Kai Uwe:
* Now supports progress with just a value (e.g. kdenlive sends no
label and then value "remaining time: xyz")
* Now properly handles case when app quits before the 5s grace period
for inhibitions is over

David E:
* I was thinking of writing a blog with some outcome of last weeks
sprints about all the things we want to port away from within Plasma
5, i.e the dataengines and KCMs
 [bshah]: collective sprint "dot story" could be good idea :)

* it's mostly been work on the new ksysguard ui
* we're doing a bunch of polishing on it
* some of that also fixes stuff in the underlying libraries/daemon
* some of that also fixes stuff in the underlying libraries/daemon
* like https://invent.kde.org/frameworks/kconfig/-/merge_requests/6
which I encountered
* mostly it is small fixes all around
* that's it for me

* First: 
sprint blog post widget added in matrix side. ... so we can collect
bits and pieces here and then aim for blog post later
* https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-workspace/-/merge_requests/105
I fixed the notifications positioning for mobile (again)
* Apart from it I had been working on powermanagement stuff for mobile
* today got the wake-on-call working properly
* and that's it  I think from my side

# Plasma
* continued polishing and bugfixing of systemmonitor apps and
connected ksysguardqml
** better size hints to avoid non completely shown items
** proper sizing of the popup when the applets are in the panel
** in ksysguardqml avoid showing rectangles in rectangles in
rectangles (only on hobver)
* some more work on the collasible kdescendantproxymodel
* would like to land all pending reviews in there
# Kirigami
* started an experiment to get the proper colors when a kirigami
element is used in plasma

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