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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.55

Ask Bjørn Hansen (1):
      Fix duplication in README file

David E. Wheeler (214):
      New module to move connection handling from Catalyst::Model::DBI and 
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI to its own library. More to come.
      Eliminate dependency on Class::XSAccessor
      Rewrote to actually do the caching
      Added tests for do() and made it work
      Added txn(). Toying with renaming it `txn_do()`.
      Added documentation.
      Documentation proof-read.
      More documentation.
      Added tests to ensure args are passed on do() and txn()
      Added some variations on connected from DBIx::Class.
      Added transaction depth setting to _connect.
      Added db-specific drivers. Not used yet, but they will be.
      Added support for nested calls to `do()`.
      Added support for nesting in txn_do()
      Added svp_do(); tests to be written.
      Wrote tests for `svp_do` and made it work.
      Simplified savepoint name management
      Added `svp_do` tests
      Renamed `svp_live.t` to `svp_do_live.t`
      Removed the `_in_txn` flag, since `AutoCommit` already has that info
      Updated documentation
      Added Oracle driver.
      Move txn stuff to drivers and eval second txn call
      Another read-through of the docs.
      Use the `_driver` accessor.
      Realized that DESTROY was clearing the cache, which was wrong.
      Changed `Driver->new` to a factory constructor
      Documented the driver subclasses.
      Restored a test to ensure that connections are singletons.
      A few more credits.
      Added mod_perl support
      Turned `driver` into a public method.
      Added SQLite savepoint support.
      Add MSSQL driver.
      Added more acknowledgements and timestamped for release.
      Incremented version number to 0.11.
      Filled in the important details in the README.
      Changed name to DBIx::Connector
      Timestamped for 0.11 release.
      Fixed .gitignore to know the new name.
      Add DBIx::Connector::Driver to "See Also".
      Fixed some broken links & incremented the version number to 0.12.
      Removed `use feature` and `use utf8` from `t/pod-coverage.t` -- those were
      Removed `use DBD::SQLite`.
      Timestamped for 0.12 release.
      Incremented version number to 0.13.
      Fixed the GitHub links for realz.
      Require Test::More 0.88.
      Add comment explaining why Oracle `ping()` is broken.
      Added some To-Dos. Hope to work through them today.
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into 
      Added a regression test for missing $wantarray argument.
      Added regression to ensure proper args passed on retry in `txn_do()`.
      Store the dbh in $_ for block calls.
      Don't call `ping()` while in a block.
      Doc tweak suggested by Tim Bunce.
      Update docs and check Active in `dbh()`
      Always check the `Active` flag
      Merged `_verify_pid` into `_seems_connected`.
      Restore plans.
      Give credit where credit is due.
      Renamed `do()` and `txn_do()`.
      Finally settled on method names. Now there are three of each:
      Reworked the documentation.
      Moved adverbial interface comments.
      Did that.
      Simplified the block methods
      Updated `Changes`
      Eliminate caching and mod_perl special-casing
      Add `with()`
      Add tests for proxy method chaining
      Rewrote the docs for all the changes
      Incremented version to 0.20
      Timestamped for 0.20.
      Incremented version number to 0.21.
      Remove undocumented and redundant savepoint methods
      Fix the `author` section of `META.yml`
      Added notes for exception-handling to-do.
      I don't think I want to add an `auto_savepoint` option
      Add integrated exception handling
      Remove To Dos section
      Compatibility change: Additional arguments to `run()`, `txn()`, and 
      Ignore `MYMETA.yml`.
      Add support for `catch` parame key.
      Update README.
      Let `svp()` be a no-op on non-savepoint RDBMSs.
      Incremented version number to 0.30.
      Timestamped DBIx::Connector 0.30.
      Incremented version number to 0.31.
      Added missing version numbers to DBIx::Connector::Driver::SQLite and the 
      Fixed orphaned references to DBIx::Connection to properly be 
      Remove methods deprecated in 0.20
      Some minor refactoring and code cleanup
      More refactoring
      Give credit where credit is due.
      Likely fix for Win32 failure
      Timestamped for 0.31.
      Incremented version number to 0.32.
      Module::Build hack no longer needed.
      Updated email for Peter Rabbitson.
      Use methods to access DBI attributes.
      Timestamp for 0.32.
      Increment version to 0.33.
      Some tweaks of Quinn's doc improvements.
      Add `in_txn()`.
      Timestamp for 0.33.
      Increment version number to 0.34.
      Add `mode` attribute.
