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Package: systemd
Version: 252.22-1~deb12u1

Debian 12.5 fresh installation.

When  when the commands "shutdown -h" or "systemctl poweroff" reach their target, the fans of my server ML350 G11 increase speed and noise and remain like this for an indefinite time.
This doens'n happen if I shutdown the server by mean  of the iLO power-off.

Does this also happen if you run
"systemctl poweroff --force"
"systemctl poweroff --force --force"

"--force" will omit the shutdown of services, so this should typically not be used.
My guess is, that you have a service that does not terminate.

Can you also boot with systemd.log_level=debug (on the kernel command line) and then snap a picture of the system during shutdown when it hangs.


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