Dear friend,
 My name is Mrs. Nicole Apollonia, from Toulouse France. I have
 been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that I
 have just a short time to live. For the past Twelve years, I have
 being dealing on gold exportation, before falling ill due to the
 My late husband, Dr. Benoit kabore,a retired diplomat and one time
 minister of mines and Power in the republic of Burkina Faso made a lot
 of money from the sales of Gold and cotton while he was a minister,
 but we had no child of our own.
 later my husband realised through a powerful man of God that it was
 evil course instituted by his brother in other to inherit his wealth,
 but before then it was too late, I and my husband agreed that he
 should remarry another wife but our religion did not permit it, while
 planning this my husband’s brother heard it and they planned and
 killed my husband at the age of 56, he died in the month of September
 Now that I am very sick and according to the doctor, will not survive
 the sickness.The worst of it all is that I do not have any family
 members or children to inherit my wealth.
 I am writing this letter now through the help of the computer beside
 my sick bed.
 I have $4.5 Million US Dollars deposited in Eco-Bank here in Burkina
 Faso and Iam willing to instruct my bank to transfer the said fund to
 you as my foreign Trustee.
 You will apply to the bank, that they should release the fund to you,
 but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the fund and give 50%
 to the orphanages home in your country for my soul to rest after i
 have gone.In my next email, I will send you the copy of the
 Certificate of Deposit which will enable you apply to the bank and
 receive the money with no case.

 Respond to me immediately for further
 details and instructions since I am in the end times of my life due to
 the ovarian cancer disease.
 Hoping to receive your response as soon as possible.
 Yours Faithfully,
 Mrs. Nicole Apollonia,

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