      adds  072c01e   Ok
      adds  3830e72   Rephrased some stuff.
      adds  fc31dbf   Fixed some bugs. Replaced File::Spec stuff that wasn't 
there in 5.005_03
      adds  208ccfc   ok
      adds  f7d3247   ok
      adds  4c9078f   ok
      adds  9e440fe   Added portable File::Spec
      adds  59079b5   Made some small documentation modifications.
      adds  77a4fa3   Made debugging subsystem better.
      adds  fac554c   Debugging stuff
      adds  bae6abd   Finished debugging subsys rewrite
      adds  8bd5d22   0.33 release candidate 1
      adds  eb99eea   version 0.33
      adds  be9e91e   version 0.33
      adds  89db856   Removed comment
      adds  4e7ebf7   Added test cases for non-english chars and member order
      adds  d6b9bc0   Changed encoding api (but not technique used) and added 
dynaload of -lthread under Solaris
      adds  5705c17   Removed foreign characters test
      adds  312d77e   To save some blabla that's there
      adds  8a386a3   basic code done for 0.34.
      adds  d9763fc   Doc changes to 0.34
      adds  4d5fc1f   0.34
      adds  75db38f   ok
      adds  285aa41   ok
      adds  b30a3c7   ok
      adds  3ae4322   First step towards re-factoring.
      adds  af088f3   Core for 0.40 is ready.
      adds  8d426cc   More changes towards 0.40...
      adds  6b3cfd2   0.40 is pretty much finished.
      adds  bab690f   ok
      adds  7d3b10e   Ready for TRIAL1
      adds  9e6880d   ok
      adds  936c118   ok
      adds  65218dd   Looking good...
      adds  803810a   ok
      adds  69167ad   fixes for Cygwin
      adds  4c0735c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e479f42   ok
      adds  b9ed4cc   ok
      adds  fabd3fc   fix jvm.cfg
      adds  197bebb   ok
      adds  e0e1641   chaged some test to represent more cases.
      adds  d98cc7a   RC-4
      adds  5fc6918   bug
      adds  85865bb   0.40
      adds  b559141   0.41
      adds  c43a217   ok 0.42
      adds  550d593   ok
      adds  6af599c   change the specified PORT to a different one than the one 
used for SHARED_JVM
      adds  6526639   <>Z error
      adds  9206cd0   0.43
      adds  c887728   initial
      adds  533835f   ok
      adds  2819ed1   false start
      adds  09359c1   on towards 0.44...
      adds  89c9214   ok
      adds  aa25320   remove pre-5.6 checks.
      adds  8edac21   version 1 of callbacks from multiple threads: control all 
from a single InlineJavaPerlCaller
      adds  c177743   finished multi-threaded callbacks
      adds  8b9586d   ok
      adds  c1b9a52   en route toward 0.44 RC2
      adds  4272600   ok
      adds  3dd9b2f   ok 0.44 RC2
      adds  f858107   ok 0.44 RC2
      adds  feb154d   ok
      adds  531f4d1   ok
      adds  9521b3e   move to org/perl/inline/java
      adds  088889b   ok
      adds  82f9b1f   0.44
      adds  74d7974   0.44
      adds  07ed220   small windows bugs
      adds  cf53d3e   minor changes
      adds  4c6cbb9   Added all the stuff for PerlNatives
      adds  a3a051d   Fix for JNI croaks
      adds  1d114cc   - PerlNatives stuff - Started refactoring using static 
methods and static HashMaps
      adds  42e4817   Replaced Cwd calls with File::Spec calls
      adds  7da00be   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3d22845   fixed version require changed version number
      adds  ca4310a   added variable to indicate to master Makefile.PL if JNI 
was selected
      adds  e48fd72   added file - Not final..
      adds  1663542   new extension for PerlNatives
      adds  0130ffa   0.45 RC1
      adds  36e2bb0   ok
      adds  7e28ef7   ok 0.45
      adds  af1dbc2   0.45
      adds  943b208   ok
      adds  ad90c7e   ok
      adds  e42e7c4   0.45 release
      adds  0253396   ok
      adds  9710e49   0.46
      adds  3cdb3dd   ok
      adds  1c5227e   ok
      adds  79770de   PerlInterpreter stuff
      adds  00b2994   ok
      adds  aa618b9   ok
      adds  6c1ba28   ok
      adds  a6b002c   fixed bug in .so portability and added HPUX specifics
      adds  ed83165   Rearranged PerlNatives test
      adds  665516c   small adjustements of CLASSPATH + -Mjar feature added
      adds  26ec3ff   moved to NAtives :
      adds  d37e540   Changed port number to be different from the default one.
