On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 01:10:37PM +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > I would implement that something in the line of:
> > 
> > - Split off the existing EFI binary into a new package
> >    "systemd-boot-unsigned".
> > - Create the template package "systemd-boot-$arch-signed-template".  It
> >    contains a list of files to be signed and a source package template,
> >    which gets signatures injected into and uploaded by the signing
> >    process.
> > - The template creates a source and binary package
> >    "systemd-boot-$arch-signed", shipping the signed EFI binary.
> > - Add a "systemd-boot" package that contains "bootctl" and a dependency
> >    on "systemd-boot-$arch-signed".
> Would all those binary packages be built from src:systemd?

>From the perspective of the maintainer: yes.  Everything comes out of

In perspective of the archive: no.  Secure boot in Debian is done in two

src:systemd will provide:
- systemd-boot
- systemd-boot-unsigned
- systemd-boot-$arch-signed-template

src:systemd-boot-$arch-signed is created internally and will provide:
- systemd-boot-$arch-signed

> I don't have any experience with Secure Boot (especially in Debian's
> context), so would need help with that.
> Would you mind prepping a MR?

Sure, can do.


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