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in repository libtk-pod-perl.

      from  350df5d   update changelog
       new  842f698   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  ac05757   Update debian/changelog
      adds  15855ef   initial import of Tk-Pod 0.04 from CPAN
      adds  aa15902   import Tk-Pod 0.0401 from CPAN
      adds  ee6a481   import Tk-Pod 0.06 from CPAN
      adds  d676791   import Tk-Pod 0.07 from CPAN
      adds  ea071af   import Tk-Pod 0.08 from CPAN
      adds  4f09872   import Tk-Pod 0.09 from CPAN
      adds  f6f8f7d   import Tk-Pod 0.10 from CPAN
      adds  6a3b191   import Tk-Pod 0.11 from CPAN
      adds  15d4b0b   Initial revision
      adds  4fe57bf   * This files were not part of the RCS repo; removed it to 
make merging possible
      adds  3e1b73e   added files
      adds  56999b3   version update
      adds  b2fe5c9   use messageBox instead of BackTrace
      adds  02895c4   require Tk 800 (because of messageBox)
      adds  9a8e3a0   -tree option and usage of Tk::Pod::Tree new menu entry 
History: Back, Forward and View Alt-Left/Right bindings using getOpenFile 
instead of FileSelect
      adds  9ee3696   updated
      adds  ee4efcc   Option -tree/-notree some MSWin32 compat
      adds  a222b2a   better history support: forward/backward/view history 
using messageBox instead of BackTrace internal links and middle button work now 
using Tk::Parse::Escapes instead of private translate hash change cursor on 
links remove X<...> from section menu entries
      adds  080c201   new mail address
      adds  90e149e   Initial revision
      adds  4b1a531   bugfix in Dir sub
      adds  24fe0f0   install directives features section (instead of changes 
since Tk402) changes email address moves history to Changes file
      adds  86e8918   current maintainer
      adds  b782e91   changes scrollbar location on MSWin32
      adds  42d8d99   added Forward Edit now used ptked
      adds  3633f2f   0.12
      adds  4a340b7   new editor defaults: XEDTIOR, then ptked
      adds  0b6e7de   documented -tree option
      adds  c391b92   cache %pods
      adds  b0300c7   removed -f from dist-gzip
      adds  0ada73c   using itemstyles for coloring core/site modules 
      adds  44790c8   new -showcommand2 using different bindings
      adds  3d8bbc8   POD completed
      adds  05cb1b5   using Pod::Hyperlink for link processing 
EnterLink/LeaveLink methods using POSIX module instead of File::Temp (which is 
not standard) history works for internal links
      adds  c42553e   moved to version 1.00 - too many changes
      adds  74290b3   removed spaces increased version to be higher than the 
CPAN version
      adds  232c6b7   DoubleClick/ShiftDoubleClick: works with modules 
containing "::" calling WWWBroser on hyperlinks
      adds  b48db8b   new method is_site_module another exception for type()
      adds  d7525cd   use SeePath rewritten edit code (test for existing 
terminal) use -helpcommand of More
      adds  8423fd7   changed colors new SeePath method click on indicator does 
not call -showcommand
      adds  17ca4ae   more/corrected key bindings: ?, g, h, d, u better search: 
always go to next/prev window -helpcommand method incremented version to avoid 
clash with CPAN
      adds  077a5a3   now using new menu method help method
      adds  fb87e4a   more bindings for listbox
      adds  6e9bf84   final (hopefully) scrolling and searching cleanup 
prepared for Tk::HistEntry updated POD
      adds  5e600f1   version 0.99
      adds  b9912e5   podtree test included
      adds  9e777f8   fall back to 0.99_01 version
      adds  1f826d6   break long menus bugfixes
      adds  d5f18ce   Key bindings section
      adds  3cff030   update
      adds  1c8bff4   reordered options
      adds  c0a273d   POD moved cache code from PodTree
      adds  7bcd366   moved cache code to FindPods
      adds  9687b4e   real menu binding fallback if Pod::ParseUtils is not 
available Escape bind for FullText window minor bugfixes
      adds  706be42   long menus...
      adds  42d5736   on Windows, the Section menu is now also between History 
and Help
      adds  937b937   bugfix for Windows commented out blib
      adds  6560ee8   MSWin32 and 5.005 fixes
      adds  999f547   Reload menu
      adds  98d7008   0.99_02
      adds  6a10b84   -command callback: also supply -searchterm working 
      adds  5d67dc5   more options for SearchText: -searchterm, -direction, 
-quiet,     -onlymatch ShowMatch option: -firsttime as hash instead of scalar
      adds  1f2c7f7   use -menuitems additional Text menu entries using new 
PodSearch and More extensions
      adds  b2e2640   VERSION increment
      adds  d13462e   0.99_03
      adds  d96757c   kill running process (seams to work so la la)
      adds  b0f91e0   using better is_interactive function
      adds  9fd7673   version bump
      adds  70e624e   now have a real -tree option new menu entry: View/POD 
Tree no auto-delegation to podtext (because of problems with pack and place!)
