* Looked into why the portal-based Open With dialog is not properly
parented to the main app window. Found that exporting the window id on
Wayland is broken:
* Still not working as I expect it though, so something else may be broken
* Improved the UX around adding VPN connection:
* Show import errors in UI:
* Allow importing VPN files by opening them:
* Add openvpn mimetype to shared-mime-info
* More ideas for UX improvements:
* On that topic, can we move forward with ?
* Add parent windows to file dialogs in Neochat:
* removed a build system footgun in kidletime by making optional
dependencies opt-out:
* We've had several distros build kidletime without Wayland support,
breaking things
* Big refactoring/cleanup in KService, removing the obsolete
implementation of KServiceType:
* Port KDeclarative color button to QQC2:
* Started work on removing KActionCollection from the public
plasma-framework API:
* Several minor Plasma Qt6 build fixes
* On the topic of Qt6: Tomorrow's the day, right?
* Where we switch Plasma

would switch kdesrc-build to build Plasma/5.27 by default for
branch-group kf5-qt5

* We still need Breeze and plasma-integration for Qt5
[discussion] just a cmake flag? in 4 to 5 times it was pretty
annoying. and how would them relate with the 5.27 versions? Keeping
6.x compatible with Qt5 should be reasonable doable

* I did 5.27.1
* and 5.27.2 is due tomorrow
* in neon I did kf6 packages which are now complete
* and we have a plan for plasma 6 which is the same as we do for qt
releases, freeze the public archive (this is unstable edition) and *
build it hidden away until it sane to use
* where sane to use is still "unstable" and for devs and testers
* does that make sense?

* Fix illegal config filename:
* Can Plasma consider setting GTK_THEME in startplasma so libadwaita
apps can also be themed? I proposed one:
* Another thing about GTK theme: I investigated Breeze GTK a little
last weekend and found if a theme uses mm instead of px as the size
unit, GTK3 apps can correctly react to fractional scaling. GTK4 looks
buggy for unknown reason.
[discussion] d_ed: I would rather we try to make use of services and
ordering than polluting startplasma
fusionfuture: libadwaita is immune to local gtk theme settings. It's
just a proposal since I have set the env var in /etc/environment to
force libadwaita look consistent
mart: you would prefer a tiny executable started by a service which
would have the same code of the patch?
d_ed :yeah, but also not hardcoded but using kcminit / kded
    we have mechanisms to get those run before any other apps

* I did some bugfixing and refactorings..
* Did some preparation work for kwin

* Made and backported a patch that lets the user delete unused
desktops for the containment screen reorder ui
* most of the week used at starting a weird qtwayland issue that makes
panels open popups in the wrong screen in certain cases
* identified and made a qt patch with the help oif multiple davids
still awaiting review (i shall rebase it now)

Discussion on tomorrow port to kf6 start

consensus is to have a minimal session starting asap
nico trying to merge necessary mrs to achieve that

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