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      from  38ea73f   update changelog
      adds  e5e3551   Comitting OpenID consumer and server modules.
      adds  46624f3   first version of DH/HMAC-based protocol.
      adds  39458e6   more misc bug fixes/changes
      adds  72c96ab   bug
      adds  e61ae59   bugs bugs
      adds  97d7ed6   getting there...
      adds  23d2611   more debugging, a FIXME, and caching fixes
      adds  85e6980   helps to not have syntax errors
      adds  da12229   pass $csr, not $cache to handle_assoc
      adds  563d1ce   sha1 not in util package
      adds  1471ea5   lowercase scheme and hostname in identity URLs
      adds  66f8e57   +       * copy all signed parameters into POST args in 
dumb mode, +         not a static set (to be future-proof)
      adds  f051b5f   +        * handle openid.delegate properly (was losing 
state because I'd +         put a URL parameter onto the wrong URL) +         * 
copy all signed parameters into POST args in dumb mode,           not a static 
set (to be future-proof)
      adds  aea0c8e   invalidate_handle support, and other misc bugfixes
      adds  b3fe759   openid.mode=cancel support
      adds  0e3d8f1   bugs
      adds  5a59995   util not Util
      adds  7b15c15   +       * document common error codes from 
claimed_identity, and +         cleanup some error handling/codes
      adds  843f5ba   version 0.11
      adds  cd49843   +       * reject cached association validation if expiry 
is in past
      adds  80329c2   decode entities
      adds  b11b352   +       * required_root in 
constructor/method/validated_identity + +       * allow https identities + +    
   * version 1.1 of the protocol
      adds  4a4d45b   final version numbers for release
      adds  2e2f04c   give users access to the signed_fields from the verified 
identity object
      adds  d9f414c   +        * go into dumb mode earlier if it's detected 
that our cache object +         isn't working
      adds  0c69fa1   +       * work-around bug in some openid servers that 
don't escape "+". +         so treat a space as a +.  (from Thomas Sibley +     
      adds  ac41069   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.13.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  20b5e99   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.14.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  517481a   works with CGI::Fast
      adds  9df7e6c   revert the previous commit
      adds  ef18803   add method on claimed identity object to get delgated URL
      adds  e2730a3   fixed an URI canonicalization bug with https claimed 
      adds  9bbcee4   reorder CGI::Subclass and CGI definition so no warnings 
redefined actually works
      adds  a4d02ef   Merge the changes from the openid2 branch into trunk.
      adds  53f363f   Let's bump our version number up to 1.01 in preparation 
for a release.
      adds  f88fe1c   We don't actually depend on URI::Fetch anymore.
      adds  f6cbca8   Looks like the MANIFEST has got a little out of date.
      adds  cbbdcd5   Remove leftover reference to URI::Fetch.
      adds  a7668c5   Put the version number in the changelog.
      adds  5cfa596   Add information about the mailing list to the docs.
      adds  72356ec   Declare dependency on XML::Simple.
      adds  62720be   chop extra attribtues in Cotent-Type so it could work 
with Google's XRD direct input
      adds  1fa7c7f   Create Net::OpenID::Common and move some bits out of 
::Consumer into it so that future versions of ::Server can use them:
      adds  104bec2   Merge changes from Consumer 1.03 into trunk.
      adds  1ef7c43   Remove the "messages" test from the consumer manifest, 
since it's now in the "common" package.
      adds  2900e7c   Always expect user_setup_url, even in the 2.0 case. This 
violates the spec, but is consistent with what providers in the wild do and is 
the only way this can work without breaking backward compatibility.