      adds  9e19056   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3fe7669   no args and no tree: show perl manpage -tree is now NOT 
      adds  2ef9b2b   add_cpan, module_location
      adds  e288dfa   use _PodEntry structure better style definition Search 
menu entry, dialog and method cpan method (show CPAN modules!) Filled method 
(is this tree already filled?)
      adds  2a5d258   0.99_04
      adds  1e69bb3   prefix changed for ActivePerl (suggestion by Martin Raspe 
      adds  9a04a02   Martin Raspe: > There's another problem I discovered. 
Under Activeperl the variable > $Config::Config{man1dir} seems to be empty, so 
the indices are installed > and searched for in the root directory of the 
current drive (normally > "C:\"). If you happen to be on a CD-ROM in "D:\", for 
example, then > indices can neither be found nor installed. Therefore I'd 
propose > another addition: [...]
      adds  31425b9   openpod method and "Set Pod" menu entry
      adds  5255228   0.99_06
      adds  004c860   release postamble
      adds  31cc821   Double-2 same as Shift-Double-1
      adds  85ce0df   800.014 compatibility
      adds  05dc989   Noops for some Alt/Meta keys
      adds  f879e5a   focus on Text window
      adds  27ba88f   0.99_06
      adds  ccda03b   added about menu entry
      adds  80e487a   cygwin compatibility
      adds  6b770c3   version bump
      adds  9fa8a07   0.99_07
      adds  6507777   update
      adds  942fc9a   bugfix by John Cerney
      adds  e25cf67   bugfix by John Cerney show messagebox if no terminal 
avaiable for edit
      adds  74a47e9   pod addition
      adds  aa81144   fixed typo (?) in head1 minor wording fixes
      adds  1abb165   0.99_08
      adds  2dbb489   filetypes now with "POD containing files"
      adds  22a7c35   newwindow menu entry
      adds  8feff83   SeePath only if tree is filled nicer search dialog
      adds  27693ad   introduced server code from ptked
      adds  6c0fc3f   changed cache file to use archname instead of $^O
      adds  f88f4dd   -s
      adds  a1f1273   new BUGS section changed Exit callback
      adds  97cafca   -s is now implemented
      adds  ed53386   document -s focusNext not needed (called in 
Tk::Pod::Text) separate creation of Pod widget and configuring -file
      adds  2d0d17b   focus separate creation of Pod widget and configuring 
-file filename method: set title only if toplevel is a Tk::Pod
      adds  583f86e   TODO update
      adds  1cd3639   $num is not used --- removed history window is transient 
      adds  c8f2d73   new binding for Escape (SearchTextEscape) hack in 
ShowMatch, so n/p work also if a new file was loaded
      adds  68a64ad   title and Popup for openpod Adjuster fix
      adds  b4b90d7   shebang fix
      adds  578fa74   additional error message in findpod
      adds  646d3b7   new section "Tree view"
      adds  0e29306   0.99_08 last changes
      adds  bce21f3   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3a4d9f4   Double-1 => 1 for consistency
      adds  2a16d3c   comment...
      adds  2435b5d   merge with changes by SBURKE (verbose about, missing 
-title, small POD    change)
      adds  f8911fe   updated to use bbbike's MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  98a61f3   new files by SBURKE
      adds  ea1e0cc   Initial revision
      adds  03691a8   merge with changes by SBURKE
      adds  b46ca59   removed Tk::Parse findpod now returns an absolute path, 
if possible changed TKPODPRINT to accept %s placeholders documented ENVIRONMENT 
updated SEE ALSO section and test section
      adds  88d2a4a   Pod::Simple is now PREREQ
      adds  ffe82df   changed dist rule
      adds  4322871   0.99_10
      adds  0318363   update only every 0.5 seconds
      adds  4ce03da   init_styles: get default font size
      adds  b4aa235   removed a lot of items
      adds  f2c2f55   Benchmark times printed if in DEBUG mode 
      adds  74da238   menu entries for zoom_normal/in/out
      adds  a0cff4c   adjust_font_size for zoom_normal/in/out
      adds  e343792   removed Tk::Parse reference in POD
      adds  dd2cbf0   call init_styles
      adds  80752a6   0.99_11
      adds  58c72be   Initial revision
      adds  9f9f56a   0.99_12
      adds  53b355c   Tk::Pod::Cache problems
      adds  ce1135b   DEBUG print => DEBUG warn
      adds  d470a3d   new method clear_cache
      adds  1af1717   DEBUG print => DEBUG warn using Tk::Pod::Cache methods 
history: accept also <Return>
      adds  ff00c83   prevent Left/Right from capturing Alt-Left/Right
      adds  b0336b5   new menu entry History => Clear cache accept also Meta- 
along to Alt-
      adds  448339f   0.99_12
      adds  a7b0d68   new env var: TKPODEDITOR
      adds  e9dce6b   0.99_13
      adds  5b11d0e   missing Pod/
      adds  7a3ee51   additional Cancel button for "Set POD"
      adds  3840592   removed warning for 800.003
      adds  b17d301   min Tk version is now 800.004
