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      from  40db7f1   update changelog
      adds  706500c   New module to move connection handling from 
Catalyst::Model::DBI and DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI to its own library. More to 
      adds  1bf81a5   Eliminate dependency on Class::XSAccessor
      adds  6f1076d   Rewrote to actually do the caching
      adds  d3a2a3d   Added tests for do() and made it work
      adds  430ca25   Added txn(). Toying with renaming it `txn_do()`.
      adds  06ab5bd   Added documentation.
      adds  6af6fa8   Documentation proof-read.
      adds  12879db   More documentation.
      adds  d052706   Added tests to ensure args are passed on do() and txn()
      adds  7c12822   Added some variations on connected from DBIx::Class.
      adds  8a19d6c   Added transaction depth setting to _connect.
      adds  e263902   Added db-specific drivers. Not used yet, but they will be.
      adds  7e6eb97   Added support for nested calls to `do()`.
      adds  10c0dc8   Added support for nesting in txn_do()
      adds  56e8f7e   Added svp_do(); tests to be written.
      adds  907aca6   Wrote tests for `svp_do` and made it work.
      adds  b5620ff   Simplified savepoint name management
      adds  1d35fed   Added `svp_do` tests
      adds  8cb406f   Renamed `svp_live.t` to `svp_do_live.t`
      adds  45bb09f   Removed the `_in_txn` flag, since `AutoCommit` already 
has that info
      adds  9af2c6b   Updated documentation
      adds  e19fa29   Added Oracle driver.
      adds  a65de67   Move txn stuff to drivers and eval second txn call
      adds  4d4738e   Another read-through of the docs.
      adds  80e2e8e   Use the `_driver` accessor.
      adds  f9f4bd3   Realized that DESTROY was clearing the cache, which was 
      adds  4d2685c   Changed `Driver->new` to a factory constructor
      adds  f28b8f9   Documented the driver subclasses.
      adds  c44bdee   Restored a test to ensure that connections are singletons.
      adds  a5bf392   A few more credits.
      adds  10813dd   Typo
      adds  47a02dc   Added mod_perl support
      adds  da8e348   Turned `driver` into a public method.
      adds  c4881c1   Added SQLite savepoint support.
      adds  a8f0430   Add MSSQL driver.
      adds  28ae442   Added more acknowledgements and timestamped for release.
      adds  8754f6c   Incremented version number to 0.11.
      adds  c81e8f4   Filled in the important details in the README.
      adds  5fc7aa0   Changed name to DBIx::Connector
      adds  f52aca7   Timestamped for 0.11 release.
      adds  5fa5ee1   Fixed .gitignore to know the new name.
      adds  4ebad2c   Add DBIx::Connector::Driver to "See Also".
      adds  88ba08d   Fixed some broken links & incremented the version number 
to 0.12.
      adds  97fd19c   Removed `use feature` and `use utf8` from 
`t/pod-coverage.t` -- those were pastos from another project.
      adds  b003ff3   Removed `use DBD::SQLite`.
      adds  b64e7c1   Timestamped for 0.12 release.
      adds  7776c8a   Incremented version number to 0.13.
      adds  3cf81f0   Fixed the GitHub links for realz.
      adds  542aea8   Require Test::More 0.88.
      adds  c3ecf8a   Add comment explaining why Oracle `ping()` is broken.
      adds  918929a   Added some To-Dos. Hope to work through them today.
      adds  bd56a58   DBIx::Connector: Add missing $wantarray to _exec call
      adds  f175f9c   DBIx::Connector: Fix "svp_do" documentation error.
      adds  5c4cc43   Merge branch 'master' of 
git:// into mlawren/master
      adds  b3ae7b0   Added a regression test for missing $wantarray argument.
      adds  1b45d8c   Added regression to ensure proper args passed on retry in 
      adds  9ee384c   Store the dbh in $_ for block calls.
      adds  1251224   Don't call `ping()` while in a block.
      adds  da0d110   Doc tweak suggested by Tim Bunce.
      adds  7a79733   Update docs and check Active in `dbh()`
      adds  c4a1df8   Always check the `Active` flag
      adds  5c00b05   Merged `_verify_pid` into `_seems_connected`.