      adds  ae1d396   add compat layer for WriteMakefile1
      adds  2425129   better META.yml
      adds  0f9dfb0   add missing prereqs
      adds  cf6efaf   Set openid.ns.sreg when using sreg 1.1
      adds  947793f   Look at ext_uri to find the sreg version
      adds  a3755f9   Merge branch 'asjo-fixes'
      adds  4e82c7e   Try handling possible Timing Attack problems
      adds  d72c33e   Merge branch 'asjo-timing-attack'
      adds  5861234   dzil config
      adds  9f74812   Merge branch 'dist-zilla'
      adds  42dcdca   version bump and changelog update
      adds  cbaf52d   explicitly use crypt::dh::gmp
      adds  c5402c9   dzil version stuff
      adds  eeae19b   get crypt::dh stuff from -common
      adds  45b5d8c   use digest:sha for hmac stuff
      adds  c46701d   switch to int conversion funcs
      adds  c2cf9e2   remove shipit files
      adds  59b18b1   changelog version
      adds  2c323db   changes is more standard
      adds  0b65e93   gitignore
      adds  f7761f9   more dzil support
      adds  51f27c7   dist metadata
      adds  09789eb   v1.030099_001
      adds  0ea384f   fix a call to hmac stuff in ::Common that no longer exists
      adds  33a6a42   version bump
      adds  6d33037   v1.030099_002
      adds  e23f55d   this is what you get when dzil dies during release
      adds  a4672d2   missed the changelog entry for _002. oh well
      adds  783b869   doc tweaks
      adds  bb252f2   add namespace to check_authentication signature 
verification calls to fix stateless mode against strict OPs
      adds  1e8132e   v1.030099_003
      adds  3eec3e9   add link to group as homepage
      adds  b2efd27   example cgi
      adds  03b7c62   include lwp
      adds  e2de64c   added missing error messages
      adds  beab287   error messages sorted and intended
      adds  ad03b84   v1.030099_004
      adds  aa0bac4   use proper json and uri escapers
      adds  2619f85   v1.030099_005
      adds  386d11b   depend on json
      adds  1a44c29   move use statements inside the package
      adds  5fe0585   improve <head> extraction to ignore comments and CDATA
      adds  f0315ec   improve <link|meta> parsing for _find_semantic_info + 
      adds  732aa88   correctly handle setup_needed if setup_url is missing in 
      adds  4ccac65   fix handling of sreg extension under 2.0
      adds  3f156e0   handle version 2.0 associations and all 
session/association types
      adds  2106ca8   introduce consumer->assoc_options
      adds  f6aeba4   typo
      adds  f527aba   Improved/fixed error message texts, moved to global 
      adds  24be4c3   Avoid eq vs. uninitialized warning
      adds  46d9185   pod fix -- close #65481
      adds  c1d6f12   fix handle_server_response unknown callback error message 
-- close #58368
      adds  c89aee4   documentation changes re setup_needed() and 
      adds  9dd3f29   fix minimum_version confusion
      adds  8fc7973   replace _message_mode with _message_mode_is
      adds  167d741   handle 2.0 provider 'error' mode responses
      adds  ade6ea7   introduce 'setup_needed' callback to replace 
'setup_required' callback
      adds  5b2736f   whitespace
      adds  6ef914f   update Changes
      adds  5905306   edit Changes
      adds  d280b96   dist.ini changes
      adds  a4b5dc0   v1.030099_006
      adds  166b3f9   add handle_server_response bad callback tests
      adds  7b09fb8   Fix check_authentication under OpenID 2.0 -- close #63460
      adds  c3ac800   rearrange bogus html parsing code, cache semantic info 
rather than document
      adds  1e4eb3d   fix uninit warning in FakeFetch
      adds  0a89aaa   use HTML::Parser -- close #24357
      adds  9d32bbe   Moved HTML parsing routines to Net::OpenID::Common
      adds  ff75d63   update Changes and highlight API changes
      adds  7f1f914   added setup_required deprecation warning
      adds  3dd654e   Added INSTALL and README
      adds  bed83b5   v1.100099_001
      adds  6cde11a   Prevent eq vs. uninitialized warning in 
      adds  50f1f73   'server' -> 'provider' comment tweaks
      adds  d58cfa2   pod reorder method descriptions
      adds  abdc8cd   pod subdivide method section
      adds  f3fdb9c   pod miscellaneous cleanups/typos/reformats
