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Project: kf5-qt5 FreeBSDQt5.15
Date of build: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 14:45:53 +0000
Build duration: 14 sec and counting

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[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for gethostbyname - found
[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for connect
[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for connect - found
[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for remove
[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for remove - found
[2022-07-22T14:46:06.846Z] -- Looking for shmat
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Looking for shmat - found
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Looking for IceConnectionNumber in ICE
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Looking for IceConnectionNumber in ICE - found
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found KF5Plasma: /usr/home/jenkins/install-prefix/lib/cmake/KF5Plasma/KF5PlasmaConfig.cmake (found version "5.97.0")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found KF5PlasmaQuick: /usr/home/jenkins/install-prefix/lib/cmake/KF5PlasmaQuick/KF5PlasmaQuickConfig.cmake (found version "5.97.0")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found KF5XmlGui: /usr/home/jenkins/install-prefix/lib/cmake/KF5XmlGui/KF5XmlGuiConfig.cmake (found version "5.97.0")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found KF5: success (found suitable version "5.97.0", minimum required is "5.94") found components: Config DBusAddons Declarative GlobalAccel I18n IconThemes KCMUtils Plasma PlasmaQuick XmlGui
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:58 (find_package):
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] By not providing "FindLayerShellQt.cmake" in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this project
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] has asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] "LayerShellQt", but CMake did not find one.
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] Could not find a package configuration file provided by "LayerShellQt" with
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] any of the following names:
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] LayerShellQtConfig.cmake
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] layershellqt-config.cmake
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] Add the installation prefix of "LayerShellQt" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] "LayerShellQt_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files. If
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] "LayerShellQt" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] has been installed.
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found X11_XCB: /usr/local/lib/ (found version "1.7.2")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.105Z] -- Found XCB_XCB: /usr/local/lib/ (found version "1.15")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- Found XCB_ATOM: /usr/local/lib/ (found version "0.4.0")
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- Found XCB: /usr/local/lib/;/usr/local/lib/ (found version "1.15") found components: XCB ATOM
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] CMake Warning at /usr/home/jenkins/install-prefix/share/ECM/kde-modules/KDEGitCommitHooks.cmake:84 (message):
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] No clang-format executable was found, skipping the formatting pre-commit
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] hook
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] Call Stack (most recent call first):
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] CMakeLists.txt:87 (kde_configure_git_pre_commit_hook)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- The following OPTIONAL packages have been found:
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Network (required version >= 5.15.5)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Qml (required version >= 5.15.5)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5QmlModels (required version >= 5.15.5)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Package (required version >= 5.96.0)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Service (required version >= 5.96.0)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5CoreAddons (required version >= 5.96.0)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Auth (required version >= 5.96.0)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Codecs (required version >= 5.96.0)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- The following REQUIRED packages have been found:
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * ECM (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Test
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Sensors
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5DBusAddons (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Declarative (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5GlobalAccel (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Gettext
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5I18n (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5IconThemes (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5KCMUtils (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5PlasmaQuick (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5XmlGui (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5 (required version >= 5.94)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Core (required version >= 5.15.2)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5Gui (required version >= 5.15.2)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * KF5Screen (required version >= 5.25.80)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * X11, X11 libraries, <>
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] Required for building the X11 based workspace
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * X11_XCB, A compatibility library for code that translates Xlib API calls into XCB calls, <>
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * XCB, X protocol C-language Binding, <>
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5X11Extras
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * Qt5 (required version >= 5.15.2)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- The following REQUIRED packages have not been found:
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] * LayerShellQt, Layer shell Qt bindings, <>
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] Required for the screen selection osd
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] CMake Error at /usr/local/share/cmake/Modules/FeatureSummary.cmake:464 (message):
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] feature_summary() Error: REQUIRED package(s) are missing, aborting CMake
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] run.
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] Call Stack (most recent call first):
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] CMakeLists.txt:91 (feature_summary)
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] See also "/usr/home/jenkins/workspace/Plasma/kscreen/kf5-qt5 FreeBSDQt5.15/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.365Z] See also "/usr/home/jenkins/workspace/Plasma/kscreen/kf5-qt5 FreeBSDQt5.15/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // stage
[Pipeline] }
[2022-07-22T14:46:07.377Z] ERROR: script returned exit code 1
[Pipeline] // catchError
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