      adds  60d2357   Restore plans.
      adds  16de066   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  faa1f8d   Renamed `do()` and `txn_do()`.
      adds  6b2acf0   Finally settled on method names. Now there are three of 
      adds  439c4a1   Reworked the documentation.
      adds  2f83cea   Moved adverbial interface comments.
      adds  856a53e   Did that.
      adds  2a04f59   Simplified the block methods
      adds  100d63f   Updated `Changes`
      adds  6d71650   Eliminate caching and mod_perl special-casing
      adds  762ab7c   Add `with()`
      adds  cfb7e83   Add tests for proxy method chaining
      adds  604b53f   Rewrote the docs for all the changes
      adds  ccb5bbd   Incremented version to 0.20
      adds  7a15bb4   Timestamped for 0.20.
      adds  e16b7d6   Incremented version number to 0.21.
      adds  b6c9162   Remove undocumented and redundant savepoint methods
      adds  1b0b297   Fix the `author` section of `META.yml`
      adds  4b9df7d   Indentation.
      adds  fdfec92   Added notes for exception-handling to-do.
      adds  661853f   I don't think I want to add an `auto_savepoint` option
      adds  24e6035   Add integrated exception handling
      adds  0cb98c9   Remove To Dos section
      adds  1995613   Compatibility change: Additional arguments to `run()`, 
`txn()`, and `svp()` are no longer passed on to the execution of the block, 
since they are immediately available to the closure, anyway. This simplifies 
things for integrated exception handling.
      adds  68fafd0   Ignore `MYMETA.yml`.
      adds  bce2f70   Add support for `catch` parame key.
      adds  dd30fd4   Update README.
      adds  ce88ce9   Let `svp()` be a no-op on non-savepoint RDBMSs.
      adds  35fd7d8   Incremented version number to 0.30.
      adds  0504541   Timestamped DBIx::Connector 0.30.
      adds  e2ffb36   Incremented version number to 0.31.
      adds  c4059ec   Added missing version numbers to 
DBIx::Connector::Driver::SQLite and the proxy class used by `with()`.
      adds  be52272   Fixed orphaned references to DBIx::Connection to properly 
be DBIx::Connector.
      adds  3209c6d   Remove methods deprecated in 0.20
      adds  ae12b71   Some minor refactoring and code cleanup
      adds  32e308f   More refactoring
      adds  00e5dc6   couple fixes for code example typos (at least I think 
they're typos)
      adds  4586a08   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  1ffe5fb   Likely fix for Win32 failure
      adds  9bf4ab4   Alignment.
      adds  bf92f2c   Timestamped for 0.31.
      adds  2a80483   Incremented version number to 0.32.
      adds  cd1552e   Module::Build hack no longer needed.
      adds  bfc3f01   Updated email for Peter Rabbitson.
      adds  ed93f3d   Use methods to access DBI attributes.
      adds  65715f1   Timestamp for 0.32.
      adds  c777a99   Increment version to 0.33.
      adds  608eb89   Added some POD about return values.
      adds  dfcf10e   Some tweaks of Quinn's doc improvements.
      adds  9aa0c41   Add `in_txn()`.
      adds  df6a19f   Timestamp for 0.33.
      adds  a4a01be   Increment version number to 0.34.
      adds  79bed55   Add `mode` attribute.
      adds  fa187a1   Deprecate `with`.
      adds  6b0e7a4   Didn't mean to leave in that line.
      adds  47cd819   Timestamp for 0.34
      adds  7731bc0   Increment version to 0.35.
      adds  8aeec15   Add a scoping block around the execution of the blocks 
passed to `run()`, `txn()`, and `svp()`. This prevents an app from exiting when 
a user returns from the block via the `next` or `last` keyword, which in turn 
prevented transaction management code from running.
      adds  5363a6c   Add rollback failure exceptions.
      adds  345dbe1   Timestamp for 0.35 release.
      adds  d3a6288   Increment version number to 0.36.
      adds  f8e3b31   Fix context for _exec
      adds  8d872ad   Document use of `wantarray` in blocks.
