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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository libparse-pmfile-perl.

      from  e58a16c   update changelog
      adds  415c181   inital import
      adds  845a33f   jsonToObj was deprecated
      adds  66a6c62   this is not a PAUSE indexer
      adds  56577ea   replace backslashes in path for windows
      adds  71bed51   to avoid warnings
      adds  c6ec1aa   use fork() and a tmpfile for communication as '-|' is not 
      adds  a509fee   normalize sometimes dies
      adds  a333be3   fixed pod
      adds  3495beb   make it less noisy; it's not the final trial
      adds  5ac7e23   better use no warnings here as it's out of the Safe 
      adds  ed68b96   silence Integer overflow warning from; and 
warn tentatively if there's an unknown error
      adds  5637e49   for older perls
      adds  6672e37   have forgotten to replace 'package' with 'from'
      adds  b721ec6   check the first equal, as equals might be found in the 
version definition like sprintf(... q!Revision = ...! =~ ...)
      adds  b7382e6   added a test for multiple equals
      adds  5fa0a41   add prereqs
      adds  a447d86   releng
      adds  c8c6a15   version detection may take too much time without this
      adds  292c7f1   reverted: wrong assumption
      adds  4d52a51   package version detection may take too much time
      adds  852b2c5   added an author test for package version detection of a 
large .pm file
      adds  d2da15b   releng
      adds  603980e   for silence
      adds  3f27079   $VERSION after __END__ (or __DATA__) should be ignored
      adds  a2f67b6   added $ALLOW_DEV_VERSION for better analysis
      adds  9a3614e   noted $VERBOSE too
      adds  bdcc6b5   a test for $ALLOW_DEV_VERSION
      adds  02a4788   releng
      adds  19812b6   minimum protection against Acme::BadExample
      adds  fc6413a   added a test against Acme::BadExample
      adds  5083168   releng
      adds  456dba3   switched to JSON::PP
      adds  d0d6252   releng
      adds  4ec392f   added an author test for common::sense parsing
      adds  695b632   added xt tests for modules that raised issues on 
      adds  289e7a0   ignore __END__ unless line-head
      adds  6ef0722   included all of the CPAN::Version methods to drop 
CPAN(::Version) dependency
      adds  ee270ae   tweaked not to be warned because of an unknown parameter 
for older EUMM
      adds  db9d350   releng
      adds  f92ec87   not to misunderstand '$package or' as 'or' package
      adds  a73e74e   releng
      adds  026e721   modified to return info about invalid versions as well
      adds  a044be1   added a test for an invalid version
      adds  6d6f054   releng
      adds  f63c00b   silence warnings
      adds  8907ea9   releng
      adds  fc60eef   keep normalization errors as well
      adds  1150116   added an extra test for an invalid version (normalization 
      adds  66153df   releng 0.10
      adds  b386960   keep error infile as well
      adds  8609be3   ignore VERSION comparisons
      adds  1151b59   catch undefined 'provides' package version correctly
      adds  c1f0a83   fixed indent
      adds  19756eb   deref a version set as *VERSION = \...
      adds  dade4bd   releng 0.11
      adds  3d9cf1f   fixed the case of '*VERSION = *Other::Package::VERSION'
      adds  d72666f   releng 0.12
      adds  df08ac0   oops
      adds  9a25e7d   fixed parsing of 'package NAME {'
      adds  fe57f39   discussion with ANDK revealed removing } was not a good 
idea; just adding { is better.
      adds  43a9973   oops, needs escaping
      adds  6281d9a   now you can use math funcs to express VERSION
      adds  ff29ebc   releng 0.13
      adds  e58cc96   oops, updated MANIFEST to include tests for 0.13
      adds  b496203   releng 0.14
      adds  bbab1fb   no_index for package/namespace hasn't been applied 
      adds  5c2fb0f   should be $Parse::PMFile::Test::VERSION
      adds  6f11b27   added a test for no_index
      adds  9343071   releng 0.15
      adds  1d42073   packages with x_normalize error should be checked in
      adds  8d4f5a7   reflect the changes done in PAUSE at QAH2014
      adds  8898ce0   releng 0.16
      adds  4f68f61   $FORK to change internal bahavior (default true)
      adds  084c437   found a failing case when $FORK = 0
      adds  d478dbc   undefine empty $v when $FORK = 0 (as if read from a 
      adds  7d7b24f   another failing case when $FORK = 0
      adds  17a0fe2   ...due to encode
      adds  ad8afeb   documented about $FORK
      adds  32360d1   not to fork by default
      adds  8386e43   releng 0.17
      adds  0ac7830   make sure overloaded stuff from work correctly 
after using Parse::PMFile
      adds  5410a5a   updated manifest
      adds  8e50105   cpanfile
      adds  273385b   releng 0.18
      adds  6f43d9b   restore overloads for in-core version
      adds  e7fbe9a   bumped up the version requirement slightly (moznion++)
      adds  3abbb92   releng 0.19
      adds  3de3a27   not to consider \$VERSION in a regex as a $VERSION
      adds  099d9ec   added a test
      adds  eee7dd5   releng 0.20
      adds  5a01d03   constructor options
      adds  7d14fb6   permission check
      adds  6b59b2f   string eval to defer
      adds  fa30871   added Parse::LocalDistribution/PAUSE::Permissions to SEE 
      adds  4b7a077   releng 0.21
      adds  d8edd1b   tweak for backward compatibility
      adds  831127f   releng 0.22
      adds  f87f7c9   Share also charstar:: stuff (which is hidden in 
version::vpp and used to scan version)
      adds  ac027e3   releng 0.23 (oops, late commit)
      adds  378538d   requires Parse::PMFile explicitly (after WorePAN is 
