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gregoa pushed a commit to annotated tag v1.15
in repository libnet-openid-common-perl.

commit af2933b3880fc3f3523f3469d1e2cd5a605d7eb2
Author: Roger Crew <>
Date:   Sat Mar 30 17:01:13 2013 -0700

    docfix: expose protocol_version, has_ext, and get_ext on IndirectMessage
 lib/Net/OpenID/ | 14 ++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lib/Net/OpenID/ 
index 37cff29..1af63b3 100644
--- a/lib/Net/OpenID/
+++ b/lib/Net/OpenID/
@@ -298,3 +298,17 @@ For the other kinds of objects, this module will do the 
right thing automaticall
 Most of the time callers won't need to use this class directly, but will 
 access it through a L<Net::OpenID::Consumer> instance.
+=head1 METHODS
+=item B<protocol_version>
+Currently returns 1 or 2, according as this is an OpenID 1.0/1.1 or an OpenID 
2.0 message.
+=item B<has_ext>
+Takes an extension namespace and returns true if the named extension is used 
in this message.
+=item B<get_ext>
+Takes an extension namespace and an optional parameter name, returns the 
parameter value,
+or if no parameter given, the parameter value.

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