Hi Hector,

On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 3:42 AM, Héctor Romojaro Gómez
<hector.romoj...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to ask for a first upload of the naviserver package to
> sid.
> It is currently on a git repository generated using gbp, on
> salsa.debian.org[1]. It should build straightforward after pulling the
> repository.
> $ gbp buildpackage

It builds fine.

> As a DM i would only need a sponsor for the first upload, and
> permissions for the next, i think something like that should do:
> $ dcut dm --uid 0xEDC8C8240F688E68 --allow naviserver

Okay, I'll give you permissions after the first version will enter the

> Of course, any comment, correction or improvement in general would be
> greatly appreciated as well :)

There are a few imperfections, which I'd like you to fix:

* there are many Makefiles inside /usr/share/naviserver/include.
Please, get rid of them. Or they are useful in some way?

* there is useless install-sh in /usr/lib/<multiarch-triplet>/naviserver/bin.
Please, remove it as well.

* is there a way to move /usr/lib/cgi-bin somewhere? Probably to
/usr/lib/cgi-bin/naviserver, or to /usr/lib/naviserver/cgi-bin, or even
to /usr/lib/<multiarch-triplet>/naviserver/cgi-bin.
And instead of keeping it empty, I'd put a short README in it.

* *.tcl are gzipped in the examples in naviserver-doc. They aren't
very useful in
compressed state.

Otherwise the package is good, and I'll be happy to upload it.

Sergei Golovan

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