loaded for older WorePAN)
      adds  6b596be   added requires for developers
      adds  7830327   added .travis.yml
      adds  29542ad   PAUSE::Permissions requires 5.10
      adds  b4143e8   improved fatpacked version::vpp support (for cpanm)
      adds  ec1a53d   releng 0.24
      adds  35c0bcf   oops, hid charstar from PAUSE
      adds  88bdd07   releng 0.25
      adds  be23189   version::vpp should also be numified
      adds  aa95d19   releng 0.26
      adds  ce5a029   restore overloaded stuff from, regardless of 
the perl version (#5)
      adds  c329d27   removed unused modules
      adds  8f6081f   requires File::Temp 0.19 for newdir
      adds  1e769d7   gitignore
      adds  efbf518   replaced $fh->close with close $fh for older perls
      adds  205325b   added UNSAFE option as the last resort for older perls
      adds  4f6ef17   releng 0.27
      adds  1c756b2   now UNSAFE Parse::PMFile (under older perls) can't parse 
Acme::BadExample (so bad!)
      adds  fcf6f13   added two xt tests on
      adds  9ec52ae   add tests for qv(). Fails on 5.8
      adds  bd955fd   Add fatpacked for cpanm (with forced fallback 
to version::vpp)
      adds  b678dc8   add PERL5LIB matrix for forced vpp mode
      adds  2f26fe1   Merge pull request #6 from miyagawa/qv-matrix
      adds  7705742   import qv if UNSAFE
      adds  2a71dda   let's see...
      adds  e3ee552   updated MANIFEST(.SKIP)
      adds  57904d1   releng 0.28
      adds  9951709   use default namespace to suppress a warning on 
      adds  1e49860   tidied xt and added some from cpanminus/xt/meta.t
      adds  111c5eb   added a test for bogus version detection (version 
      adds  a6d809b   releng 0.29
      adds  58252f6   oops, wrong condition
      adds  378a455   Algorithm-Diff 1.1902 was released by TYEMQ, not NEDKONZ
      adds  a575668   restore overloaded stuff of all the loaded version modules
      adds  f6636e9   skip t/81... if version::vpp is not installed, and test 
both cases with travis
      adds  c55b33d   not to import overload into version::vpp explicitly 
(hopefully for perl 5.12-16)
      adds  ec51bed   Revert "not to import overload into version::vpp 
explicitly (hopefully for perl 5.12-16)"
      adds  3e30d77   reimport overload into version::vpp only if 'use version' 
statement doesn't exist in the VERSION line
      adds  60d0f94   releng 0.30
      adds  90c4170   added tests for version->declare/qv without using version 
      adds  bf8b0aa   releng 0.31
      adds  4a75536   added more tests for overloaded stuff
      adds  10c8bd0   wrong namespace
      adds  85f96bd   numify earlier for Safe not to handle a version object in 
      adds  ebba1f6   restore what are actually overloaded
      adds  c2c06db   not to redo overload->import for version (broken under 
      adds  3c37c66   releng 0.32
      adds  5db87d7   Revert "restore what are actually overloaded", which 
seems to have caused segfaults under some environments.
      adds  465ac59   releng 0.33
      adds  181e969   added a failing TODO test for #7
      adds  bb1007e   use __clean_eval() as Module::Metadata does
      adds  b649adc   updated xt
      adds  73d37f4   added an extra test for __clean_eval
      adds  fbdeb2a   releng 0.34
      adds  d68e218   tolerate version line errors as undef (fix #8)
      adds  3b0ea5f   releng 0.35
      adds  b3ec56d   remove an unnecessary $DB::single line (remnant of 
PAUSE's debugging, spotted by oalders++)
      adds  9b7c462   releng 0.36
      adds  b4a1c17   ported version_ok() implemented in PAUSE
      adds  24068c6   releng 0.37
      adds  88511e8   add 5.22 to .travis.yml
      adds  09133ae   add diagnostic messages
      adds  1764524   releng 0.38
      adds  81d6523   limit the length of the testing version explicitly not to 
fail under perls with -Duselongdouble (srezic++, RT-111034)
      adds  05de8d6   releng 0.39
      adds  4a750d9   silenced 'alpha->numify() is lossy' warning
      adds  fad83d0   added a test for a too long version, which I must have 
forgotten to commit
      adds  a9b446e   updated manifest
      adds  232d475   releng 0.40
      adds  ee33dcf   omit warning categories as older versions of version does 
not register a version category
      adds  85ab739   lossy test behaves differently as of version 0.9913
      adds  c9984a8   added t/fatlib_9913 to keep testing against 0.9913
      adds  72cb5be   vpp was not added
      adds  d33f457   Imported Upstream version 0.40
       new  4f2e3dd   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
       new  2694a49   Update debian/changelog
       new  93c415d   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.7
       new  7c55693   Releasing libparse-pmfile-perl version 0.40-1

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                              |  3 +++
 MANIFEST                                             |  2 ++
 META.json                                            |  2 +-
 META.yml                                             |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                                     | 11 +++++++++--
 debian/control                                       |  2 +-
 lib/Parse/                                  |  5 ++++-
 ..._ignore_version_after_end.t => 36_long_version.t} | 11 ++++++-----
 t/{70_vpp.t => 90_lossy_warning.t}                   | 20 +++++++++++++++-----
 9 files changed, 42 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
 copy t/{31_ignore_version_after_end.t => 36_long_version.t} (69%)
 copy t/{70_vpp.t => 90_lossy_warning.t} (50%)

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