* 5.19.3 is out tomorrow
* get your fixes in pronto
* also if anyone wants to test neon on focal base the preview images are up now
* that's all from me

David R:
* WidgetExplorer now only displays the applet count for visible applets
* So no more seeing that you have 8 panels
* Ported screenlocker kcm to qml and managedconfigmodule

David E:
* I did a bugfix that in hindsight shows a lot of problems in Plasma.
There was a bug report on plasma-framework with a whole test case of
how to reproduce and it went unnoticed for months
* then following all the dupes with the same symptoms I found a bunch
of reports, some of them also had people finding out the cause and in
one case making a patch that they listed on bugzilla
* and it sucks that we're not being very responsive on that

* Some visual improvement in KNS dialog
* Fix blurry content in OverlaySheet
* Use Overlaysheet for license text in AboutPage
* Rework message items in kdeconnect-sms
* Port KWeather to use KConfigCompiler
* Remove incorrect info from powerdevil KCM
* Formalize AboutPage behaviour in HIG
* Rework HIG page for lists
* Some redesgin in the mobile Wifi KCM
* Use ScrollablePage where appropriate in kdeconnect-app

* Leap 15.2 with Plasma 5.18 got released last week \o/ so far
feedback is positive, with some bug reports which would've been nice
during beta...
* I did some sddm fixes, but I wonder whether it would be better to
look for an alternative in the (near/far?) future
[d_ed]: there is some fix for that
* Especially the missing/broken PAM implementation is something that
many run into
* If your password expired, you're locked out - sddm doesn't support that
* Basically, only plain username/password authentication works and
only that barely
* Then there's also fingerprint auth, which works sometimes at random
and only blindly
* So it might be worthwhile to just port the theme in p-w to some
other DM, maybe write a kcm and the majority of issues is fixed
* breakout session on pro/cons of work to fix sddm vs seeing whether
there is another one that can be adapted easily-ish ?
[] Discussion on kio-fuse: blockers are and - KIO::FileJob for
some slaves is unusuably slow
* So if something just needs the first few bytes, it doesn't download
the whole file but stops there
* For writing it uses KIO::put, so it has to download and upload the whole file
* Though I'm thinking about a mode where it uses KIO::get +
KIO::FileJob::write to avoid that
* The bigger issue is that if the files are big (or many small ones)
it needs space in /tmp, which might not be much
* And running out of disk space due to invisible temporary files is
not user friendly...
* So the current plan is to have some heuristics on what to use,
depending on the file size and available disk space...

# Plasma
* more work on ksysguardqml polishing, in particular:
* fixed 423747 that gave back on black text for systemmonitor
plasmoids in some cases
* Refactored item dragging in ksysguardqml edit mode
* fix minimize animation on scaled screens
* system monitor/ksysguard: prototypes for sensors groups (like adding
meters for all cpu cores with a signle click)
# Kirigami
* fixed a regression for the collapsed sidebar mode

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