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  In D28057#634650 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > Abandoning the existing `iconSize` config value and adding a new one called 
`gridViewIconSize` means that everyone'e existing icon view size will be reset, 
since nothing will be reading from the `iconSize` values in the config files 
anymore. You have two options here:
  > 1. Don't abandon `iconSize` for the icon view; keep using it even though 
its name isn't perfectly descriptive anymore
  > 2. Create a kconf update script to migrate people's config files so that 
the existing `iconSize` values get transformed into `gridViewIconSize` See
  Thank you for your review @ngraham ,
  I think there was some misunderstanding on my explanation: I am not 
abandoning iconSize. In fact, I am doing the opposite! I am making iconSize 
always the "true" value. What I am doing is saving the values of grid icon size 
and list icon size in different variables ( to save the slider configs ) and 
then applying the proper sizing to iconSize !
  So instead of " if Grid or List -> iconSize or listIconSize" ... I do "always 
iconSize, when changing modes/size update iconSize with proper size".

  R119 Plasma Desktop


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