      adds  5bcf736   new options -d, -I and -Mblib, also long option for -s 
(-server) updated documentation
      adds  5fe3bb8   retain current value of @POD in BEGIN{}
      adds  f82a320   version
      adds  54168d2   changed email address
      adds  1979f04   => 0.9914
      adds  1bf5809   Test for C<< >> in POD
      adds  bded71a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6c3e116   Initial revision
      adds  dfdde9d   use Tk::HistEntry if possible
      adds  9fbf8d6   version inc new prereq changed release rule dependency
      adds  e60ad54   0.9915
      adds  1faddb0   DIRECTION is set by default to Next
      adds  9acc63e   preserver search term in new windows
      adds  6a61888   switching tree view on causes SeePath to be called pod 
      adds  d0f2c6a   mentioned TKPODEDITOR variable
      adds  f3184fa   new <Double-2> binding fix for is_in_path
      adds  bffa58c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5f07723   Initial revision
      adds  984ddc0   new cmdline test
      adds  98c078d   warning fix
      adds  fc87adf   -Ilib not available anymore do not use bundling because I 
don't want to use -- instead of - moved GetOptions call after MainWindow 
creation, so Tk options are    handled without complaints server_cleanup on 
TERM signal
      adds  7c5e4c6   -Mblib STDERR redirected
      adds  fc9cb88   workaround for Pod/Win32.pod there are two perllocal.pod: 
in lib and in site
      adds  386b971   slight POD changes
      adds  dc0ae7c   Debugging SeePath is now MSWin32-capable
      adds  474d775   0.9916
      adds  ea1ea9a   Initial revision
      adds  e4491b1   exportable
      adds  4887590   moved some helper functions to Tk::Pod::Util bugfix in 
Link new: Link_url and Link_man
      adds  5109ffd   detect_window_manager, get_property
      adds  cf62fe1   *** empty log message ***
      adds  04cc645   special cygwin handling for Link_url
      adds  0518ed8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2c88255   another exception in type
      adds  5af8ec5   also check $Config{scriptdir}
      adds  380879e   new category: Scripts
      adds  89165bc   0.9916
      adds  ef42d40   keyboard selection with Return or Space now works
      adds  076bb16   POD: OPTIONS section
      adds  6be4b99   new -exitbutton option more POD: OPTIONS
      adds  6ce2c0a   -exitbutton
      adds  9523298   removed dubious "next"
      adds  c74a0e4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  63a83a8   hide AnyDBM_File package from indexer
      adds  133d060   no eval for TKPODDEBUG
      adds  2b64417   no eval for TKPODDEBUG propagate -exitbutton
      adds  5e076a8   propagate -exitbutton new "New window" button in Set POD
      adds  9a2bc7a   0.9917
      adds  47b025c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0cb12e8   POD => Pod
      adds  41c3f9f   now object oriented
      adds  362ce40   change for object-oriented Tk::Pod::FindPods support for 
"local dir"
      adds  80e66f8   old option: -I
      adds  449a2db   pod-ified
      adds  eac942a   bugfix: Filled condition in SeePath is necessary!
      adds  95f7dcc   no more FcyEntry
      adds  94546a8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ba264bb   Changed Home, End, Prior and Next callbacks
      adds  1302767   delete_from_cache pseudo POD
      adds  1997a50   file method: restore old file on error
      adds  524b492   openpod with history
      adds  70b6cf5   another non-pragma: lwptut
      adds  ea70978   CPAN modules warning
      adds  5cad6c4   MouseWheel support
      adds  09efbc9   0.9918
      adds  596a823   turn off debugging
      adds  0163f0e   search history
      adds  a24c26e   $history => $openpod_history
      adds  d1ac92b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2b40293   ::Tree ideas
      adds  e949622   added accelerators for Zoom in and out
      adds  34f8224   version bump
      adds  f1915d7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4622420   introduced TKPODDIRS missing env variables now in Pod
      adds  b125563   0.9919
      adds  883b6c7   make WidgetDump optional
      adds  16117ce   more diagnostics in about
      adds  4b941b1   workaround for reload bug, only visible on RedHat 8.0
      adds  4dc810c   $DIST_VERSION
      adds  3d85b5a   MouseWheel support is already in Tk800.025
      adds  0fcf93a   provide $VERSION
      adds  ebc2451   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2d6c9ad   0.9920
      adds  cb1d41a   removed tkpod.t test => no more interactive tests
      adds  fb94450   make demo
      adds  4b90aa8   make demo typos and stylos
      adds  17c3d5e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9542707   local dir_s_
      adds  d48d19f   0.9921
      adds  2066226   new feature: SearchFAQ
      adds  ea0ff69   fixed some bugs
      adds  6a3df2d   fix of style mess bug (?)
