Hello everyone!

This is a proposal to change our workflow regarding release branches and
our merge workflow,

# Current workflow

- Current workflow is that we commit to stable branch and then merge it
  upwords until master branch
- i.e commit to Plasma/5.18 branch, merge 5.18 into 5.19 and then

# Proposed workflow

- Proposed workflow is to instead commit all changes in master, and
  cherry-pick related changes in the stable branch as needed

# Why?

We occasionally hit several issues with current workflow,

- Merge conflicts when merging changes upwords
- Changes which are valid only for stable branch needs to be reverted in
  master branches
- Accidential merges from the master branch to stable branch which needs
  to be force-pushed

For now I am proposing this change only for Plasma repositories if we
like it, we can propose this workflow for rest of KDE repositories, but
that needs discussions in kde-devel/kde-core-devel separately.


Bhushan Shah
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