On 6/29/22 09:10, Vlad Zahorodnii wrote:
On 6/29/22 01:35, Nicolas Fella wrote:

we have several places where we have "system" dialogs that don't have a
"real" parent window. Examples would be stuff like KWallet, network
management, or anything spawned by kded where there's no corresponding
app window. Currently, at least on Wayland, they are placed
semi-randomly on the screen, which isn't particularly nice. See e.g.
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=456060. They probably should be
centered in the/a screen.

It's odd. With the default placement policy (centered) "orphan" dialog
windows should be centered on Wayland.

With Centered placement policy they seem to be centered indeed. With
"Minimal Overlapping" they appear in some corner though

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