      adds  0834afb   clear_cache on font resizing
      adds  3347dc6   fixed cache logic in pod_find use DEBUG
      adds  3fce6e1   isearch
      adds  bbe67e7   0.9922
      adds  8d1fcec   CVS rules
      adds  e0560e9   0.9923
      adds  ec7a157   zoom_in <=> zoom_out Print with or without ...
      adds  5cfd681   pod_find: usage of quotemeta
      adds  a0602fd   zoom_in <=> zoom_out delete temp files new: PrintHasDialog
      adds  56f1b41   removed experimental CPAN support
      adds  68d17d7   perlfunc functions in tree removed all references
      adds  2da1080   DIST VERSION
      adds  42aa9f0   edit now also for (temporary) function pods
      adds  4636549   moved admin/cvs stuff to include makefiles
      adds  81acb05   removed CVS_DIR
      adds  54b1910   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5ec61b5   missing \Q ... \E
      adds  e3a4097   $DIST_VERSION
      adds  518e9f1   0.9924
      adds  9b91865   -usecache is disabled in some cases
      adds  c7132cf   fix for test error
      adds  e37bf58   replaced glob with opendir/readdir/closedir, but...
      adds  e2980ea   comments about guess_architectures
      adds  d60517f   0.9925
      adds  c55d852   ups...
      adds  5d1c506   Initial revision
      adds  0c492ea   new: t/pods.t
      adds  d86be11   0.9926
      adds  ac0b340   changed file extension order in Find
      adds  c45ae8a   Update
      adds  03e932e   Pod_Text/Tree_Widget/Module definitions for overriding 
new accelerators in File menu warning fix use histentry in FAQ search
      adds  b6736ed   more 0.9926 changes
      adds  c0664be   another check for postamble
      adds  f00fb4a   layout change for =item
      adds  7da2615   fix for zoom +/- on Tk804 systems More can be replaced 
use mozilla instead of netscape
      adds  10ba4c9   itemstyle: also set -selectbackground
      adds  07b8110   history is persistent
      adds  25727ff   *** empty log message ***
      adds  0ac2e91   subclass.t was missing
      adds  f83df68   update
      adds  8ec47a0   Initial revision
      adds  550daf0   experimental -compound support
      adds  2a01428   new: _history_navigation_update minor history fixes
      adds  3f0483e   Debug mode: new WidgetDump menu entry
      adds  d58067a   error dialog if perlindex is not installed/run
      adds  d2eb1c0   better handling of parameter-less start
      adds  fae9232   more Pod tests Pod fix
      adds  d307183   slightly better handling of pod_end_item* events
      adds  f217ddf   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3467a04   experiment: InternalManViewer
      adds  f6052fb   InternalManViewer experiment: now usable
      adds  e22749e   TKPODMANVIEWER used and documented
      adds  398e755   0.9927
      adds  eb4c436   tkmore ...
      adds  13f49fd   App::Reloader ConfigSpecs changes documentation in 
openpod support for -q in openpod more information in about
      adds  c09708e   tkmore
      adds  ef224e6   Initial revision
      adds  6568df9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  70063c6   Pod additions ConfigSpecs changes Load method
      adds  e9df988   reloader support changed background color
      adds  6ac6b5b   follow directories
      adds  106f6ea   set focus and selecion on result listbox
      adds  5045f66   busy on toplevel
      adds  306adb3   0.9928
      adds  13e5da1   some refactoring
      adds  b98e7d0   accept -q and -f options
      adds  50e1b26   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f2eecf4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1582819   windows fixes
      adds  8d8754b   full search extension
      adds  bf324d7   META.yml
      adds  788ee9e   Initial revision
      adds  61fe201   0.9928
      adds  7409e22   *** empty log message ***
      adds  be0b592   restrict full text search
      adds  259c493   GetCurrentPodPath for restrict full text search
      adds  604dd84   new: GetCurrentPodPath
      adds  266ee09   *** empty log message ***
      adds  25fe244   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f1fab04   0.9929
      adds  a4c4d9c   fixes in edit()
      adds  f3b612b   About is now a ROText (and copy'able)
      adds  7cb3b99   ups, ptked was not in background...
