David E
* big topic to discuss
* next Tuesday
* the KF6 branching
* not branching
* migration
* we've ended up with a scattered collection of MRs on plasma
* most of it is auto-generated
* which is good
* but there's commits in there which aren't
* Is it worth reopening them all with a consistent branch name?
* then it'd at least be easier to try and build them all before Tuesday
* I can send message to distro list just to say "from next tuesday
we'll do this, be careful"

* I'd appreciate if we could go over the KF6 workboard and give some
triage to the Plasma-related things
* Sorting out things like "this is done", "this is important", "this
is optional"
* To get a better picture what needs doing

    Testing https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kde-gtk-config/-/merge_requests/56
and it can be merged in 5.27.1 IMO.
        Steam seems to depend on GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE to
properly scale itself on Wayland. Is it worth setting the two values
on Wayland again?
    A controversial topic, left a MR there to calm down angry users:
    On that topic, I got two GTK related bug reports downstream
    One is that supposedly scaling doesn't quite work and FF and TB
are ~10% too big (?)
    Another is that breeze-dark isn't applied to gtk2 anymore
    Didn't have time to look at them yet

* please review

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