      adds  393b25e   Set `AutoInactiveDestroy` with DBI 1.614 and up.
      adds  ec0f140   Alphabetize.
      adds  c5bffa7   Simplify `DESTROY()`.
      adds  c5a7379   Use `our @ISA` instead of `use base`.
      adds  535d446   Give credit where credit is due.
      adds  6e49e5b   Move changes to their proper home.
      adds  4377605   Rollback on disconnect was removed.
      adds  c2d30d1   I kant spel.
      adds  3e0407c   Update copyright date in README.
      adds  b2813b4   Email bug reports, too.
      adds  146951d   Require Test::Pod.
      adds  e2135f5   Increment to version 0.40.
      adds  4528655   Timestamp for 0.40 release.
      adds  d2ea7c9   Increment version to 0.41.
      adds  5252a8e   pod fixes
      adds  8035c6d   Don't return disconnected `$dbh` from `connect()`.
      adds  582a1dd   Add `disconnect_on_destroy()`.
      adds  25eaaa9   Timestamp for 0.41.
      adds  a967b85   Increment version to 0.42.
      adds  6f2ec11   Add 0.42 to Changes.
      adds  59fc5ab   Fix bug where catch blocks did not propagate exceptions.
      adds  3b5a08a   Timestamped for 0.42.
      adds  c1d9b65   Increment version to 0.43.
      adds  cec9f43   Default RaiseError to true.
      adds  cde8c2e   Add per-driver post-connection handling.
      adds  28af1f0   Remove mention of `Try::Tiny::catch`.
      adds  89fb592   Timestamp v0.43.
      adds  3eeeb87   Increment to v0.44.
      adds  b3657f6   fix issue with _connect args on mysql driver
      adds  c4ab3f5   Credit where credit is due.
      adds  af5af66   Timestamp v0.44.
      adds  b43e63d   Increment to v0.45.
      adds  8c0468c   Don't crash when in_txn() called with no connection.
      adds  b4111d0   Recommend setting AutoCommit to true.
      adds  5a5be8a   Fix nested exception handling in `run(fixup)`.
      adds  0b85387   Fix nested exception handling in `txn()`.
      adds  a535451   Test nested svp, too.
      adds  ffc69c7   Timestamp v0.45.
      adds  4266af5   Increment to v0.46.
      adds  c271b54   Eliminate "Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated" 
      adds  fcd96c9   Avoid death on Perl 5.15.
      adds  8372a8c   Fix duplication in README file
      adds  80e36ea   Thanks ask!
      adds  17bce86   Deprecate exception handling.
      adds  b3b0c34   Timestamp v0.46.
      adds  3fba657   Increment to v0.47.
      adds  c332f36   Warn every time.
      adds  0ffe215   Timestamp v0.47.
      adds  1ee9129   Incremeent to v0.47.
      adds  c5b91aa   Add new version.
      adds  c185fa0   Remove `catch` feature.
      adds  70a16dd   Remove `$die->()` in favor of `die`.
      adds  1dd7ac1   Simplify error handling now that `catch` is gone.
      adds  48729c3   Some more simplification possible with `catch` gone.
      adds  6717f10   Remove `with`.
      adds  8ec4b44   Increment to v0.50.
      adds  19b8452   Remove DBIx::Connector::Proxy.
      adds  f642d5c   a not-to-be-deployed test for svp
      adds  91e6db5   call "release" not "release_rollback"
      adds  2122eca   oops, I planned 4 tests
      adds  68ed0f2   don't be so sly about SQLite; it causes problems
      adds  7b8da10   bring the live SQLite svp test into t/svp_live.t
      adds  9e1285c   determine new-enoughness of SQLite in _connect
      adds  e39f76b   Merge pull request #15 from rjbs/svp-failure
      adds  76e1d4c   Credit RJBS.
      adds  b240c56   Timestamp v0.50.
      adds  d7d2fbf   Increment to v0.51.
      adds  f19491f   Proper exception handling on Perl < 5.14.
      adds  4f4b737   Really localize $@.