      adds  72ac3b7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  35d4533   new: clone and zoom* methods
      adds  81251cc   more options Pod
      adds  2e70635   init_styles: set standard font size only if not already 
      adds  a651552   basefontsize method TKPODEDITOR also on MSWin32 some 
wordings changes
      adds  d407ebf   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c389ee2   deleted old code, cosmetic changes
      adds  eeddfa1   another Env link
      adds  18601ac   implemented TKPODCACHE
      adds  0798f90   pack fix
      adds  8c82763   font fixes
      adds  23a9a30   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a1dce62   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3123e26   new version
      adds  8c34a64   patch by Alexey for vendor_perl and empty dir problem
      adds  3351453   preserve orig_state
      adds  16d9d6d   compound hack for Tk800
      adds  b71eb75   0.9931
      adds  f073fc9   mention Tk::ToolBar
      adds  768f947   META.yml check
      adds  fd91ee9   META.yml hand-added now
      adds  8bfc2dc   correct version license new recommendation
      adds  e33d983   ups
      adds  cf7564a   bugfix for using Tk::Pod without Tk::ToolBar
      adds  8ff3199   0.9932
      adds  c7ec4fe   0.9932 added resources
      adds  d846de9   NO_META
      adds  182f6ff   Initial revision
      adds  f7a280d   added optionalmods test
      adds  a198078   *** empty log message ***
      adds  973579e   YAML not required for building on devel host (helps in 
      adds  212d1e9   5.00503 compatibility
      adds  c17fe63   comments for installation required versions (perl and Tk)
      adds  76000ee   0.9933
      adds  affd42d   external pod viewers
      adds  23196fb   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a3de866   font_* methods, overrideable
      adds  52d7753   get start_browser from
      adds  c31914d   start_browser
      adds  4c16527   moved to Test::More xrm test
      adds  7f0bd98   -scrollbars Pod clarification
      adds  6fad72a   -geometry!
      adds  35f709d   Print keybinding added competitors to SEE ALSO
      adds  19f7c19   better link for use URI::Escape if 
      adds  8cbaee8   Print keybinding
      adds  e0e90da   new option: -filedialog
      adds  08a63f2   in debug mode: added ptksh menu item
      adds  65e5227   ptksh
      adds  b85141c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8e73908   Exit: ctrl-q accelerator
      adds  ff79c35   increase $maxhits
      adds  99d4ea0   corrected wrong link
      adds  6ae1983   POSIX diagnostics
      adds  f853c0c   title for context menu
      adds  31db46a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b144555   demo rule: use tkpod from blib
      adds  d6a94f2   more tests: * the same file and directory case * testing 
tkpod itself
      adds  3ddb8a2   findpod now has a -quiet option
      adds  cf82756   use a directory only as a directory, if there's no 
conflict with an existing pod name (using findpod to check this)
      adds  2ce2f5c   last fix in Changes
      adds  463ddb2   minor fix in Pod
      adds  bbd363b   Test::Without::Module 0.09 seems to be broken, see
      adds  9436f06   Tk::Tree 4.7 needed with Tk::Tree 4.6
      adds  1df46ae   new text tag start_line_... for recording line numbers of 
original Pod
      adds  27733cf   experimental: limited line number support when using 
"Edit Pod" popup     menu item (for now only for emacsclient) for this, needed 
patched PostPopupMenu (recording X/Y positions) minor wording change for 
non-deletion of temporary files Pod test: show a codepoint>255 character
      adds  541733b   more 0.9933 changes
      adds  9ae2a62   added
      adds  4f3bf48   test_via_harness: use check_display_harness
      adds  54a448f   Initial revision
      adds  60354b1   fix for MacOSX
      adds  ae8c263   adjusted copyright year
      adds  9b694ba   prefer Devel::Hide over Test::Without::Module
      adds  c71a046   inc'd $DIST_VERSION
      adds  3194dbe   0.9934
      adds  a031aa7   0.9934 set LICENSE
      adds  325e711   minor Pod changes (links, maintainer's name)
      adds  bbf63e6   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1654898   Pod encoding
      adds  5b286cc   debian fix Pod encoding
      adds  85bfd2a   increased version validates META 1.3
      adds  66d66c0   generated_by: author's name is preferred
      adds  a4f412c   added repository resource
      adds  0bb1f95   nicer output for duplicate modules (with footer and more 
formatted to     avoid overflow lines)
      adds  123d3e1   0.9935
      adds  cb7abc0   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1767de2   better diagnostics in findpod (show @POD)
      adds  4972561   missing "use" (spotted by Torsten Foertsch) 
Tk::App::Debug loading moved near to Tk::App::Reloader
      adds  eead375   BATCH mode now works new option -nobatch new ENV tests 
clear ENV before normal tests fixed on-the-fly Pods faster test (0.1 -> 0.05)
      adds  af6c3a9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e0fc8c3   font: fixedFont/FixedFont used for Name/Class 
documentation for OPTIONS
      adds  4536ff4   no -font default setting, now done in widget itself
      adds  0b54543   testing tkmore
      adds  0824773   testing without -font and without scrollbars
