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gregoa pushed a commit to annotated tag v1.11
in repository libnet-openid-common-perl.

commit 0c9d9463e52de46520f2140b166a5e810c7d3a4d
Author: Roger Crew <>
Date:   Sat Oct 22 14:01:25 2011 -0700

 lib/Net/OpenID/ | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/Net/OpenID/ 
index 6849287..37e7bf8 100644
--- a/lib/Net/OpenID/
+++ b/lib/Net/OpenID/
@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ Net::OpenID::IndirectMessage - Class representing a 
collection of namespaced arg
 This class acts as an abstraction layer over a collection of flat URL arguments
 which supports namespaces as defined by the OpenID Auth 2.0 specification.
-It also recognises when its is given OpenID 1.1 non-namespaced arguments and
+It also recognises when it is given OpenID 1.1 non-namespaced arguments and
 acts as if the relevant namespaces were present. In this case, it only
 supports the basic OpenID 1.1 arguments and the extension arguments
 for Simple Registration.
@@ -228,26 +228,26 @@ module will do the right thing automatically.
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
     use Net::OpenID::IndirectMessage;
     # Pass in something suitable for the underlying flat dictionary.
     # Will return an instance if the request arguments can be understood
     # as a supported OpenID Message format.
     # Will return undef if this doesn't seem to be an OpenID Auth message.
     # Will croak if the $argumenty_thing is not of a suitable type.
     my $args = Net::OpenID::IndirectMessage->new($argumenty_thing);
     # Determine which protocol version the message is using.
     # Currently this can be either 1 for 1.1 or 2 for 2.0.
     # Expect larger numbers for other versions in future.
     # Most callers don't really need to care about this.
     my $version = $args->protocol_version();
     # Get a core argument value ("openid.mode")
     my $mode = $args->get("mode");
     # Get an extension argument value
     my $nickname = $args->get_ext("";, 
     # Get hashref of all arguments in a given namespace
     my $sreg = $args->get_ext("";);

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