On 3/24/20 8:07 AM, Michael Biebl wrote:

I'd prefer a separate, new bug report against wpasupplicant.
The original bug report is about disabling mac randomization, so afaics
a different issue from yours.

My problem was exactly the one described here.
With MAC randomization enabled, network manager kept asking for a password.
The workaround mentioned here (disabling MAC randomization) did work around the problem. But it's just an unsafe workaround, not a solution.

Then I reported the issue to Realtek, and they pinpointed the underlying bug in wpasupplicant. After applying their patch in wpasupplicant, there's no need to disable MAC randomization in network-manager anymore.

I can file a separate issue, but it will have pretty much the same description, that "when MAC randomization is enabled, network-manager keeps asking for a password"...

Maybe we can just put "wpasupplicant" in the "affects" list, and when someone else here confirms what I say, we can then remove "network-manager"? Unfortunately I'm not familiar with debian bug tags though... :/

Btw, another workaround than disabling MAC randomization, is to pass ifnames=0 in the kernel cmdline, as this then causes USB wifi adapters to have smaller interface names (wlan0) that do not trigger the wpasupplicant bug.

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