On 2019, നവംബർ 27 2:04:19 PM IST, Romain Bignon <rom...@symlink.me> wrote:
>A new strange thing, I don't know if you encountered that, today at
>packagekit run, tried to restart gitlab, and failed:

It'd be a good idea to turn off unattended upgrades in unstable. 
>Nov 27 06:32:24 weboob gitlab-unicorn[28831]: Bundler::GemNotFound:
>Could not find gem 'rubyzip (>= 1.2.2, ~> 1.2)' in any of the gem
>sources listed in your Gemfile.                                    

ruby-zip was updated to 2.0.0.

>I had to install manually rubyzip with gem at the right version to fix
>To understand, packagekit has updated something?

This should be fixed in latest version of gitlab.


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