David E:
* things to discuss
    * there's an email thread on plasma-devel about changing our git policy
    * to commit to master and then cherry-pick back
    * it's had no-one oppose and some slight favourings, so whilst
we're in a meeting format does anyone else have strong opinions?
    [marco and nico said +1, kai -1, but if done should be a wider
policy in KDE]
    * ok, I'll bump that thread with a "yo, lets try it"
    [discussion happened, on various methods of cherry picking
automated or not, decided against automated]
    * another thing I want to mention this meeting: I've had some
really good feedback on my blog about making people port from
* another thing I want to mention this meeting: I've had some really
good feedback on my blog about making people port from dataengines
* There's 4 down already
* so as I was saying, dataengines are being ported well. please be
sure to check your own applets here:
    * Task 13315 "Port away from DataEngines" [Open,Needs Triage]
{Plasma 6} https://phabricator.kde.org/T13315

Kai Uwe:
* Will merge the media session optimization patch and seekto patch
and https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-browser-integration/-/merge_requests/5
    * let's see how GitLab fares with a merge request being branched
off a merge request :)
* After that will do a fix for players whose duration changes during playback
    * p-b-i ignores short players (<8s) but when you have a broken
livestreaming site that starts with e.g. 4s and then gradually
increases the duration, it will never re-evaluate this
* Will also not have it reset media session when player goes away. I
think it's safe to assume when a website used media session once it
will also keep it updated should a new player arrive
    * Need to test how that fares with e.g. YouTube embedded in a site
and then the website also playing videos.
    * but every frame gets its own p-b-i content script instance, so
this should not be an issue

* Not super much since the sprint because $life and I needed a small
break from KDE stuff
* But nevertheless a few things
* Fixed a shortcut conflict in Yakuake
* Volume OSDs show the correct percentage when over 100%
* Fixed icon bundling for Android due to gitlba migration
* Use monochrome icon for wayland keyboard sni
* Bump kaccounts so version due to ABI break

# Kirigami
* continued work on different platformthemes in the same process, i am
at a point where i can correctly instantiate them but there are still
some architectural problems
* fix mnemonics rendering with an internal qqc2 component
# Plasma
* continued polishing on KSysguardqml ui
* trying to iron out some problems while reordering faces with mouse,
trying an approach where the base face is an empty item, containing
the visual thing that gets reparented when dragging, looks promising

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