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> kmaterka wrote in systemtray.h:100
> Oh, OK, now I remember, sorry for misinforming you...
> I haven't had any problems with this, it "Just Worked" :) Maybe it should 
> return just plain QObject*, I'm not experienced in this area, what do you 
> think?

I guess if this works and no-one reported errors, it should be fine.

Also not fully experienced, but hit some issues elsewhere and now trying to 
understand the magic. Though right now confused by what I read in the docs, 
what I see in existing code and what my tweak & see experiments deliver (with 
different result each time, meh).

So ignore for now. I have this on my list, and if I ever understood things 
fully and then would see some issue here, I will come back to this and ping you 

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