* I resumed working on the KCM porting, see
* and
* With
we emit deprecation warnings for old modules. But we should fix the
KDE ones first.

* I need a bit of help regarding the focus stuff in
notmart ahiemstra Could you maybe help out?

Kai Uwe
    Broke the global menu accidentally, did an unbreak attempt, but
didn't succeed:
        Don't have the time right now to follow up, if anyone wants
to, feel free
    Worked on rebasing and cleaning up the EffectFrameQuickScene
patch, now that Present Windows is gone I feel a bit more at ease with
the performance overhead it introduces
    Looked at porting screenedge effect to EffectQuickScene, ran into
some trouble with scaling and/or enabled borders on FrameSvg, need to
    Added BUILD_RUNTIME option to kglobalaccel, to turn it into
API-only repo and drop most its deps for Wayland-only build (where
it's inside of KWin)

* the biggest feature I did was a dialog to fix pages that are missing
sensors (either because it was broken when uploaded to the store or
because hardware disappeared), I'm not sure if that's still mergeable
as it has a somewhat bigger impact

* I would like to add support for alternate calendar in Plasma 5.26.
The minimum required changes in the framework are sub-label and
alternate-date supports as I proposed in
* The feature MR is ready and is waiting for the changes in
calendareventsplugin to be merged: .
Currently it supports 6 alternate calendars (4 from QCalendar, 2 from

* I made a small PR to kirigami and
other than that worked on kalendar and tokodon :)

* Plasma 6 build status overview:
* help with looking at the remaining QDesktopWidget uses would be
appreciated, reviewing
would help in that direction as well :)

* Should be quick:

* merged realtime screen borders for scriped effects
* merged dynamic load of effects in edges KCM
* merged presentwindows replacement by windowview
* merged of a QML post of desktop grid
* mr to kill the old present windows code, merged that one as well
* all of those make a net of -4000 lines of code in kwin, should allow
for much easier maintainance

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