      adds  77563d8   0.9936
      adds  a4d5fd7   horiz scrollbar problem
      adds  4870a46   runs again with 5.005_05
      adds  da5f4eb   t/cmdline.t
      adds  98944a4   increased version
      adds  1df8895   fullsearch changes
      adds  52b62bc   * listbox with courier font * new OK button * use minimal 
space between module name and path
      adds  055287c   * tests for PodSearch and PodTree
      adds  4861791   * fulltext search dialog cleanup done, kind of
      adds  839df62   * removed the   suggestion, as perl.pod 
itself is sliced in sections, though fewer   than proposed in this perlmonks 
      adds  d5d0e45   * File::Spec was first released with perl 5.005
      adds  7654ea6   * use File::Spec, try to be OS independent (not yet 
tested under   Windows)
      adds  2b20149   * command line call again works
      adds  f28282c   * more for 0.9936
      adds  54e8ed5   * after Win32 session
      adds  badbe18   * make search window transient
      adds  f0011a1   * all transient windows now have Close buttons
      adds  be0bb05   * even better module directory/module name detection
      adds  3b3fa7c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  fb6ffa4   * new: _print_pod_unix, which is now using for darwin * messageBox now 
always called through _die/_error/_warn_dialog
      adds  828acad   new rule: update-WWWBrowser
      adds  6e22a11   WWWBrowser is now bundled
      adds  debce6f   * MacOSX printing
      adds  7791c8f   * WWWBrowser is now bundled * mention man page links
      adds  5e0f247   * update
      adds  0c13182   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c1cc3e8   * WWWBrowser -> Tk::Pod::WWWBrowser
      adds  36572e2   * checks for non-widget modules
      adds  b2d63fd   Initial revision
      adds  6a48ead   * inc'd version
      adds  613ac96   * make sure directories are search in reverse order * fix 
in $arch_re stripping * skip is_vendor_module check if no installvendor* defined
      adds  96d26f0   0.9937
      adds  e6d7a30   * 0.9937 * note about Pod warnings
      adds  9fc7367   * 0.9937
      adds  e5c0524   * warning fix
      adds  ca32466   * more Pod constructs to test
      adds  ca58fe3   * more todos/bugs
      adds  463396d   * changed accelerators in View menu
      adds  f2d1fad   * removed Launcher::WWW binding
      adds  f596ac5   * disabled whole "forward compatibility" block
      adds  cc13296   * removed unused shebang line * comment "DO NOT USE" line
      adds  8f9c11b   * fixed path delim regex in searchWords
      adds  53a373c   * validating META.yml
      adds  d344769   * skip tests if no display
      adds  6c9efa5   * update-WWWBrowser work
      adds  dbc064e   * update to newer (different Windows 
      adds  d02f99d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  97acca1   * inc'd version
      adds  064d7db   * fixed Pod error
      adds  110146f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  87f634e   * some adjustments for ActivePerl (pods subdirectory, 
activeperl* to   perl group) * special case a2p
      adds  978716d   added date
      adds  7635616   * 0.9939-tobe
      adds  8ef8895   * more recommendations
      adds  626db7b   * towards 0.9939
      adds  4cdfb6e   * new Reloader code * make sure ptksh may be started 
multiple times (code taken from   bbbike/tktimex)
      adds  e08314b   * path-related fix for some OSes
      adds  258d8f6   * upgrade
      adds  1080eba   * ups: tabs not allowed in YAML!
      adds  2612f39   0.9938_50
      adds  1e7b92c   * recommends -> optional_features
      adds  15f6464   * check_display_test_harness
      adds  96e372f   * VERSION
      adds  203f358   * added dynamic_config
      adds  ebfb6a6   * cpan . as preferred install method * more features * 
changed email address
      adds  81b2f42   * inc'd version
      adds  9936265   * Tk::Pod::Search_db may fail because Text::English is 
      adds  45d275f   * fix failure if Tk::HistEntry is not installed
      adds  f838393   _52
      adds  d09081d   * background tree building
      adds  dd60ae4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  983969a   0.9939
      adds  f69c0f4   * new: Copy Pod location
      adds  1b75fa1   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6069662   * inc'd version
      adds  6e557ac   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3e7cf47   * search as regexp
      adds  bda6105   * using the stemmed version for search_as_regexp
      adds  83b8941   * "stemmed" regexp
      adds  370b123   * update (cache to home directory, already implemented 
      adds  44a00f4   * version
      adds  46c3038   * new release
      adds  c1e2725   * search_as_regexp: also stem single search terms * 
@raw_hits has now a sensible complex data * $termhits support in results
      adds  9b2f974   * no more AnyDBM_File warnings * updated using current 
perlindex version * multi term support * prefer search results with more term 
      adds  26de56c   * <2> hack
      adds  9e66748   * 0.9939_51
      adds  0c33cd4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8769974   * 0.9939_52
      adds  5c8f7e0   * 0.9939_52 * comment for harness rule
      adds  f190044   * new: display_test
      adds  a0e1464   * use display_test * "skip:" -> "skip"
      adds  ee65f35   * better English (?)
