Re: Ole Streicher 2017-08-04 <>
> I have polished both packages, with the repository still in the
> debian-science section (but I will move them to pkg-postgresql as soon
> as I become a member). They look fine to me now (except tests; see
> below), but could you have a look there?

Alioth says you are a pkg-postgresql member.

> > I'd also like to include the packages on
> Sure, however this is out of my own scope.

I'll take care of that part - the build system there is just
rebuilding packages either from git or from "apt-get source", so
getting the packages ready in Debian first is a natural step to do

> > Fwiw, I'd strongly recommend to add a debian/tests/ testsuite (see
> > also pg_buildext(1)), even if it's just a "create extension q3c;", so
> > we have some test coverage.
> I'd love to. Especially q3c has this already enabled. However I don't
> know how to enable a test postgresql database server. When I just add
> postgresql-client to d/control[.in], I get
> createdb q3c_test
> createdb: could not connect to database template1: could not connect to
> server: No such file or directory
>       Is the server running locally and accepting
>       connections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?
> Makefile:37: recipe for target 'test' failed
> during the build. Do you have any hints here?

pg_virtualenv. "pg_buildext installcheck" will use it to create
throw-away database clusters for testing.

Unless you need to do special setup steps, all you'd need is:

pg_buildext installcheck

... and a minimal debian/tests/control file. (See pg_buildext(1))

So much for the generic hints - I've taken a look at the actual
q3c package in the meantime :)

Firstly, upstream seems to work hard on avoiding pg_regress - the
whole "diff" logic in the Makefile could likely be avoided by just

REGRESS = ang2ipix area cone_join_rev cone ellipse join poly version

into the Makefile. "make installcheck" would then take care of all the
work. (But it's probably not our job as packagers to fix that...)

A real problem is that the Makefile doesn't install the
scripts/q3c--1.5.0.sql file because of its use of $(wildcard) - you'll
need to replace that with a static list of files to install, or move
from "pg_buildext build/install" to "pg_buildext loop".

The testsuite seems to almost work except for one diff here:

diff results/version.out expected/version.expected
<  f
>  t

The actual debian/tests/installcheck file could be something like:

for v in $(pg_buildext supported-versions); do
  LC_ALL=C pg_virtualenv -v $v make test


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