* I did a bunch of xdg-activation related fixes in various apps
* Like porting from QProcess to ApplicationLauncherJob so things "just work"
* I made a Qt patch to add activation support to

* Been workig o the Qt6 builds and foud some issues where I created MRs for.
* Though I had to build Qt6 from source, because the Neon Qt6 package
did not seem to provide the Qt paths target.
* Did anyone do KF Qt6 builds with the Neon provided package?
needs a formal approval, could you give it a look Aleix or d_ed?
* Been working on some KCM bugfixes, but those are already merged :)
Could sb. try out if the focus issue works for them in the current
state of the MR Arjen said that it works for him, but it does not work
for me. (Hopefully it is not related to me having Qt build using
* and maybe kbroulik could give a look. That
would be all from me.

* Merged alternate calendar MR for 5.26:
* Merged wallpaper backend refactoring MR for 5.26, 9 new tests have
been added:
* About the dynamic (day/night) wallpaper proposed by @zzag, what kind
of wallpaper file format should be used?

KWin & Wayland-ish
    Fixed the output composition when connecting an external monitor
on a transformed device (i.e. rotated)
    Put together the protocol for appearing on top of the lock screen
(mainly for plasma mobile & dialer, some adapting still is necessary)
    Worked on enabling window activation when launching from
kglobalaccel and from within kwin (e.g. when starting processes from
an effect, like Overview)
    Fixed a silly regression on the edges kcm
    finally got it out of the drawer
    Ported plasma-workspace and plasma-mobile to it
    Added a UI component in Plasma Mobile for Desktop recording, so we
could get some more testing for it
    Fixed the issues I found (not few ^^')
    Hoping to integrate it soon
    Now going through @jgrulich's feedback
For context, I'd been developing KPipeWire for a while from a scratch repository
which is what we were using in Plasma Workspace for rendering thumbnails
but since there's a growing number of users it makes sense to share
this code because it's quite finicky and there's no good reason for
repeating it all over the place

* main thing I did last week is adding a fallback path to inputmethod
for when there's no text-input-v{2,3} interface
* since we don't have a way to communicate with the client in that
case, the fallback path sends fake key events to the client
* it works surprisingly well
* though it's converting a text string to a key event which is slightly tricky

# Kirigami
* refactor all the usage of the private ScrollView in kirigami to
upstream QQC2.ScrollView, which kills a lot of code and fixes some
freezes, especially in discover
# Plasma/wayland
* heuristics to work around the different connector names between x11
and wayland, which makes it have different desktop containments
* spent time to identify where those connector names come from on both
x11 and wayland, documented on above commit
* ended up not being reliable eough as is too much driver specific,
decided to byte the bullet and start to use libdrm directly, to have

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