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        at  d7ae9c1   (tag)
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  replaces  v0.011
 tagged by  Gregory Todd Williams
        on  Thu Feb 4 20:24:01 2016 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Attean 0.012.
Version: GnuPG v1
Comment: GPGTools -


Gregory Todd Williams (60):
      Improve regex escaping in t/algebra.t to silence warnings in perl 5.22.
      Pass prefix definitions from data and query parsing to results 
      Added Attean::API::TermOrVariable->apply_binding method.
      Fix algebra generation for describe queries in SPARQL parser.
      Add planning support for DESCRIBE queries (#45).
      Pass prefix definitions from data parsing to serialization.
      Update turtle serializer to consume Attean::API::AppendableSerializer.
      Include string values in token args for single-character tokens like 
      Added simple turtle escaping tests for parsing and serializing.
      Fixed AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL to maintain its URI::NamespaceMap on prefix 
      Added simple SPARQL parsing tests (#55).
      Add string value to A SPARQL and Turtle tokens.
      Added AtteanX::SPARQL::Token->as_string method, allowing attean_parse to 
output token streams.
      Added missing POD.
      Use /usr/bin/env to run perl scripts instead of hard-coding /usr/bin/perl.
      Use Test::Modern.
      Preserve in-scope variables in result iterators.
      Fix bugs in and add tests for SPARQL CSV and TSV serializers.
      Fix sparql_tokens generation for integer and datatyped literals.
      Remove unused SPARQL serialization code handling ANON tokens.
      Serialize SPARQL/XML bindings in a stable order.
      Add tests for SPARQL serialization of language and datatype literals.
      Fix Attean::CodeIterator type checking to handle non-blessed items 
      Fix AtteanX::Parser::RDFXML to properly use caller-supplied base IRI.
      Added developer tests for W3C RDF/XML test files.
      Improve code coverage of tests.
      Fix test expectations broken by 9ab24fc in t/parser-sparql.t.
      Added tests for SPARQL HTML and XML serializers.
      Remove use of RDF::Trine in xt/dawg11.t.
      Change required version of perl to 5.14 in bin/attean_query.
      Update SPARQL parser to die on unimplemented Update syntax.
      Updated prerequisites in Makefile.PL and .travis.yml.
      Improved triple model classes to allow adding and droping triple store 
      Improve turtle serialization tests.
      Merge code paths for canonical NTriples serializer.
      Added remove_quads tests for memory store.
      Merge pull request #59 from kjetilk/feature-simplify
      Improve code coverage in parser and serializer tests.
      Remove unused code.
      Add test coverage for Attean::IteratorSequence.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add type checking to store get_triples and get_quads methods to prevent 
calling with a single pattern object (#61).
      Add test coverage for SPARQL extension function parsing.
      Merge pull request #62 from kjetilk/feature-variables-test
      Avoid attempting to parse empty XML documents when passed in as a scalar 
      Don't open RDF/XML files with :encoding(UTF-8).
      Merge branch 'store_type_checks'
      Merged AbbreviatingSerializer tests into t/serializer-sparqlhtml.t (#63).
      Updated MANIFEST.
      Merge pull request #64 from kjetilk/feature-more-logging
      Added File::Slurp to Makefile.PL.
      Fixed typo on shebang line for attean_parse.
      Fix bug in Attean::Plan::Aggregate handling of COUNT(*) queries.
      Improve error reporting for unexpected EOF in AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL.
      Merge pull request #65 from kjetilk/feature-croak-on-patterns
      Changed build_requires to test_requires in Makefile.PL.
      Fixed type checks performed when ATTEAN_TYPECHECK is set.
      Die on attempts to add non-ground triples/quads to stores (#66).
      Fixed Attean::Algebra::Table to consume Attean::API::NullaryQueryTree 
instead of Attean::API::UnaryQueryTree.
      Updated VERSION and docs for 0.012 release.

Kjetil Kjernsmo (7):
      If the costs are 0, the sum will be just one side, so this should simplify
      Add some variables in the count_triples test for #61
      Add some debugging to the rewriter
      Log if model does not provide plans
      failing tests for when Attean::Triple gets a variable
      implement throwing an error when triple gets passed a variable
      Fix the instances of triple misuse

Varadinsky (2):
      Return HTML link instead of plain IRI #54
      Update plain IRIs to HTML links in tests #54

Zoran Varadinsky (2):
      Update SPARQLHTML serializer to return HTML links for IRIs #54
      Add tests for issue: #54


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