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> kmaterka wrote in systemtray.h:100
> I don't know, this code was there before my changes, I've just done some 
> refactoring here.

Thanks for your reply. Okay, so seems you did not hit anything related.

Thing is, you added
Q_INVOKABLE Plasma::Service *serviceForSource(const QString &source);

  here, whereas the JavaScript code before was calling serviceForSource() on a 
Plasma::DataSource class, which does not return the type "Plasma::Service *", 
but "QObject *", cmp. its method definition

Q_INVOKABLE QObject *serviceForSource(const QString &source);

  and the JavaScript engine for a plain QObject simply exposes any Q_INVOKABLEs 
and slot methods, that's why no extra registration would be needed (AFAIK).
  So still a mystery to me why this here seems to work, too bad :)

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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