      Deprecate `with`.
      Didn't mean to leave in that line.
      Timestamp for 0.34
      Increment version to 0.35.
      Add a scoping block around the execution of the blocks passed to `run()`,
      Add rollback failure exceptions.
      Timestamp for 0.35 release.
      Increment version number to 0.36.
      Document use of `wantarray` in blocks.
      Set `AutoInactiveDestroy` with DBI 1.614 and up.
      Simplify `DESTROY()`.
      Use `our @ISA` instead of `use base`.
      Give credit where credit is due.
      Move changes to their proper home.
      Rollback on disconnect was removed.
      I kant spel.
      Update copyright date in README.
      Email bug reports, too.
      Require Test::Pod.
      Increment to version 0.40.
      Timestamp for 0.40 release.
      Increment version to 0.41.
      Don't return disconnected `$dbh` from `connect()`.
      Add `disconnect_on_destroy()`.
      Timestamp for 0.41.
      Increment version to 0.42.
      Add 0.42 to Changes.
      Fix bug where catch blocks did not propagate exceptions.
      Timestamped for 0.42.
      Increment version to 0.43.
      Default RaiseError to true.
      Add per-driver post-connection handling.
      Remove mention of `Try::Tiny::catch`.
      Timestamp v0.43.
      Increment to v0.44.
      Credit where credit is due.
      Timestamp v0.44.
      Increment to v0.45.
      Don't crash when in_txn() called with no connection.
      Recommend setting AutoCommit to true.
      Fix nested exception handling in `run(fixup)`.
      Fix nested exception handling in `txn()`.
      Test nested svp, too.
      Timestamp v0.45.
      Increment to v0.46.
      Eliminate "Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated" warnings.
      Avoid death on Perl 5.15.
      Thanks ask!
      Deprecate exception handling.
      Timestamp v0.46.
      Increment to v0.47.
      Warn every time.
      Timestamp v0.47.
      Incremeent to v0.47.
      Add new version.
      Remove `catch` feature.
      Remove `$die->()` in favor of `die`.
      Simplify error handling now that `catch` is gone.
      Some more simplification possible with `catch` gone.
      Remove `with`.
      Increment to v0.50.
      Remove DBIx::Connector::Proxy.
      Merge pull request #15 from rjbs/svp-failure
      Credit RJBS.
      Timestamp v0.50.
      Increment to v0.51.
      Proper exception handling on Perl < 5.14.
      Really localize $@.
      Timestamp v0.51.
      Increment to v0.52.
      Encapsulate DBI params in a closure.
      Eliminate v-string warning.
      Merge pull request #18 from rwstauner/pod-try-tiny-fix
      Note doc fix in Changes.
      Eliminate use of qw() syntax errors on 5.1.7.
      Merge pull request #20 from rwstauner/pod-mention-dbi-callbacks
      Move mention of DBI Callbacks attribute and give credit for the patch.
      Timestamp v0.52.
      Increment to v0.53.
      Fix some typos, thanks to Mike O'Reagan.
      If we get no DBH from DBI->connect, don't try to use it.
      Timestamp v0.53.
      Increment to v0.54.
      Exclude all Pod tests from the distro.
      Merge pull request #32 from Perlover/patch_example_1
      Restore doc indent to two spaces.
      Remove Pod-testing modules from recommends.
      Add .travis.yml.
      Rename README to
      Update copyright date.
      Fix Markdown header.
      Exclude .travis.yml from the distribution.
      Just return on connection failure, don't assign a bad handle.
      Be specific that $_ is set locally.
      Don't clear CachedKids on disconnect.
      Avoid issues with DBI_DRIVER, too.
      Use https for GitHub links.
      Test on Perl 5.22.
      Recommend DBD::Pg 3.5.0.
      Timestamp v0.54.
      Increment to v0.55.
      Add versions to RollbackError classes.

David Steinbrunner (2):
      repository metadata fix
      typo fix

Erik Rijkers (1):
      Ignore DBI_DSN.

Karen Etheridge (1):
      pod fixes

Lee Aylward (1):
      fix issue with _connect args on mysql driver

Mark Lawrence (2):
      DBIx::Connector: Add missing $wantarray to _exec call
      DBIx::Connector: Fix "svp_do" documentation error.

Perlover (2):
      My fix as i think ;-)
      untabify my edition - there are only spaces instead tabs

Quinn Weaver (1):
      Added some POD about return values.

Randy Stauner (2):
      Use Try::Tiny in docs that reference removed catch sub
      Mention the 'connected' DBI Callback from constructor Pod

Ricardo Signes (6):
      a not-to-be-deployed test for svp
      call "release" not "release_rollback"
      oops, I planned 4 tests
      don't be so sly about SQLite; it causes problems
      bring the live SQLite svp test into t/svp_live.t
      determine new-enoughness of SQLite in _connect

Robert Buels (1):
      couple fixes for code example typos (at least I think they're typos)

Yaroslav Korshak (1):
      Fix context for _exec

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.55


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