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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/2.001011
in repository libdist-zilla-plugin-metaprovides-perl.

        at  6f4bf56   (tag)
   tagging  8f4b5ff9872fc545010f7372dc58e2606983a6c2 (commit)
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Feb 15 19:54:38 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.001011

Axel Beckert (1):
      Import original source of Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MetaProvides 2.001002

Kent Fredric (168):
      Bare root
      copying ProvidesClass from MetaResources
      Documenting the API-To Do
      Moved name to MetaProvides, this is a better name
      adding metadata stuffage for this to be build-able
      documenation shuffled, extended on internals
      Adding MetaAggregator
      added remaining functionality, passes a syntax check and thats all
      format use
      attempt at testing this?
      Cant get this testcase working , crashes with error :(
      Builds OK
      Provides generation works
      Uses Zillas own data now, trying to work for the weird case we might see 
a non-file in files, also, work out how to dicate order of things
      Works with external metadata too
      fixing wrong docs
      spurious whitespace
      added stolen dist.ini from distzila and tweaked
      Too Complicated, breaking into some smaller modules that all share a 
common purpose
      Entirely refactored, now with less crap
      moved to full provides
      Yeah, this is way better code
      Working in the FromFile variant
      Linearising logic
      nuking needless syntax
      FromFile Done, working
      cleaning up old rubbish
      Provider Role Documentation
      MOAR Docus
      dist changes
      Git Ignore + Distini test
      changing clean params, you want to wipe these
      Tests tweak
      Build of 5599359cc8036968d644d47c262a7c4add54ffa1
      +Changes , +SKIP
      Build of 576ea76792e51299116c3dbe23b6c84a06e4c503
      Reducing Overclean
      build of 47ac359ebe6314e402db62bcc9f47517df22e6e1
      Fixed Wrong Main Module
      Build of 7b964890405d1e7f235299dd115a77bb847a9e77
      Cleaning up some Doc Droppings
      build of ebf975617b0966b504363791f6408fd849645ace
      Updating deps, quick refactor
      version system
      Shorter version
      Build of de742e80960fdd8421d0d8b781ff0a972d253382
      Inc version file for next release
      lib/ restriction, +.pod files +META fix
      Dog Food
      Build of 0a5c6fa9eb621999fa64b92e739d0a1d8c55464c
      Moved Documentation to a .pm file to satisfy Module::Build
      build of 7892e1530d5033a6f77533614c47e5aa45290178
      bulk changes
      Tidy, Cricic, Doc, Changelog
      build of ab123cb, 1.10000417 on cpan
      Tweaked Changelog
      Reduce FindBin deps
      add dist.ini for diagnostic reasons
      Build of a300069, release 1.10001919 on CPAN
      Hopefully fix rt#56482, now DZ2 compatible
      Credit DAXIM for reporting
      Post-Release Changes bump
      Build of 1.10027518 @ d687595
      Replaced most of dist.ini with @KENTNL and use =inc::lib
      Purging junk out of dist.ini
      Build of b56690a, v1.10027802 on CPAN
      removed surplus tests
      Update Changes
      fix inc::lib for Dzil >2
      fix wrong TIMEZONE attribute
      Build results of e070b78 (on master)
      Cleaning out non-core-dist files
      Annulling manual prereqs
      drop sugar dep
      Drop autobox and listmoreutils
      fix critic dep
      new minor to signify split
      Build results of a9779af (on master)
      Update dist.ini
      +twitter tags
      Generated critic tests now
      move rc file for @KENTNL changes
      +MetaNoIndex code
      +Test bogs loads
      +Loads of testing, metadata hand-regeneration now works
      Final testing
      Update changelog
      More changelog stuff
      Build results of 1a38b16 (on master)
      nuking things from orbit that I do not need
      Better changelog entry
      Build results of 75659ef (on master)
      Externalise Test code to a module for sharability
      Update changes
      Update deps to trunk
      Redesign, splice out stuff
      Clean with perltidy
      modify warnings
      Add thanks while I remember
      Build results of 200e2ec (on master)
      Build ourself using MetaNoIndex to hide corpus/ crap.
      more tidy
      Build results of d3cccac (on master)
      +ProvideRecord tests
      +Basic type tests
      update changelog
      -changelog ws
      Build results of c7e66bc (on master)
      Critic upgrade
      Critic compat
      refactor Changes
      Update changelog, +weaverini
      Build results of fcdac26 (on master)
      Depend on test::more 0.96
      Update changelog
      Build results of 8666bf4 (on master)
      update changelog
      Build results of 837bdfa (on master)
      Add skip_underscore logic
      update changelog
      Build results of c9f3ee2 (on master)
      Improve Documentation, update changelog
      Build results of d25a0ed (on master)
      remove all the skip underscore logic. Its bullshit. Blame drugs
      update changelog
      Build results of 3e1d534 (on master)
      Build results of 48f1d32 (on master)
      Build results of 6de1d56 (on master)
      Build results of d11549a (on master)
      Build results of 0677384 (on master)
      Build results of c2dcda3 (on master)
      Build results of 9f1c1c3 (on master)
      Build results of 9b8a55c (on master)
      Build results of 697a610 (on master)
      Build results of 84baa6c (on master)
      Build results of 5823f65 (on master)
      Build results of 28eadcf (on master)
      Build results of b96f5dc (on master)
      Build results of 4003ae2 (on master)
      Build results of fe97e7c (on master)

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.001011


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