      adds  7acb30a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  72121d9   * fix: optional_features is a map, not a sequence
      adds  2127499   * make sure META.yml is writable
      adds  f2c86ca   * use CORE::exit everywhere
      adds  0db8e63   * 0.9939_53
      adds  c7539df   * mentioned space/backspace bindings
      adds  0c535f7   * 0.9939_54
      adds  3160622   * inc'd version
      adds  ee9b9b5   * -forked
      adds  c21d656   * documentation update
      adds  ad104cc   * better highlightning of search matches
      adds  0b7e0e5   * added UpdateLabel
      adds  810a799   * background scanning of .pm files
      adds  8b6234c   * new -version option
      adds  9e8dcf3   * 0.9939_55
      adds  4270052   * new method get_linenumber * View Source: scroll to 
current line
      adds  ccc751b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5fd30ee   * fix: displaying pod in tree again works ($FindPods and 
forking did   not work together, made $FindPods a local variable now)
      adds  546f9ae   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4d998be   * new -fillcb option for Fill
      adds  aa1ab22   * use the -fillcb option after creating tree
      adds  b84ba74   * new button for rebuilding the search index
      adds  40e1b12   *** empty log message ***
      adds  86b674a   * another heuristics for section finding: text at line 
beginnings * xsu/gksu support
      adds  b1bdb5c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1236678   * linked section samples
      adds  93ba7e1   * fix for
      adds  76ca21e   * towards 0.9939_55
      adds  9513ca6   * using home directory or my_data for tkpod cache 
      adds  24f1e91   * long-running test warning
      adds  d01d607   * TODO update
      adds  8a33d7d   * switched from Pod to org-mode
      adds  0831f7e   * create cache directory if necessary * cache directory 
documentation * updated copyright information * use entities instead of 
iso-8859-2 encoding for Pod
      adds  ba7354f   * use entities instead of iso-8859-2 encoding in Pod
      adds  9920b65   * inc'd version
      adds  e62d702   * preparing 0.9939_56
      adds  852a758   * better parser for DIST_VERSION
      adds  96c033f   * beware of display_test!
      adds  ba7c90d   * avoid creation of multiple MainWindows in test scripts, 
as this can   trigger segfaults or other errors (because of a bug in Tk)
      adds  554e5ae   * fix 
(cleanup of   $testdir was not possible)
      adds  11ff873   * inc'd version
      adds  e9a2a9b   * Control-n/p are never propagated to ROText bindings
      adds  17574b6   * added gzip support to tkmore (somewhat hackish)
      adds  cdb30c3   * another todo
      adds  98ef720   Initial revision
      adds  2af56b0   * added tkmore tests with -encoding and gzipped files
      adds  ae4fa3f   * tkmore: gzip and encoding layer do work well together
      adds  0687f1f   * fixed buggy SKIP file
      adds  1d6e1b4   * added .prove to skip file list
      adds  673a515   * regenerated MANIFEST
      adds  b40f377   * prepared 0.9939_58
      adds  e35328f   * added flags argument to mkdir (for 5.005 compat)
      adds  01cb02b   * sample page has now an URL with link text sample   see 
discussion in mailing list,   Message-ID: 
      adds  943870c   * reverted "Control-n/p are never propagated to ROText 
bindings",   because it caused a double dialog open in tkpod when using 
      adds  0345ed0   * experiment with boxed verbatim blocks (not enabled)
      adds  7a170da   * added support for geo: URIs
      adds  b5446b9   * WWWBrowser update (debian rule was wrong, a missing 1)
      adds  39b9ab0   * spelling fix
      adds  15381a9   * gitignore
      adds  3c9fd77   * skip .git files
      adds  3556fbc   * added another TODO
      adds  fad9b6b   * more gitignore
      adds  d7808bd   * META.yml: cvs -> git
      adds  f2fef50   * avoid "my ... if/unless"
      adds  83b32e1   * automatic meta spec generation
      adds  7faf7da   * no more need for static META.yml
      adds  13326fd   * more Makefile.PL cleanups regarding META.*
      adds  62c681a   * Changes towards 0.9939_59
      adds  07a65e9   * inc'd dist version
      adds  9194c83   * get rid of RCS keywords
      adds  b031741   * inc'd minimum EUMM version for dist builders (so a 
META.json is also   included)
      adds  0dcb846   * added geo: URL to test Pod
      adds  5822a5d   * again added DIST_VERSION check to Makefile.PL
      adds  bfb8c89   * 0.9940
      adds  23ed2b7   * updated to WWWBrowser 2.49
      adds  ac475f2   * prefer firefox over mozilla
      adds  149c7a8   fix grammar error
      adds  fac3ecf   * hack around bindtags to avoid multiple event calls in 
Tk::Pod and   Tk::Pod::Text/Tk::More/Tk::Text
      adds  d9fc3a2   * Control-U calls View Source
