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> Can you elaborate on why cryptsetup needs a running udevd?

Please see Guilhem Moulin's messages #72, #77, #86:


In short, sendsigs appears to kill systemd-udevd before
cryptdisks[-early] shuts down, and the system hangs at
'cryptsetup luksClose "$dst"'. Keeping the daemon running does
solve the problem.

That's all I know for now, with the black box tests.

Yeah, your question is good, in case we can investigate for a deeper
solution, which my knowledge is too shallow in this area to provide.

So, I Cc: Guilhem Moulin and the cryptsetup team for their input.

>> Reassigning the bug to udev to hear its maintainer's opinion.
> If you want input from the maintainer, you should CC them when reassigning.

OK. I assumed that the bug control would automatically do so.
I guess later messages are now sent to them.

> That said, with your patch, udevd is no longer stopped on shutdown.
> How do you ensure that the file system(s) can be cleanly unmounted?

Under /etc/rc[0,6].d/, K08umountfs and K11umountroot should
already do the file system unmounts. If udevd is still needed to be
stopped for other cleanups, probably we should add K11udev
to be run after K10cryptdisks-early?

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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