      adds  c510f64   pod consumer_secret redo explanation to include CSRF 
      adds  ff27674   clean up sort criterion in 
      adds  115ff26   introduce _hashgetset; prep for adding nonce_options
      adds  1ee83ba   implement response_nonce checking
      adds  f0256e2   v1.100099_002
      adds  fee8168   yes, there were more Changes
      adds  1233ce7   new repository URL
      adds  661be9d   use message_version >= 2 not message_version == 2
      adds  b01684c   factor out _canonicalize_id_url
      adds  0ff05db   remove _canonicalize_id_url call from 
      adds  fd86901   fix openID 2.0 directed identity endpoints causing 1.1 
verified_identities to fail
      adds  c23c366   move endpoint->uri == server check earlier
      adds  99b6617   pod fix synopsis and other cleanups
      adds  8578d1b   add ROBN and WROG as authors
      adds  f1fd673   fix blankness of VerifiedIdentity->signed_fields
      adds  85335aa   pod added section on error codes
      adds  71e7bb7   added missing Error_text
      adds  357465c   update Changes, flesh out previous major Changes
      adds  2185810   v1.11
      adds  042f305   bump required Net-OpenID-Common version to 1.13
      adds  1fa6838   v1.12
      adds  d659208   dist.ini files
      adds  279f5ec   fix copyrignt and old reference
      adds  9ce2e4c   added POD section on protocol conformance, fixed links
      adds  46c4121   v1.13
      adds  9ac588b   Fix typo in comment.
      adds  e42acfb   Merge pull request #1 from pjcj/patch-1
      adds  c392be3   Fix uri_escape'ing of UTF-8 attributes
      adds  b9fde58   fix uninit warning if assoc_handle is missing
      adds  c8746e8   make t/99 not rely on utf8 source
      adds  87bfae3   docfix: expose protocol_version, has_ext, and get_ext on 
      adds  2c55161   docfix: update consumer.cgi example to conform to current 
API (closes #74101)
      adds  a7d32d3   v1.14
      adds  bfbd5dd   v1.14
      adds  e343ef7   more tests
      adds  6b155db   Require Net-OpenID-Common 1.18 (closes #88460)
      adds  4720200   v1.15
      adds  16f4127   typo fix
      adds  29a0959   typo fixes
      adds  dc1bf87   Merge pull request #3 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  9564da9   Require Net-OpenID-Common 1.19 (closes #90547)
      adds  0f1a90e   v1.16
      adds  b8c2ddf   explictly require CGI
      adds  bd4faff   Merge pull request #5 from lnussel/cgi
      adds  541ef12   v1.17
      adds  50a3a72   Imported Upstream version 1.17
       new  4d1ccf5   Merge tag 'upstream/1.17'
       new  cb9bb83   Update debian/changelog
       new  2da3781   remove boilerplate comments from debian/watch
       new  3d71592   debian/rules: drop override_dh_clean.
       new  f6ef3d3   git mv debian/examples 
       new  7fee57d   Bump versioned (build) dependency on 
libnet-openid-common-perl to 1.19.
       new  4a4ea28   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.7.
       new  af48387   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  392c380   sort deps
       new  f9cd523   update changelog / add WAITS-FOR

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |  6 +++
 LICENSE                                            |  2 +-
 MANIFEST                                           |  1 +
 META.json                                          | 12 ++++--
 META.yml                                           | 29 +++++++-------
 Makefile.PL                                        | 44 +++++++++++++---------
 debian/changelog                                   | 15 +++++++-
 debian/compat                                      |  2 +-
 debian/control                                     | 18 ++++-----
 ...amples => libnet-openid-consumer-perl.examples} |  0
 debian/rules                                       |  5 ---
 debian/watch                                       |  1 -
 lib/Net/OpenID/                      |  6 +--
 lib/Net/OpenID/                  |  6 +--
 lib/Net/OpenID/                         |  7 +---
 lib/Net/OpenID/                 |  6 +--
 t/release-pod-syntax.t                             |  5 +--
 17 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)
 rename debian/{examples => libnet-openid-consumer-perl.examples} (100%)

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