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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Feb 20 22:14:45 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.25

Bruno Vecchi (3):
      Pod edit: added synopsys and usage examples for every list method.
      Fixed typos in documentation for
      Implemented List::sort and Array::sort_in_place. Added basic tests and 

Chris Prather (2):
      Add future ideas file
      documentation fixes

Cory G Watson (6):
      Add set method to Counter and let inc/dec take args.
      Forgot to add my name.
      Fix misnamed link to Bool from root class.
      Note previous change.
      Missing space in counter docs.
      Move get to List and add first/last.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      Don't rely on hash order in tests (RT#81564)

Dave Rolsky (20):
      Prep for version 0.12_01 release to match Moose & MOP dev releases.
      Add date missing from last release
      Bump version # to 0.13
      add .shipit file
      The synopsis was a little goofy
      Add tests that various setting methods do proper type checking
      Allow the sort provider to _not_ receive a coderef, and just use
      Lots of doc cleanups and fixes
      Make coderef for sort_in_place optional as well.
      splice was totally broken, add tests and fix it
      Add changes for splice fix
      Ignore meta in a method provider's list of provided methods.
      Credit me
      Add a release date
      bump version to 0.22
      Update .shipit
      remove attempt at attr inheritance in a role
      Update changes for 0.23
      bump version to 0.23
      Add a deprecatoin warning

Evan Carroll (1):
      Added defined for AH

Florian Ragwitz (17):
      Add tests for String::substr.
      Implement String::substr.
      Add myself to the list of contributors.
      Document String::substr.
      use style;
      Fix pod coverage.
      Add Evan to the list of contributors.
      Exclude git files from MANIFEST.
      Version 0.17.
      Fix error message.
      build-depend on Test::Moose.
      Add length to String.
      De-tabify ChangeLog.
      Version 0.21.
      Ignore dist files.

Hans Dieter Pearcey (1):
      update trait tests with basic test diffs

Jason May (10):
      fixed a small typo
      add Bool as an attribute helper
      update documentation about Boolto the MooseX::AttributeHelpers
      add method provider currying support
      refactor curries usage
      allow method => $coderef for a curries parameter
      up the version, add some checks for the curries feature
      take out the datetime test because it adds a dep. I'll come up with a new 
test to replace it at some point
      add tests for coderef support in the currying feature
      Bool metaclass now implies type Bool

Jesse Luehrs (4):
      Merge branch 'master' into traits
      actually do the merge
      update the Bool attribute helper to be a trait
      mention a few more method providers in the main docs

Johannes Plunien (2):
      Added test for "kv", added new method "elements" to 
      Updated changelog

Karen Etheridge (11):
      rename the Changes file
      bump version to 0.24, and strip eval, AUTHORITY lines
      convert to Dist::Zilla
      Changes note for the repository move
      increment $VERSION after 0.24 release
      add a reference to native attribute traits
      fix the metadata to reflect the same copyright information as in the pod
      weave some standard sections of pod

Mike Whitaker (2):
      extra tests for exists helper
      ...and remember to test for not existing as well.

Paul Driver (1):
      Fixed delete() to behave correctly with multiple key arguments.

Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek (1):
      some POD advances

Robert Boone (3):
      Filled out the collection_with_roles test.
      Added MooseX::AttributeHelpers::Number
      No need for abs() in mod

Shawn M Moore (68):
      Provide an "elements" for Collection::List
      The empty provided methods are returning the wrong values!
      Ignore some autogenerated files
      Revert fixing of empty for now
      elements takes no extra argument
      Add a "join" provided method to lists (I do have a use case, shaddap!)
      Branch for trait support of MX:AH
      Test script for a trait-based Counter
      Ignore some autogenerated files
      Load the Counter trait. Now t/201-trait-counter passes tests. yay
      Test the metaclass in t/003_basic_hash
      Grab that adjusted test script
      Test the meta in t/004_basic_number
      Test the bag's meta
      Grab some more meta-tests
      Flesh out the rest of the trait tests
      MooseX::AttributeHelpers::Trait::Collection (which is just as empty as 
      Forgot to commit Trait::Collection::Bag
      Simplify MooseX::AttributeHelpers::Counter into just using the Counter 
      Simplify MooseX::AttributeHelpers::Number by just using the Number trait
      Simplify the rest of the attribute helpers
      Remove the base classes, nothing uses them now
      No longer need to qualify the Bag type constraint with an "if we don't 
already have it"
      Replace method_provider with a ( future :( ) requires_attr
      Remove reference to Module::Build in README
      Update ChangeLog with more stuff that has happened since previous release
      Forgot to update the test for the automatic set_counter method
      Fix some nits in Changes
      Bump everything to 0.11
      Update MANIFEST
      Ignore some autogenerated files
      Bump to 0.12
      Update ChangeLog
      Bump to 0.13
      Make pod tests run only for authors
      Bump to 0.14
      Add a failing test for combination with MooseX::ClassAttribute
      Test fixes
      The bug is in ClassAttribute :)
      Finalize ChangeLog
      Bump all versions to 0.16 (from *cough* 0.14!)
      Bump README's version too
      Add accessor to Collection::Hash
      Tests for error conditions
      Add accessor helper
      Update changes
      Traits changelog entry
      Bump version to 0.18_01
      Add doc for Trait::Base
      Don't version MANIFEST
      Update copyright year to 2009
      Add doy to the main list of authors
      Bump to 0.19
      Satisfy POD coverage :[
      Remove register_implementation, warn about future deprecation
      Bump to 0.20
      Bump to 0.21
      Typo fix

Stevan Little (40):
      adding MooseX::ATtributeHelpers
      more tweaks, I think I want to make this into a role
      adding some crap in
      fixing this to work correctly
      * changes for MooseX::IOC
      * added typed-ness to collections
      more tests and tweaks
      more tests and tweaks
      adding support for checking container types in the constructor
      adding method meta-object so that you can differentiate between provided 
methods and non-provided
      adding method meta-object so that you can differentiate between provided 
methods and non-provided
      adding Role/Class support for method providers
      now uses faster methods for accessors and some other minor cleanup stuff
      small fix in docs
      tweaking decs stuff just a bit
      nothing really
      some new Array methods and some pod-coverage cleanup
      misc crap
      adding in the new junk to this
      damn I shouldnt write change files while drunk anymore
      some doc cleanup

Tom Lanyon (1):
      added default attr options to Counter

Yuval Kogman (13):
      accept objects in ->{isa} too
      add clear
      mget/mset support for Hash
      commit 05f7da43b612f6c35c40227fa84a0a970c442ab1
      version bump
      changelog, copyright, author
      Update for new Class::MOP wrapping stuff
      add the splice method, a generalization of insert
      EUMM in MX::AH
      don't fail without DateTime
      fix the $! bullshit
      bump dep

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.25

nperez (1):
      Let the user know which constraint they have violated in the confessed 


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