Am 01.12.2016 um 04:15 schrieb Russ Allbery:
> Benjamin Kaduk <> writes:
>> On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 08:55:02PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>> Well, this command imports an environment variable from the current
>>> environment into the systemd --user one. Therefore, it would need to be
>>> run after each time that environment variable is set...
>> So, libpam_krb5?
> Urk.  I definitely want to avoid forking external programs in PAM modules
> if possible.

There is a D-Bus API, which you could use.

> Isn't there a way to configure a set of environment variables that are
> automatically populated into the systemd user environment from the user's
> session?  I mean, this stuff is all set up at login, which I assume is
> before systemd --user spawns.

The start of the systemd --user instance is triggered via the
pam_systemd module from /etc/pam.d/common-session.

That said, could we try and see if importing the KRB5CCNAME env variable
actually helps.

Dirk, could run
systemctl --user import-environment KRB5CCNAME
systemctl --user restart dbus.service dbus.socket
then kill the running dconf-service process and see if it restarts with
the correct context

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