crossi added inline comments.


> componentchooseremail.cpp:154
>      } else {
>          pSettings->setSetting(KEMailSettings::ClientProgram, 
> emailClientService->storageId());
>          pSettings->setSetting(KEMailSettings::ClientTerminal, 
> emailClientService->terminal() ? QStringLiteral("true") : 
> QStringLiteral("false"));

While you are here, can you had a check on this pointer. I don't understand why 
there is one below but not here.

> componentchooserfilemanager.cpp:117
>      const QString storageId = currentData().toString();
> -    if (!storageId.isEmpty()) {
> -        m_currentIndex = currentIndex();

I would have kept this test that is more clearer than `if (currentIndex() == 
count() - 1) {}` if you confirm it works the same.

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