      adds  504363a   * add "_tkpod" to suffix of temporary filenames
      adds  c412871   * cleanup_tempfiles: get rid of zombies before doing 
existence check on   ghostscript/gv process
      adds  a3ac089   * changed emacs indent level from 1 to 4
      adds  285afb6   * refactoring: internal class _HistEntry is now 
implemented as a   normal perl class, without the help of Class::Struct
      adds  ec0b870   * show pod_title in history when it's available (after 
      adds  784aa31   * TODO update
      adds  510bdd1   * tree view: define colors for "script" and "local dirs"
      adds  432eb6a   * tkmore: new option -S
      adds  4682b62   * Tk::Pod::Tree: zombie reaping in forked Fill() call
      adds  0fa0fa4   * FindPods: ignore vcs directories (.git, .svn...) and 
blib directory
      adds  db4f73b   * optional dependencies URI::Escape and Devel::Hide
      adds  9a8d0ee   * use the current perl's perlindex program
      adds  d371e38   * version inc and Changes update
      adds  a5d02e2   * added menu item with link to
      adds  1852933   * prepared 0.9941
      adds  603ac69   convert t/more.t to use Test::More
      adds  bb2c65c   add warnings test to t/more.t
      adds  a2a26fc remove usages of SUPER
      adds  92b5ca7   increase version of Tk::More
      adds  35d8804   update bundled to 2.51
      adds  ea03af6   tkpod: -geometry now works
      adds  bad9027   test suite works with WMs with interactive geometry 
      adds  8c3e743   increase version of tkpod
      adds  35ec47b   prepare 0.9941_50
      adds  9781bb1   enable travis-ci
      adds  00290d4   add another missing ->geometry call in test suite
      adds  4e56633   decrease minimum EUMM version for "make dist"
      adds  1935a99   prepare 0.9942
      adds  ea14ab1   define PERL_TEST_DISTRIBUTION_OPTS for private 
test-distribution target
      adds  864b2d3   travis-ci: test also perl 5.20
      adds  4cbc554   update bundled to 2.52
      adds  ba00c65   use Cwd::getcwd() instead of Cwd::cwd()
      adds  3ecca45   workaround for Tk-804.032 + EUMM 7.00 problem
      adds  e146a6b   travis: test with Tk-804.032_501
      adds  9ffc3a2   travis: test also system perl
      adds  69d1231   pods.t and subclass.t: skip uninstalled Pod
      adds  924af6d   travis: remove Tk + EUMM 7.00 hack
      adds  5ecad49   convert t/podtree.t to use Test::More
      adds  71c47da   Tk::Pod::Tree: use POSIX::_exit instead of CORE::exit
      adds  e892975   travis: test also with optional modules
      adds  8519855   better cmdline.t testing
      adds  22e9e77   change URL for displaying geo: URIs
      adds  ede5816   prepare 0.9942_50
      adds  33b3d14   CI with appveyor
      adds  960dd2f   appveyor.yml harmonization
      adds  71235e6   0.9943
      adds  a9333ab   Imported Upstream version 0.9943
       new  e04c143   Merge tag 'upstream/0.9943'
       new  4ed0964   Update debian/changelog
       new  9d7df82   Refresh debian/patches/fix-pod.
       new  df6fcbe   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  2e5d1e2   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  13e0aaf   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.7.
       new  2fc0a2b   releasing package libtk-pod-perl version 0.9943-1

The 9 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                          |  10 ++++
 MANIFEST                         |   3 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                    |   7 ++-
 META.json                        | 104 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 META.yml                         |  94 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 Makefile.PL                      |  11 +++-                           |   4 +-
 Pod/                      |  27 +++-------
 Pod/                      |   9 ++--
 Pod/                |  50 +++++++++++------
 debian/changelog                 |  12 ++++-
 debian/control                   |   3 +-
 debian/copyright                 |  18 +++++--
 debian/patches/autopkgtest.patch |  20 +++++++
 debian/patches/fix-pod           |   6 +--
 debian/patches/series            |   1 +
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-env  |   2 +
 debian/upstream/metadata         |   5 ++
 t/cmdline.t                      | 112 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 t/pods.t                         |  13 +++--
 t/podtree.t                      |  18 +++----
 t/subclass.t                     |  16 ++++--
 tkpod                            |  32 +++++++----
 23 files changed, 412 insertions(+), 165 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json
 create mode 100644 debian/patches/autopkgtest.patch
 create mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-env
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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