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 tagged by  Dave Rolsky
        on  Mon Apr 15 19:12:31 2013 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Andrew Nelson (1):
      Needs HTTP::Message::PSGI.

Dave Rolsky (28):
      Remove unused sub
      Bug fixes for content negotation related headers
      Make content negotation return the match as it was given to the negotiator
      Compare default to canonicalized choices, not raw choices
      Changes test to use is() for better diagnostics on failure
      Make sure languages are returned in the form provided, not canonicalized
      Share more logic for negotiation
      Make test code format consistent
      Make sure that the negotiator always returns a match in the form it was 
found in choices
      Clarify some test descriptions
      Make sure the charset canonicalizer accepts '*'
      More tests for how default is handled
      Make sure that we never return an explicitly forbidden value when doing 
      No space between ';' and 'q=X'
      GithubMeta doesn't let us point to RT for bugs, which is annoying
      Add some useful dzil plugins
      Explicitly require test module prereq versions
      There's no need to declare prereqs with AutoPrereqs
      Use NextRelease plugin for Changes
      Add .gitignore
      Add Contributors to weaver.ini
      Add more stopwords for spelling test
      Fix grammar in Changes
      Credit Florian for his change
      Doc that we can inflate Web::Request objects
      Doc that ->inflate supports Web::Request in Changes
      Bump version

Florian Ragwitz (1):
      Properly skip tests with missing optional deps

Jesse Luehrs (1):
      support inflating Web::Request objects

Karen Etheridge (2):
      include repository info in metadata
      spelling fixes, and a release-time spelling test to keep things fixed :)

Stevan Little (76):
      first commit
      testing the links
      ignore q
      q is no longer specially handled here
      adding a to_string method to the lists (and tests)
      standardize on the new_from_string
      adjust tests
      tests for MediaTypeList
      the action pack front end
      add in read me
      readme tweaks
      some fixes from converting over web-machine
      use Module::Runtime
      adding some core base types to avoid so much code duplication
      converting packages to use the base types
      we need to handle multiple links
      add in a test
      move overloading up the hierarchy
      cleanup some of my imports
      make date handling more sophisticated
      add date header parsing
      add in some other date headers
      BUILD should get the @_ too
      more docs
      allow BUILDARGS to take a list of links
      Add a BUILD method to handle constructor args correctly, also override 
add method to do the same
      make sure this inherits from BaseHeaderList, whoops, then fix the API to 
do the right thing when constructed normally
      adding more tests, mostly related to the new and new_from_string 
constructor differences
      add more date headers
      add date headers to the list, and add content-disposition to the TODO list
      test more in the load
      confirm that this plays well with HTTP::{Headers, Request, Response}
      clarify some stuff, add a Plack test and some docs about compatibility 
with place
      HTTP::Headers inflation
      add in the type dispatching C<inflate> method
      make sure inflate returns the right stuff
      redo join_header_words to always quote param values, this is because when 
working with Riak (and specifically Data::Riak) unquoted header params failed.
      s/to_string/as_string/ to better match the HTTP::* classes
      rename Link to LinkHeader to be more explicit
      document compat with DateTime
      change how create behaves and move the old behavior to create_header. 
Also allow both of them to accept ARRAY refs instead of strings (which will 
call &new instead of &new_from_string).
      docs for the new features
      little more docs
      adding in Client-Date
      break down the join_header_words a little
      basic WWW-Authenticate header
      whoops, fixing copy/pasted docs
      base pm files for the Authorization headers
      All the Auth related headers are now supported
      check that the factor works via the create_header stuff
      adding MIME::Base64 dep
      make sure create is tested too
      update the read me and the docs
      release stuff
      fixing the dependencies
      Merge pull request #1 from holophrastic/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      more deps missing
      updating dist.ini and adding weaver.ini
      bump to 0.03
      adding in content negotiation (from Web::Machine) and the tests
      add to the Changes and update the dist.ini too
      fixing the test to make it pass better
      updating version
      fix the HTTP::Message::PSGI errors (I hope)
      fix the bug rafl found
      release engineering stuff
      change date
      Merge pull request #2 from rafl/optional-test-deps
      Merge pull request #3 from doy/master
      Merge pull request #4 from karenetheridge/topic/spelling
      Merge pull request #5 from autarch/master


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