      adds  e6441ae   Timestamp v0.51.
      adds  08bb82d   Increment to v0.52.
      adds  5c92244   Encapsulate DBI params in a closure.
      adds  cdf6385   Eliminate v-string warning.
      adds  3f550cb   Use Try::Tiny in docs that reference removed catch sub
      adds  668007a   Merge pull request #18 from rwstauner/pod-try-tiny-fix
      adds  7ff33a1   Note doc fix in Changes.
      adds  b89c183   Eliminate use of qw() syntax errors on 5.1.7.
      adds  3e8b520   Mention the 'connected' DBI Callback from constructor Pod
      adds  6e0daca   Merge pull request #20 from 
      adds  79c18bf   Move mention of DBI Callbacks attribute and give credit 
for the patch.
      adds  2265fc1   Timestamp v0.52.
      adds  350c96e   Increment to v0.53.
      adds  7e40e17   Fix some typos, thanks to Mike O'Reagan.
      adds  fe81577   If we get no DBH from DBI->connect, don't try to use it.
      adds  0ff9c07   Timestamp v0.53.
      adds  45787ba   Increment to v0.54.
      adds  b1c94b5   Exclude all Pod tests from the distro.
      adds  6e72b32   My fix as i think ;-)
      adds  3106626   untabify my edition - there are only spaces instead tabs
      adds  bbbf93a   Merge pull request #32 from Perlover/patch_example_1
      adds  46b346c   Restore doc indent to two spaces.
      adds  368168f   Remove Pod-testing modules from recommends.
      adds  b0b906f   Add .travis.yml.
      adds  6318907   Rename README to
      adds  2010e16   Update copyright date.
      adds  640fcc9   Fix Markdown header.
      adds  d2a83e3   Exclude .travis.yml from the distribution.
      adds  319ebc2   repository metadata fix
      adds  90dab9d   Just return on connection failure, don't assign a bad 
      adds  94698ce   typo fix
      adds  07a3cb5   Be specific that $_ is set locally.
      adds  c9a2861   Don't clear CachedKids on disconnect.
      adds  6884214   Ignore DBI_DSN.
      adds  a30e4e0   Avoid issues with DBI_DRIVER, too.
      adds  9493825   Use https for GitHub links.
      adds  aea8636   Test on Perl 5.22.
      adds  bd5d49e   Recommend DBD::Pg 3.5.0.
      adds  d35c45d   Timestamp v0.54.
      adds  898f8f8   Increment to v0.55.
      adds  0342f26   Add versions to RollbackError classes.
      adds  b45c749   Imported Upstream version 0.55
       new  0d6f4e7   Merge tag 'upstream/0.55'
       new  e7b88db   Update debian/changelog
       new  1158f9e   Update debian/upstream/metadata.
       new  6294fc6   Drop now unneeded build dependencies.
       new  ff72351   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.7.
       new  f0b46f0   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  83e30a0   releasing package libdbix-connector-perl version 0.55-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                            |  8 +++---
 Changes                             | 24 +++++++++++++++++
 MANIFEST                            |  4 +--
 META.json                           | 32 +++++++++++-----------
 META.yml                            | 46 +++++++++++++++-----------------
 README =>                 |  9 ++++---
 debian/changelog                    | 14 ++++++++--
 debian/compat                       |  2 +-
 debian/control                      |  8 +++---
 debian/upstream/metadata            |  4 +--
 lib/DBIx/               | 53 ++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 lib/DBIx/Connector/        |  7 +++--
 lib/DBIx/Connector/Driver/  |  4 +--
 lib/DBIx/Connector/Driver/ |  4 +--
 lib/DBIx/Connector/Driver/     |  8 ++++--
 lib/DBIx/Connector/Driver/ |  4 +--
 lib/DBIx/Connector/Driver/  |  4 +--
 t/base.t                            |  2 ++
 t/pod-coverage.t                    | 10 -------
 t/pod.t                             |  7 -----
 20 files changed, 139 insertions(+), 115 deletions(-)
 rename README => (92%)
 delete mode 100644 t/pod-coverage.t
 delete mode 100644 t/pod.t

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