Source: lightdm
Version: 1.18.3-4
Severity: normal


I have noticed that liblightdm-qt is still based on the old Qt4 and lightdm 
source package does not provide Qt5-based liblightdm-qt. We know Qt4 is being 
phased out and migration will happen sooner or later. Also I found that the 
lightdm package in Ubuntu is providing qt5 liblightdm-qt [1].

On the other hand, I am working in pkg-deepin team [2] to package DDE(Deepin 
Desktop Environment) into Debian. Part of DDE build-depends on Qt5 liblightdm 
header files.

Could you please provide liblightdm-qt5 development library and header files 
(similar to Ubuntu) somehow early in Buster cycle?


Boyuan Yang

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