TLDR: Plasma (5.14.4 under Fedora 35) is not showing my
/home/username/Desktop/*.desktop files on the desktop.


I recently upgraded two computers at my household to Fedora 35 (f35):
mine and my wife’s. My machine was previously running mate DE; my wife’s
machine was previously running Plasma DE.

My wife’s machine upgraded just fine. Desktop files in
/home/username/Desktop are being displayed just as under f34.

My machine did not upgrade fine. When I right-click and switch to
Desktop view, the desktop is blank, even though I have a couple of
.desktop files in /home/uername/Desktop.

I’ve checked the .desktop file permissions as well as the Desktop folder
permissions and my /home/username folder permissions and they are just
like my wife’s files/folders.

It may also be noteworthy that I am getting this message in

    2022-07-04T12:19:50.967859-04:00 localhost plasmashell[1787]: 
QDBusConnection: error: could not send signal to service "" path 
"/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc" interface "org.kde.kconfig.notify" 
member "ConfigChanged": Invalid object path: 

Please help if you can.

Randy Yates
919-412-8994 (cell)
919-577-9882 (landline)
Randy Yates
919-412-8994 (cell)
919-577-9882 (landline)

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