Re: László Böszörményi (GCS) 2016-09-20 
> Hi,
> libdbi-drivers has a self-test with PostgreSQL. It starts the database
> daemon with a specific temporary directory. To get the binaries
> location, 'pg_config --bindir' is used. Currently this is the
> transitive cause of the build (self-test) failure[1]: libpq-dev which
> ships pg_config is version 9.6 and report it's binary directory, while
> the default postgresql package is the 9.5 version. Thus the test
> script can't start postgres from the non-existent 9.6 path. Is there
> any other way to get the actual postgres path? Any plan to update the
> default postgresql packages to the 9.6~rc1 version?


the move to 9.6 should happen this week, sorry for the trouble.


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