I wrote https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-23321 from a former
experience as a DBA when I stopped a mariadb service, needed to
upgrade, and needed to do a few other things before starting the
service again.

I was rather surprised when a stopped service was auto started after
an upgrade when it was stopped. I certainly understand the usefulness
in starting a server on fresh install.

I'm wondering has this scenario been considered from a generic
packaging standpoint? Would I be going against policy to try to do

MariaDB (upstream) packages on compat 9 use:

  dh_systemd_start --restart-after-upgrade

note: I did fine the compat 11 notice that dh_installsystemd is the
new way 

As I understand it, if dh_systemd_start/dh_installsystemd
--restart-after-upgrade doesn't consider the previous state an
implementation would look like:

preinst install - would save the running states (some variant of
systemctl --list-units)

(at some point later) - if there's a state recorded, only start the
listed service(s).

So where could states be saved?

Does any other package that you know of attempt to do this?

Do you know of an existing package that handles the restart of
multi-instance systemd services?

Thanks for your time, apologies if this it's covered already somewhere.

Daniel Black
MariaDB Foundation

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