Re: Olleg Samoylov 2018-03-07 <>
> I sent this email to this address because it mentioned in the package as 
> package maintainer.
> There is PostgreSQL 10.3 already. I have Ubuntu 17.10 (artful) and there 
> is not a pgdg repository for it. There is PostgreSQL 10.3 in 16.04 LTS 
> (xenial) pgdg repository, but such packages can't be installed on 17.10 
> (artful) Ubuntu. And there is zesty-pgdg (for 17.04 Ubuntu), works fine 
> for me (for 17.10 Ubuntu), but there are only old PostgreSQL 
> 10+189.pgdg17.04+1. Can you rebuid packages for the zesty or create for 
> the artful with modern 10.3 PostgreSQL?

Hi Olleg,

we can't build packages for zesty because Ubuntu removed zesty from
their mirrors.

We skipped artful because time was limited and went straight to bionic
(18.04). I haven't tried, but there's a chance these packages work on


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