On Tuesday 07 July 2009, Petri Damstén wrote:
> I'm not sure how to proceed when multiple projects in KDE start to use the
> same lib so I let others to answer to that.

they get moved somewhere common, though i don't know where this one would go. 
it has kdelibs deps (so kde-support is out), i don't know if it really fits 
into kdeibs itself and it certainly doesn't in kdepimlibs ... we'll figure 
something out. we may end up creating a new module or just putting it into 
kdelibs; it does need to stick to an ABI at this point.

btw ... some things that would be great to get done as well:

* currency conversions using the short names, e.g. cad, usd, nko, etc .. 
typing "canadian dollar" is a little annoying ;)

* this line needs to be replaced with a KIO call: 
i(KProcess::execute(QStringList() << "kioclient" << "copy" << "--
noninteractive" << URL << m_cache) == 0) {

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