Package: systemd
Version: 231-4

Kernel version 4.6.0-1-amd64

I am currently running debian stretch/sid alpha 7, all up to date, no testing repos or anything added. I have open-iscsi installed via apt install open-iscsi. I have connected to an iSCSI share on my local network, which is working fine. I can access the share, linux registers the share as a device at the kernel, and I can access it as normal. When rebooting, or shutting down, it appears systemd is not properly shutting down the iscsi connection, or something to that effect which causes the reboot or shutdown to halt at the end and go no further.

The following message appears at the end of the shutdown/reboot when it has hung:
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdb] Synchronizing SCSI cache
connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs expired, recv timeout 5, last rx 4294943601, last ping 4294944852, now 4294946104
connection1:0: detected conn error (1022)

It appears that the open-iscsi service is not properly terminated, or may be terminated after the network interface has been brought down my systemd. This problem does not occur on Debian Jessie 8.5. It is worth noting that I have the virt-manager package installed and have added the iscsi share via virt-manager for this machine. It is a virtualized machine, however it also does this on a physical box running an identical setup. I searched for similar bugs and found one relevant to NFS shares, but have been unable to locate one regarding iSCSI and systemd.

I have a baseline knowledge of linux and working around it, but I have been unable to figure out how to fix this, or if its really a bug and not just a configuration error on my part, but given the same configuration under 8.5 (Jessie) works flawlessly across reboots and shutdowns, I'm thinking it may be a bug.

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