      adds  21ffe26   ok
      adds  7ce6661   Changes to reorganize make sequence
      adds  37b8187   ok
      adds  12bcfe8   ok
      adds  b08da06   ok
      adds  6f42344   0.47_02
      adds  bb55a75   *** empty log message ***
      adds  05df1ff   fix for 5.6.1
      adds  adb2c47   ok
      adds  3d2228c   ok
      adds  ec26046   fixed bug reported by Steven Hirsh
      adds  4dddfe0   On the way to 0.48 with InlineJavaPerlObject
      adds  5ff2198   ok
      adds  546f413   ok
      adds  6b1be20   ok
      adds  b876c03   added so_dirs shortcut
      adds  2e54541   removed example after __END__
      adds  e40b779   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ae3dded   ok
      adds  4771439   ok
      adds  0612317   ok
      adds  90ca600   ok
      adds  14b8dd8   ok
      adds  fc036a8   ok
      adds  6fc0e56   ok
      adds  2db87bb   remove SUB_FIX_CMD_QUOTES which broke Java when J2SDK dir 
was in a dir with spaces in the name
      adds  b840c6a   ok
      adds  53a7bf7   0.48_91
      adds  efab81c   iok
      adds  aac40ac   ok
      adds  170fc1b   v0.48_92
      adds  4245293   START_JVM => 0
      adds  2ea5517   ok
      adds  9e23873   ok
      adds  d4cf02c   94
      adds  ed2d990   0_48_94
      adds  0dbb932   ok
      adds  385292e   debug
      adds  c0e1816   0.48_95
      adds  b93ceda   ok
      adds  7079eba   fixed bug with : as separator
      adds  fc9fa61   ok
      adds  517ac4e   0.49, finally
      adds  deefe33   menage
      adds  42c1aa1   ok:
      adds  1b847eb   ok
      adds  21813eb   ok, v0.50
      adds  1a77bff   ok
      adds  a5400b6   ok
      adds  415ea6c   ok
      adds  cb3b763   ok, towards 0.49_91
      adds  2db8e90   ok
      adds  903155b   0_49_92
      adds  323ad93   ok, 0.50
      adds  6965c30   ok
      adds  95be6a4   fixed bug in abstract regexp
      adds  b7d68df   performed many optimizations
      adds  61bc070   *** empty log message ***
      adds  815496d   ok
      adds  70fcc53   ok
      adds  598dbcc   ok v_50_90
      adds  c686bf8   ok
      adds  54465a1   ok
      adds  a7e0249   Fixed bug in JVM arg processing
      adds  b07d826   ok
      adds  401055b   ok, version number change
      adds  4651853   ok
      adds  16e7f21   ok
      adds  3ebc2ad   ok
      adds  fcc0d0f   ok
      adds  9d31b39   ok. Now dependant on perl 5.8 and Encode.
      adds  05ce62c   ok
      adds  91810d4   ok 0.51
      adds  bd02259   0.50_92
      adds  c27cfad   ok
      adds  d878d9f   backwards compatibility with perl 5.6
      adds  dd2da4e   implementation of new callback interface
      adds  9936a65   support for CharSequence
      adds  39608d6   new callback interface
      adds  48d7397   new callback interface
      adds  2bfc064   ok
      adds  bb68200   ok, support for CharSequence
      adds  07a78fc   ok. good for 0.50_92
      adds  3ec8016   ok
      adds  b54bb9d   ok
      adds  7d93c93   ok for 0.50_93
      adds  ffb4eff   ok 0_50-93
      adds  dd3e967   ok 0_50_93
      adds  290a244   ok
      adds  fe0d825   ok, portalbe fixes
      adds  55f14ba   ok
      adds  f6b81d5   ok
      adds  9224b08   documentation errors
      adds  1c830a1   bug fixes
      adds  f05cd86   ok
      adds  62eeac0   cleanup
      adds  65388be   minor bug fixes
      adds  2a0954c   0.52_90
      adds  645de59   0.53
      adds  2fc609b   commit to github of 0.53_90
      adds  d2a94fe   .gitignore
      adds  5c78904   Update metadata - git repo, Inline version.
      adds  22e03eb   Update doc for case-insensitive.
      adds  f2181bb   Release 0.540
      adds  c83c7f5   Files not checked in by Pat, retrieved from CPAN 0.53
      adds  a360cbb   use "our"
      adds  92a7ecd   No space before ;
      adds  72cd678   Ignore JNI build files
      adds  c2a4516   jvm.def is a generated file, zap it
      adds  85197c8   Correct croak() call
      adds  3e4381a   Remove unnecessary import
      adds  af26468   Ignore all *.{bs,c,o}
      adds  f48dd76   Remove unnecessary import
      adds  3ae47be   Ignore Makefile.old
      adds  d630c7c   Release 0.56
      adds  6ff3c24   Fix some language issues in the manual page.
      adds  6e46c2f   Release 0.57
      adds  e890f78   Tidy metadata a bit
      adds  9b5be25   Make a little more sense of "bug" dir
      adds  b08ca53   Release 0.58
      adds  95a5d56   Imported Upstream version 0.58~dfsg
       new  053b4c9   Merge tag 'upstream/0.58_dfsg'
       new  74c9f56   Drop patch 01: Adopted upstream.
       new  f2ef3f5   Unfuzz patch 02.
       new  5728601   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.7.
       new  ae1688d   Update copyright info: Extend copyright of packaging to 
cover current year.
       new  01f0932   Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and 
copyright hints.

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                                           |    2 +-
 Java.pod                                          |   46 +-
 Java/Callback.pod                                 |    2 +-
 Java/{PerlInterpreter => Natives}/t/01_init.t     |    0
 Java/{PerlNatives => Natives}/t/02_perl_natives.t |    1 +
 MANIFEST                                          |    1 -
 META.json                                         |   52 -
 META.yml                                          |   28 -
 Makefile.PL                                       |    1 +
 bug/                                   |   35 +
 bug/                                      |   36 +
 bug/                                        |   19 +
 bug/Higher.class                                  |  Bin 0 -> 607 bytes
 bug/Higher.jar                                    |  Bin 0 -> 1284 bytes
 bug/                                   |   28 +
 bug/Lower.class                                   |  Bin 0 -> 502 bytes
 bug/                                       |   25 +
 bug/                                       |   14 +
 bug/                               |   44 +
 bug/                                     |   41 +
 bug/                                  |   27 +
 bug/                                  |  112 ++
 bug/XDB.class                                     |  Bin 0 -> 1682 bytes
 bug/XDB_TestHarness.class                         |  Bin 0 -> 1538 bytes
 bug/                          |  109 ++
 bug/                                  |  581 ++++++
 bug/                                 |   56 +
 bug/                                    |    8 +
 bug/                                      |   54 +
 bug/natives_hpux.txt                              | 2014 +++++++++++++++++++++
 bug/                                         |  164 ++
 bug/                                      |   58 +
 bug/                                     |   60 +
 bug/                                         |   11 +
 bug/test.gaps                                     |   42 +
 bug/                                       |   12 +
 bug/                                     |   14 +
 bug/                                       |   18 +
 debian/changelog                                  |   15 +
 debian/control                                    |    2 +-
 debian/                                 |    2 +-
 debian/copyright                                  |    5 +-
 debian/copyright_hints                            |   52 +-
 debian/patches/01-typos.patch                     |  154 --
 debian/patches/02_reproducible_build.patch        |    2 +-
 debian/patches/series                             |    1 -
 debian/rules                                      |    8 +-
 debian/watch                                      |    3 +
 t/12_2_perl_objects.t                             |  165 ++
 t/CGI.cgi                                         |   33 +
 t/                                     |    3 +
 t/                                     |   46 +
 t/                                    |   19 +
 t/                                     |   82 +
 t/                            |   23 +
 t/                              |   81 +
 t/                               |   83 +
 t/                               |   47 +
 t/                                           |   38 +
 t/t13.txt                                         |   10 +
 t/                                           |   72 +
 t/                                           |   43 +
 t/                                           |   55 +
 t/                                           |   70 +
 64 files changed, 4556 insertions(+), 273 deletions(-)
 copy Java/{PerlInterpreter => Natives}/t/01_init.t (100%)
 copy Java/{PerlNatives => Natives}/t/02_perl_natives.t (99%)
 delete mode 100644 META.json
 delete mode 100644 META.yml
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/Higher.class
 create mode 100644 bug/Higher.jar
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/Lower.class
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/XDB.class
 create mode 100644 bug/XDB_TestHarness.class
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100755 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/natives_hpux.txt
 create mode 100755 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100755 bug/test.gaps
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100644 bug/
 create mode 100755 bug/
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/01-typos.patch
 create mode 100755 t/12_2_perl_objects.t
 create mode 100755 t/CGI.cgi
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100644 t/
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100644 t/t13.txt
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100755 t/

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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